How Long Do You Keep Splat Hair Dye In? Can You Sleep with Splat Hair Dye In?

What’s not to love about splat hair dye? It has many attractive colors, it is affordable, and it is easy to use. Thanks to splat hair dyes, you can enjoy beautiful vibrant colors that last a long time.

Another reason to love splat hair dye is because of its unique product formation. It is gluten and cruelty-free, with a color strength that makes it last long and vibrant.

Splat hair dye kits contain hair color, peroxide, and bleach, which should be mixed to create a beautiful color on your hair.

But the question is, how do you dye your hair with splat hair dye? How long should you leave the dye in? And if you leave the dye for too long, what could happen? Let’s find out.

Can You Leave Splat Hair Dye In Overnight?

This is a definite No! You shouldn’t leave splat hair dye in overnight.

You shouldn’t leave splat hair dye in overnight for any reason. 

Unlike the natural hair masks and coconut oil that can comfortably stay on your hair for a long time, hair dye is a completely different case.

Even though it is a semi-permanent hair dye, it is hair dye regardless, and it has no business staying on your hair overnight.

Although more natural than many dyes, the Splat hair dye has some traces of ammonia inside. The peroxide also doesn’t have any business staying in your hair overnight.

Unlike what many people think, leaving splat hair dye in your hair overnight won’t improve your hair. Instead, it could damage your hair. Leaving splat hair dye in your hair overnight is rather a fruitless overkill that could upset your scalp and skin.

How Long Do You Keep Splat Hair Dye In?

So, overnight is a no-no. How long should I leave the splat hair dye in my hair for the best results? Can I just wing it? No, you can’t wing it.

Generally, your splat hair dye box should come with instructions about timing. However, since we’re talking about it here, your splat hair dye should stay in your hair for between 15 and 45 minutes. This timing depends on several factors. 

The appropriate time to leave your semi-permanent splat hair dye is between 20 and 40 minutes, depending on how vibrant you want the color to be.

The guideline for semi-permanent splat hair dye is quite interesting because there’s a time guide depending on the color tones you’re using. The lighter the color, the less time you leave the semi-permanent dye in your hair.

Here’s a list to guide you:

  • Pastel or light colors such as yellow, pink, gray, light blue, and light green should sit in your hair for 20 minutes after application. 
  • Medium colors like blue, red, green, and orange should sit in your hair for 25 post-application.
  • Intense or dark colors like aqua, purple, gum pink, and fuchsia should stay in your hair for 30 to 35 minutes after application.

So, we have a maximum timing of 45 minutes for darker hair colors and 15 to 30 minutes for lighter hair colors.

To sum it up, don’t leave splat dye in your hair for longer than the instruction on the box says. Splat dye often uses a 40-volume developer, which is very potent and can damage your scalp and hair if left in for too long.

What Happens If You Leave Splat Hair Dye in Too Long?

What happens if you leave splat hair dye in too long?

Now that you know how long is too long to leave splat hair dye in your, let’s talk about the consequences. Does anything happen if you leave the hair dye for too long?

Color accidents, hair breakage, weakness, and damage are the most likely side effects of leaving splat hair dye in for too long.

Unlike the scary stuff you’ve probably heard a lot of times, all your hair probably won’t fall off, leaving you bald. But your hair won’t be in perfect condition either.

The simpler, easily reparable effect of leaving splat hair dye in too long is that you’ll most likely get a color that is way darker than what you had in mind.

You’ll then need to spend time on color lightening and trying to get it back to the shade you wanted. So, an extra process and stress that you could have easily avoided.

A less pleasant effect is unnatural-looking, over-processed, brittle hair.

Leaving splat hair dye in your hair longer than directed can lead to irreversible hair damage beginning at weak, brittle strands and escalating to hair breakage. 

Can You Sleep with Splat Hair Dye In?

You can, but better to avoid it.

Think about it. You’ll be risking a soiled pillow and pillowcase, a scalp that soaked more dye than necessary, and damage to your hair.

Just as you shouldn’t leave splat hair dye overnight, you shouldn’t sleep with it, even for a few hours. The dye shouldn’t last for more than 45 minutes, and you’ll most likely sleep for longer than that, so, no.

If you move about in your sleep, you won’t only end up with a messy pillow, but your hair strands would be moved about as well, which can affect the coloring and penetration. The dye could also stain your hair.

How Long Does Splat Hair Dye Last Without Bleach?

Although the splat hair dye kit comes with bleach, and although it is advised that you bleach your hair before applying the dye, some people choose to go without the bleach. The primary reason for skipping the bleaching process is to avoid hair dryness and damage.

But, will the splat hair dye work without bleach, and how long will it last?

First, the answer is yes. Splat hair dye works without bleach. But does it last as long as when you use it with bleach? The answer is no.

Generally, with bleach, semi-permanent Splat should last for 20 to 25 washes.

However, splat colors fade a lot faster when your hair is not bleached.

Depending on your hair maintenance routine and hair texture, splat hair dye should last between 5 and 15 washes without bleach.

If you’re not using bleach, you can try to prolong the lifespan of your splat hair dye by washing it less often and using dry shampoo in between washes to keep it clean and fresh. 

You’ll also need to use a color-protecting shampoo when you do wash the hair, as well as other color-safe hair products.

It might help to also leave the dye in your hair for longer when you use splay hair dye without bleach. That way, you can achieve a more vibrant color that’ll last longer in your hair before fading completely. 

Final Words:

Indeed, splat hair dyes are unique and loved by many people for several reasons. Those who love it boast of its bright, beautiful, and long-lasting hair colors, while some people find it hard to get a hang of the color in terms of bleeding, application, and maintenance.

The more you learn about splat hair dye, the more you’re able to enjoy the beautiful product and the unique hair colors to create the look you want. You’ll also be able to avoid mistakes and damage to your hair whenever you use the dye.