Hermione Hair Color & Popular Hermione Hairstyles [Younger and Later]

If you have watched or read J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, then you know about the famous fictional character Hermione Granger.  

Hermione was known and loved for her quick wit, smart attitude, and levelheadedness throughout the movie. But one thing Harry Porter fans, especially the females, have not stopped talking about years after is her hair.

Hermione’s hair is one of her most notable features, and the books described her hair as bushy. But we saw her hair evolve throughout the movies to become wavy, partly curly, and straight.

If you’re a Hermione fan or you loved her hair, then you’d love this post taking you through highlights about her hair and how to get the Hermione hair color and style. 

What Was Hermione’s Hair Color?

The books described Hermione’s hair color as brown, and the movie tried to maintain that brown color.

For most of the movies, you’d also find that Emma Watson, the character who played Hermione had some blonde highlights in her brown hair, which would add blonde to the description, although we’re not sure that was part of the writer’s plan.

After all, where would Hermione have gotten blonde highlights? Of course, unless there was a spell for that one, and she deemed it necessary.

Conclusively, Hermione’s hair was initially brown with some blonde highlights later on.

What Was Hermione’s Hairstyle?

Interestingly, Hermione’s hairstyle changed a couple of times throughout the film, which is different from the book that simply described her hair as ‘bushy.’ But then, we cannot expect movies to be 100% what we find in the books, can we?

In the first movie, Hermione’s hair was big, frizzy, and bushy; a perfect depiction of how it was described in the books. Her hair also had bangs that grazed her eyebrows, giving her a look that many people appreciated.

In the second year, her hair became partly wavy and partly curly. But moving on to the last two movies, Hermione’s hair surprisingly straightened out. 

So, yes, there’s a combination of hairstyles, although bushy, wavy, and then curly had to be it most of the time.

How to Get Hermione’s Hair Color and Hairstyle?

The first step to get your hair like Hermione’s is to determine what version of the hair you want to recreate. Do you want the curls and long bangs? Or do you want the tame and sleek hair that came much later?

Would you want to add blonde highlights we noticed later in the movie, or you’d like to keep it all brown? Let’s find out how you can get Hermione’s hair color and style.

1. The Younger, Bushy Hermione Hair

The Younger, Bushy Hermione Hair

We have established that Hermione’s hair color and style changed throughout the movie, varying from bushy to wavy, curly, and even straight.

But the younger character had the bushy, curly hair described in the book, so let’s begin there.

STEP 1: Dye your hair brown

The first step is to get the hair color right before going into styling. 

If you don’t have brown hair, then you should get a medium/light brown hair dye. You can get it done in the salon or dye your hair by yourself.

STEP 2: Curl your hair 

If you’re naturally curly, whether you have large or spiral curls, you don’t need to worry about curling your hair.

However, if your hair isn’t already curly; perhaps is straight or wavy, then use a curling iron to curl your hair a few sections at a time until all your hair has been tightly coiled.

If you don’t want to use heat curling, you can use create a wavy look by leaving your hair slightly wet after showering, part it into sections, twist the sections into buns, and sleep on them. You should wake up to waves.

Alternatively, you can divide your wet hair into sections and braid it. Carry the braids for half a day or sleep with them. You can also use curlers to create curls on your hair.

STEP 3: Create a bushy look

Get a brush and brush out your tight curls to create the Hermione bushy look that you find in the earlier movies. Brush every part of your hair until you get the bushy effect.

STEP 4: Tease your hair

This step is particularly important for people with thinner hair. Tease your hair with a teasing brush or a comb from its roots to the ends.

Hold your hair up in small sections and brush the back of the hair in back and forth motions.

STEP 5: Use a hairspray

Secure your bushy hair with hairspray

Flip your hair forward and apply spray on the back. Then flip it back to spray the other side.

Don’t forget the bangs in front. If you’re going all the way, then get the bangs because the style isn’t complete without the eyebrow-reaching bangs.

2. The Hermione Hair Midway into The Movie

The Hermione Hair Midway into The Movie

The Hermione style gradually changed from bushy to loose ringlet curls with parted bangs, and that’s what we’re describing here.

The Hermione style gradually changed from bushy to loose ringlet curls with parted bangs, and that’s what we’re describing here.

STEP 1: Part your hair

The part should go to the right, and you can do this with a comb. Create a part to the middle of your scalp and separate that section.

STEP 2: Curl your hair

Create loose ringlet curls with a curling iron, or use the natural methods we described earlier, such as curlers, braiding your wet hair, or twisting it into buns.

Go on to set aside the front right section because you won’t be curling it as that’s your side bangs.

If you have very curly hair, you would have to first straighten your hair and then curl it into loose ringlets, as is the Hermione style.

STEP 3: Pin your bangs up

Take the front right part of your hair that you didn’t curl and lift it out of your face. Use a pin to hold it up towards the right, placing it a little above your right ear.

STEP 4: Use a hairspray

Secure your hairstyle by applying a little hairspray or running some hair gel through your hair.

3. The Hermione Hairstyle in The Concluding Movies

3. The Hermione Hairstyle in The Concluding Movies

Did you notice that Hermione’s hair was mostly straight or wavy in the last few movies?

Yes, we noticed it too! Here’s how to create that hairstyle.

Did you notice that Hermione’s hair was mostly straight or wavy in the last few movies? Yes, we noticed it too! Here’s how to create that hairstyle.

STEP 1: Straighten your hair 

If you have naturally curly hair, you’ll need to stretch your hair at this point while leaving just a bit of wave to give it that gentle wavy nature.

If you have very straight hair, you can use a texturizing spray or curl it and little and then brush it out. If you opt for a texturizing spray, apply it over your entire hair and use your fingers to improve the texture.

STEP 2: Make a right part

Hermione maintained the right part of her hair even as her hair texture and style changed.

Create a deep right part on your hair with a comb. Ensure that you move the bulk of your hair from the front to the right side of your hair. 

STEP 3: Park your hair in a loose ponytail

Pull your hair back while maintaining the right part, and then hold it in a low ponytail with a hairband.

The ponytail should be loose and messy, so shake your hair around to create that look of a ponytail that naturally came loose and messy.

Additional Tip:

We noticed a blonde highlight in Hermione’s hair in some parts of the movie, but it wasn’t described in the book so you can skip that. However, if you want to add that, you can visit the hairstylist and have them create a few blonde highlights.

You can also purchase a highlighting kit that will give you the blonde color you desire and follow the instructions carefully follow the instructions.

Final Comments:

It has been exciting taking you through the Hermione hairstyle in all its varieties, and we hope you had fun discovering it. Feel free to try out any of the Hermione hair colors and styles, or all of them if you can, and bring the feminist icon look to life.