Is Splat Hair Dye Good? Is It Toxic? Is Splat Hair Dye Fabric Dye?

There are a lot of reviews and comments out there about splat hair dye. As many questions as are asked about the dye, you’ll find a lot of answers, many of which might even be contradictory.

If you’re confused about splat hair dye, or you’ve heard a lot about it, what you need is a clarification of the claims you have heard about the dye.

This post will answer all relevant questions as objectively as possible, beginning with the first and probably most controversial claim about splat hair dye.

Is Splat Hair Dye Fabric Dye?

‘Splat hair dye is fabric dye!!!’ A claim by a few people went viral a while ago, as they warned people against using splat hair dye, especially if they need a temporary color change.

Their reasons for the claims? Splat hair dye delivers very vibrant colors that tend to stick around for many weeks, and you might find it hard to get them out if you change your mind in a few days.

While that’s true, the fact that it sticks around for long doesn’t mean it is fabric dye.

So, is splat hair dye truly fabric dye?

According to the manufacturers, it is not fabric dye.

The manufacturers say the ingredients in splat hair dye are the same ones used in hair color across the board. They also say is PPD-free.

However, what’s different about the splat formula is that it is diluted less with conditioner, which results in a more concentrated pigmentation and consistency. The high concentrated pigment is responsible for the vibrant color and its longer-lasting nature.

Is Splat Hair Dye Permanent or Temporary?

Is splat hair dye permanent or temporary?

Many people think splat hair dye is permanent because it lasts on the hair for a pretty long time. But does the long-lasting nature mean it is a permanent dye? No.

Splat hair dye is semi-permanent. The producers don’t produce permanent hair dyes. According to them, splat hair color gives the user the perfect opportunity to explore any color of their choice without the commitment that comes with permanent color. 

You can also find a few splat dye hues described as wash temporary dyes. They don’t often last as long as semi-permanent hues.

Splat semi-permanent and temporary dyes come in single-serve complete kits and deliver vibrant, long-lasting colors.

What Does Splat Hair Dye Do to Your Hair?

As far as functions go, the function splat hair dye has on your hair is similar to those of other dyes. 

It changes the color of your hair by opening up your hair cuticles, penetrating the strands, and altering the chemical makeup of your hair to keep the color.

The agents contained in the dye are responsible for creating the chemical reaction that results in the color change.

However, when you talk about possible negative effects, the agents in splat hair dye can weaken or damage your hair, especially when you don’t use it correctly. It might result in unhealthy and dull-looking hair.

Sometimes, if your hair is already unhealthy, damaged, or compromised, splat hair dye could worsen the existing damage to your hair.

But, with the right treatments like conditioners and special shampoos, your hair might be shielded from damage from hair dye.

Is Splat Hair Dye Toxic?

Splat hair dye is vegan and paraben-free, which means that is healthier than many hair dyes out there. However, it contains preservatives and dioxide that can cause your hair to dry out.

The preservatives, which are responsible for the long-lasting nature of the dye and also prevent the growth of any bacteria or microorganisms that can damage the product could also contribute to hair dryness.

The metals dioxide in splat hair dye is included in the product to improve color vibrancy and duration, but it might reduce moisture from your hair.

Splat hair dye only uses a small amount of titanium dioxide and little to no ammonia, unlike permanent dyes, so it is less damaging.

In conclusion, splat hair dye isn’t toxic to your hair, but it can dry out your hair and cause slight damage.

Is Splat Hair Dye Good?

There is no straightforward answer to this question, especially as there are many people who swear by this dye, just as some others say it is the worst thing to happen to their hair.

Splat hair dye delivers great colors that last long and remain vibrant for a long time. On the other hand, the dye is known to fade for a long time after its application, sometimes even up to two weeks, and leave stains behind.

Many people also find it difficult to get the dye out of their hair by the time they want to either remove the color or try something new. This can be quite problematic and cause people to use extreme measures to get the color out.

What we can conclusively say is that it has a mixed reputation amongst people who have used it. 

Should You Use Splat Hair Dye or Not? Why?

After all said and done, should you use splat hair dye?

That’s ultimately your decision to make. But we’ll tell you what many people are saying about the hair dye.

You’ll easily find a good number of people saying that they love the color splat hair dye delivers to their hair, and how it lasts long. But, you’ll also find many people who lament about what a struggle it was to get the color out of their hair.

Even some hairstylists have had a hard time removing the dye from their client’s hair. In the end, most people have to use bleach to get it out of their hair before they can try another color or be free from the splat color. For a semi-permanent dye, it shouldn’t be so problematic.

So, if you think you can handle the issues, then you can give it a try. Otherwise, other dye brands pose way fewer problems than splat hair dye.

Final Words:

Truth be told, splat hair dye is getting quite a lot of negative reviews at the moment, but the dye is not without some good comments as well.

In the end, whatever you decide to do after reading this post, remember that the responsibility for your decision is always on you. So, you must be as careful as possible.

One way to be careful is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions strictly and not wing it, even if you’re experienced in using hair dyes. Winging it might cause hair damage and give you an unpleasant color.

It is also important to do a strand test before coloring your entire hair to ensure that splat hair dye won’t damage your hair.

The strand test helps you to see how your chosen color will look on your hair. It’ll also help you to tell whether or not it’ll cause damage to your hair.

Avoid using splat hair dye on your hair if it is already damaged or brittle, even slightly. You won’t get the best results from your splat hair dye after coloring if your hair isn’t in good condition.

We hope this guide helps you to make the best decision concerning splat hair dye and your hair.