Most Common Hair Color in Canada & Most Unpopular Canada Hair Color

Canada is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. With its rich ethnic background and diversity, Canada has even adopted a multicultural policy, including media content across several languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Italian, and Portuguese. 

Due to the ethnic and cultural diversity in Canada, you can find people with different physical features. There are different skin, eyes, and hair colors.

If you want to visit Canada because of its multicultural nature and its love for immigrants, you’ll probably be interested in finding out the most common hair colors in Canada. 

This guide will help you find out the most common hair and rarest hair colors in Canada.

3 Most Common Hair Colors in Canada 

The most common hair colors in Canada range from light brown to black, and blonde. These hair colors often differ based on region and ethnicity. Let’s look at the most popular hair colors.

1. Brown hair

Brown hair - most common hair color in canada

Brown hair, particularly light brown, is one of the most common hair colors in Canada.

This brown hair often occurs across several ethnicities in Canada.

In fact, brown hair is the most popular hair color, so there’s no surprise that brown hair is common in Canada.

2. Black hair

Black hair - second most common hair color in canada

Natural black hair is common across Canada due to its fairly sizeable Asian population and its fairly large Indian population.

Both ethnicities are known for their natural black hair, so you find lots of black hair in cities where they reside, especially Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

3. Blondes 

blonde hair - one of the most  common hair color in canada

Blondes are somewhat common in Canada, especially amongst French Canadians.

Research shows that they’re about 20% blonde.

You can trace this blondeness to Normandy, France, where many of these early settlers originate.

There are more French, white, and British people in the East, so you find fewer blondes. But they’re not absent. In the West, there are more Scandinavian and German populations, so, you can find more blondes.

The number of blondes in Canada and the United States is arguably the same, but recent facts and figures are needed to know for sure.

Based on research, 57% of Canadians favor blonde hair and see it as youthful, outgoing, and flirtatious.

While natural blondes are one case, several people in Canada are also leaning towards getting their hair dyed blonde.

What Is the Most Hated Hair Color in Canada?

National red hairs are not having a field day in Canada for several reasons.

First, redheads are not common in Canada, and this shortage often makes people see redheads as abnormal or weird.

Interestingly, on the Stat Canada website, you won’t find any data or records of redheads. 

While red is a scarce hair color, it is not unseen. You’ll find redheads occasionally, especially amongst Canadians with Gaelic roots.

The scarce redhead population in Canada has shared their experiences, and most of such weren’t pleasant. 

For Anne of Green Gables, being a redhead brought her lifelong sorrows. She often got teased unendingly for it.

According to Crystal, who grew up in Yarmouth County, redheads aren’t many in the area, which made her the center of attraction and earned her names like ‘carrot top.’

Kentville is one location where redheads have been teased over the years. For Lynn, who grew up feeling ashamed of her curls, only to have redhead children, it is a family issue that has frustrated them over time. 

They have actually gotten used to people stopping them in the grocery store and other places to comment on their hair color.

Emily, who grew up in Kentville, also hated her red hair because her friends teased her in elementary school, and elders also had their say. As she entered into her teens, the teasing reduced, but it remained a source of social anxiety. 

Across Canada, redheads have to get used to being called ‘red,’ ‘ginger,’ or ‘Jessica Rabbit’. 

Final Comments:

Canada is home to unique and diverse hair colors, including black, brown, and blonde. Although redheads are scarce, they are not unseen in Canada. 

However, thanks, or no thanks to the influx of hair dyes, you can find plenty of people who are fake blonde or redheads, so you should observe closely when you see these hair colors.

Also, Canada has a high number of people visiting, traveling in from others, and staying temporary, so you can expect that it’s possible to see any hair color in the streets.