What Does a Perm Actually Do to your Hair? Does It Damage Your Hair?

What does a Perm do to your Hair?

A strong permanent wave in your hair or a “perm” utilizes chemical substances to make your ordinarily straight hair curled or curved. In the process of creating a beach wave type of perm, the hair is inserted into the hair curlers and a particular chemical matter is implemented.

This chemical substance destroys the natural hair bond which is known as disulfide bonds, which accommodate together with the hair’s keratin and, the protein that shapes up your hair.

Your hair is now loose and free to adopt the pattern of the curl. Another chemical substance known as the neutralizer (maximum times this is actually hydrogen peroxide) is appended to reverse the outcomes of the first chemical substance so that the waves stay seated.

Do Perms Damage Hair?

Beach Wave Perms can be resolute and harsh on your hair, there is also a possibility that perm may damage your hair.

If you conduct a beach wave perm operation too frequently, you may risk giving your hair a particularly parched and fragile look, which is the reason dermatologists advise having hair aids and services such as a perm on a rare and limited basis.

A beach wave perm can disrupt and destroy your hair when it is not executed or taken notice of accurately. It alters the synthetic constituents of your hair to obtain that perfect curly or wavy nature.

With the help of a beach wave perm, you are not peeling it like bleach and executing your hair very flimsy, but a beach wave perm is continuing into the cuticle of the hair.