Does Splat Hair Dye Expire? Can You Reuse Splat Hair Dye?

When it comes to hair dyes, there’s often a lot of uncertainty about whether they do expire. With many manufacturers claiming that their hair dye lasts forever, one might wonder whether it’s the truth or just a marketing strategy.

If you are wondering whether splat hair dye expires when it expires, and in what state you can use it, you’re at the right place.

At the end of this post, you’ll know all that you should about the usage, storage, and expiration of splat hair dye.

Does Splat Hair Dye Expire?

Interestingly, splat hair dye doesn’t have an expiration date. That’s not surprising because many hair dye products and brands don’t have expiration dates on their package. 

At this point, you might be concerned about how to be safe when using this dye. Well, manufacturers agree on one thing, that hair dyes have an average shelf life of 3 years, after which they might not work effectively on your hair.

One way to know if your splat hair dye has expired is the color won’t be vibrant anymore, and it might fade super-fast. However, there has been no proven side effect of using hair dye that has outstayed its estimated shelf life.

If you’re still confused as to whether your old hair dye still works, we’ll expatiate some more as we go on.

How Long Does Splat Hair Dye Last Unopened? 

When unopened, your splat hair dye can last as long as the estimated 3-year shelf life, or even longer. 

So, unless there is a contradictory instruction on your dye box, your splat hair dye will last for an average of 3 years when sealed or a minimum of 2 years if you want to be safe.

A tell-tale sign that your splat hair dye has stayed for too long is that you won’t get the quality, vibrance, and effectiveness the color is supposed to deliver. For instance, a vibrant red splat hair dye might give you a dull red if it’s been sitting on the shelf for longer than 3 years.

Remember that storage conditions can also contribute to how long your dye lasts and how effective it is.

Package damage and exposure to harmful elements like sunlight, moisture, and oxidation, can negatively affect your splat hair dye and its ability to deliver the right color, even before 3 years run out.

How Long Does Splat Hair Dye Last After Opening?

Now, let’s talk about opened splat hair dye. You might be wondering whether it’ll have to be thrown out a few hours after it was opened or if it can stay for a while.

The good news is that your Splat dye will last and remain in good condition for up to a year after opening.

However, the catch is that you must make sure air doesn’t get into the bottle. You’ll need to screw the cap tightly.

You can also cover the neck of the bottle with a plastic wrap before tightening the cap. Provided air doesn’t get in, your opened splat hair dye can sit for 12 months and still be vibrant.

Can You Reuse Splat Hair Dye?

Can You Reuse Splat Hair Dye?

Yes, you can reuse the splat hair dye, but, only if you seal the bottle properly after use.

If you’ve seen instructions on hair dye boxes to throw out the dye when you don’t finish it, it’s actually because exposure to air causes the peroxide to lose its effectiveness.

Since the manufacturers can’t be sure that you’ll keep the dye away from your hair, they advise that you throw it away.

Splat hair dye won’t work once all the air gets in. Hence, if you’re able to seal the bottle properly after use, you can reuse the dye as many times as it takes.

But, if it is left open, it might not apply evenly the next time you use it and you won’t get a color as nice as what you got the first time or the first few times. It might also dry out, leaving you without sufficient dye to apply throughout your hair.

Another thing to note is that when you leave your splat dye for a while, especially for a few months to a year after the initial opening, you’ll need more dye volume to cover your hair than you did before.

The dye might also need more time to process fully when you’re using it again.

Can You Save Leftover Splat Hair Dye?

Yes, You can save leftover splat hair dye.

The best way to store your leftover splat dye is to seal it properly in the bottle it came in, and keep it away from air, moisture, or heat exposure.

If the cap of the original bottle is broken or damaged, you can transfer it into another bottle that seals properly. 

Store the tightly sealed bottle in a cool, dry, place.

Final Words:

Now that we’ve got all these covered, what’s not to love about the shelf life of splat hair dye?

You can use it as many times as it takes to finish the contents in the bottle provided you store it correctly. You can also keep a previously opened hair dye for as long as a year without problems.