Mixing Splat Hair Dye | Can You Mix Splat Hair Dye with Conditioner?

If you’re a fan of splat hair dye, you must be dying to explore the dye in so many ways to see what result it delivers to your hair.

When using splat, it can also get confusing because it isn’t quite like other box dyes, so there are differences in the way you use splat hair dye compared to other dyes.

Have you ever wondered whether you can use splat dye with another brand of dye? Or perhaps whether or not splat dye should be combined with a developer? 

This post will answer all your questions surrounding mixing splat dye, including what the dye can and cannot be mixed with. 

Can You Add Conditioner to Splat Hair Dye?

Can You Add Conditioner to Splat Hair Dye?

Yes, you can add conditioner to splat hair dye.

Conditioner can be used to lighten the color of your splat dye or help you to make a thick dye more consistent. 

If you’re using vibrant and eccentric hair color and you worry that it might come out too strong, adding conditioner to your splat hair dye will make the color softer. 

The rule of thumb for hair dyes and conditioners is this: If you’re working with a color mixture, you can add conditioner to your dye. If you’re working to dilute a bleach mixture, it is best to use shampoo.

Can You Mix Splat Hair Dye with A Developer? 

Can You Mix Splat Hair Dye with A Developer

No. You shouldn’t mix splat hair dye with a developer.

Splat hair dye is a semi-permanent hair dye that has no business being mixed with a developer.

Although you might be tempted to add a developer to your splat hair dye because you think it’ll help the color last longer, adding a developer to splat dye is not the way to go.

In fact, splat dye has strong colors that last longer than the average semi-permanent dye, so you don’t need to bother about the color not lasting.

Basically, mixing semi-permanent hair dye like splat and developer doesn’t work out because they have different purposes. A developer’s purpose is to permanently change hair color, which is why you find it in permanent hair color.

On the other hand, splat hair dye is a direct, long-lasting dye that already contains lightening ingredients, making it stick to your hair for a long time without being permanent.

What Happens If You Mix Splat Dye with Developer?

What Happens If You Mix Dye with Developer?

What if I go ahead and mix my splat hair dye with a developer?

Well, first, you still won’t get the permanent color you’re looking for even if you add a developer, so it’s not worth the stress.

If you do get results, your hair dye pigments will be deposited inside the hair and not on the surface. You could also negatively affect your hair’s color molecules.

Mixing developer with your dye can also ruin the dye and deliver a patchy hair color. The worst thing is that the hair dye might not deliver the effect you want as the developer might degrade the dye color.

If you want to avoid the nightmare that is patchy hair with uneven colors, avoid using a developer on your splat dye.

If what you need is a lightening effect on your hair, you can use a developer alone to lighten your hair or mix it with bleach.

Conclusively, don’t mix developer with a splat or other semi-permanent hair dyes, no matter the quantity.

Can You Mix Splat Hair Dye with Other Brands?

Can You Mix Splat Hair Dye with Other Brands?

Feeling a little up for some experiment? You might be considering mixing your splat hair dye with another brand of dye. Whether you’re doing this to experiment with colors, or because you have leftovers of both dyes and want to use them up, it is a bad idea.

Splat is not the same as other hair dyes, and its formation is also different. 

For instance, splat is a direct deposit hair dye, while most of the box dyes you see are oxidative products that have different chemicals and need hydrogen peroxide. 

Splat is also vegan and largely natural, while some other brands contain a good amount of chemicals. They just don’t go together.

Splat isn’t manufactured in a way that it should be mixed with other hair dyes.

If you ever need to mix your splat hair dye, perhaps to reduce the color strength, mix your dye with a white conditioner as we discussed earlier.

Final Comments:

Now you know what you can and cannot mix with splat hair dye. Remember that different hair dyes have unique structures and instructions, so always follow them closely and not assume that what works for one dye will work for the other.