What are Micro Loc Extensions? [Top 3 Best Micro Locs Extension Options]

Those who own healthy and beautiful micro locs know that they are not just for aesthetics. People wear this hairstyle for a number of different reasons. It signifies their spirituality, growth, strength and pride.

At the same time, micro locs are also considered a laid-back and comfortable hairstyle that needs zero effort. Just to let you know, this is far from reality.

Growing natural locs will take you almost 10 months to 2 years. This is where micro loc extensions save your day/days. With micro loc extensions, you can skip the locking process and still have the gorgeous locking style. 

Microloc extensions are easy to attach to your existing locs or natural hair. They are easy to maintain, can be crocheted or sewn together and are also durable.

In this article, we have discussed everything about micro loc extensions, how to choose the best micro loc extensions along with the best micro loc extensions recommendations.

What Are Micro Loc Extensions

Microloc extensions are natural or fiber-made extensions designed to give you a full head of micro locs without spending months on the locking process.

These extensions are extremely easy to install and are designed to get attached with your natural hair, existing microlocs or crochet locs.

Using Micro loc extensions is the best way you can skip the transition time and achieve amazing locs without much hassle.

The best thing about microloc extensions are that they require little to no care. Most of them are washable and ready to blend perfectly with your hair.

Micro loc extensions are available in many lengths. Depending upon your natural hair length, these extensions can even be cut shorter to suit your hair type.

All you need is to properly attach them to your natural hair or pre-existing locs and no one will be able to guess if they are not real.  These locs are available in custom colors and match effortlessly with all hair types including curly, kinky and afro.

Top 3 Micro Loc Extensions from Popular Brands

Guide to Select the Suitable Micro loc Extension

1. Make sure they are washable

The main work of your microloc extensions is to provide you a comfortable experience. It should not result in worries and mess. Hence, you should always choose such micro loc extensions that are easier to maintain.

Washable micro loc extensions are going to be your best choice. These extensions smell fresh, look fresh and are easier to air-dry. After all, no one wants to wear a hairstyle which is not washed for months.

2. Choose smooth microloc extensions over the rough ones

Micro loc Extensions look best when they are smooth. A smooth pair of extensions give the illusion of real hair and blends perfectly with your pre-existing locs or natural hair.

A smooth hair extension also takes away your worries of shedding. The softer the hair extension, the less it will be prone to breakage. Hence, always choose soft hair extensions over the tough ones.

3. Stay away from odor

You need to be very careful of the odor of the microloc extensions before making a purchase decision. Some micro loc extensions smell like plastic which makes it hard to use them on the top of your head.

The strong smell can trigger your allergies and give a bad time to those who come near you. It’s advised to always invest in good quality micro loc extensions devoid of any odor or fragrance.

4. The material should be easy to blend

Some microloc extensions give you a really hard time as they are so stagnant that it’s impossible to blend them with your natural locs.

Make sure the material you are going to buy is flexible and can be worn with other extensions or even natural hair. These extensions should not take long to blend with your hair.

5. Micro loc Extensions and dye – best combination ever!

Black hair is beautiful but it’s always fun to experiment. Everyone loves a splash of color on their hair. Investing in microloc extensions that can be dyed/colored is one of the best things you are going to do for yourself.

Not all microloc extensions are insensitive to color. Hence, make sure the micro loc extensions you are going to buy can be dyed to give you a different shade whenever you want.

Top 3 Micro loc Extensions

1. RAYIIS Faux Locs Crochet Hair Super Lightweight Micro Locs

Save your time with RAYIIS Faux Locs Crochet Hair Super Lightweight Micro Locs and transition to the most elegant and popular microloc hairstyle. These microloc extensions are easy to use and a pocket-friendly product within your budget.

These microloc extensions are already twisted. So to achieve that head-turning look, you just need to cornrow your hair and you are set to impress with your microlocs. The length of these locks is 18 inches and they are available in multiple shades.

RAYIIS microloc extensions are extremely soft and not scratchy. Weighing just 0.474 pounds, they also feel light on your head.

The extensions are made up of good quality Korean synthetic fiber and are perfectly suitable for black people or anyone who wants to use it.

A pack of 6 RAYIIS microloc extensions are enough to give you a full head of thick hair. You can always buy more of these if you want a fuller impression. Plus, these microloc extensions can be easily dyed to give you a different shade.


  • These microloc extensions are made up of Korean synthetic fiber but look extremely natural and very real.
  • Unlike other extensions, the RAYIIS microloc extensions have no odour. Plus, there is absolutely no shedding of hair which proves the quality of this product.


  • Each pack contains an inconsistent number of locks. For this reason, you have to buy a pack extra than usually needed.

2. Nayoo Micro Locs Crochet Hair

Nayoo Microloc extensions are 100% handmade and professionally weaved to give you the most comfortable and elegant microloc look you can have. These locs are extremely soft and easier to install.

These microloc extensions are designed to be 36 inches long so it suits even the longest hair length. The microloc extensions can also be cut and adjusted to suit shorter hair lengths.

Nayoo Microloc Extensions are made up of 100% Kanekalon synthetic fiber. These are super smooth synthetic fibers created professionally to be tight, compact and not loose. You are going to love them for their soft and smooth material.

Air drying these microloc extensions is extremely easy. 5 packs of these microloc extensions are enough to give you a full head of unique style.

The best thing about these microloc extensions is that they are already twisted and pre-looped. You can take the extensions and use them as a crochet directly, saving your time and obviously, lots of effort.


  • These microloc extensions are extra long and can easily touch your bottom length.
  • These are good quality extensions and do not unravel if cut.


  • The microloc extensions are really long and may get tangled for those with shorter hair if not adjusted properly.

3. Bobbi Boss Synthetic Microlocs

Get ready to look fabulous with Bobbi Boss Synthetic Microloc Extensions. These extensions are 18 inches in length and super soft to use and install.

These microloc extensions are designed to give you the amazing feel of rocking natural microlocs without spending a long, tiresome amount of time and effort.

Those who want to achieve a full head of microloc with these extensions may need only 5-6 packs. If you already have microlocs and you just want to make them thicker, 2-3 packs of Bobbi Boss Synthetic Microlocs will work to give you desired results.

The entire package of these microloc extensions weigh around 498 grams and are easy to install. Like all other good quality extensions, these microloc extensions are also super soft. Although these are synthetic extensions, they look as if you own real microlocs.


  • You can reuse and reinstall the microloc extensions as many times as you want.
  • Bobbi Boss Synthetic Microloc Extensions are durable and long lasting.


  • No major drawbacks noticed.

Comparison Of Above Listed Micro Loc Extensions

 RAYIIS Faux Locs Crochet Hair Super Lightweight Micro LocsNayoo Micro Locs Crochet HairBobbi Boss Synthetic Microlocs
MaterialKorean Synthetic fiberKanekalon synthetic fiberSynthetic
Length18 inches36 inches18 inches
Number of packs needed for full head6 packs5 packs5-6 packs
Weight0.474 pounds1.17 pounds1.1 pounds
Installation TypeCornrow your hair to installWeaveMicro-Link

Final Words:

Getting your hands on micro loc extensions is the best and easiest way to bypass the long transition time and get microlocs without spending months or even years.

Natural micro locs require a lot of patience. Why should you wait when you can have a full head of amazing micro locs within a matter of hours?

Choose your microloc extensions wisely and you are ready to wear your strong yet effortless vibe. And yes, don’t get surprised by the showers of compliments!