How to do Hair Painting at Home [Step by Step Guide] | Hair Painting Vs Hair Dyeing

This guide will let you know how to paint your hair at home. Painting hair at home could be exciting and if you know the basics it gets more fascinating.

Painting hair needs special skills. We have a list of suggestions and details that will be helpful to you. From the rules of painting to the precautions of painting, this guide will help you a lot more than that.

Certain tips in the guide are inspired by hair experts. With little practice and a few sessions of painting, you don’t have to go to the salon anymore. Hair painting at home will make you a pro.

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What is Hair Painting?

Hair painting is the new trend. It is one of the latest hair coloring techniques practiced majorly in the USA recently. The freehand technique has caught the eyes of many passionate and creative hairstylists.

Do you know some people consider Hair Painting and Balayage almost the same? Balayage is a French word that means ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’. Although there is a slight difference between the two, most people consider the same techniques for both in some cases.

The hair painting technique means you can paint your hair freely with your hands or with a hairbrush and palette. The purpose is to get natural and soft tones. Your dream of that gorgeous mermaid hair is also possible with hair painting without demarcation.

With this latest technique, you can get highlights that blend easily with a range of colors such as chocolates, caramels, red, and plums. Fluid hair painting is more common these days with more people switching to this. Compared to dyeing and other methods of coloring, hair painting is a low-maintenance technique.

Hair Painting Technique:

The hair painting technique is mainly used if someone wishes to highlight hair and make the natural color look separate from highlighted. You need to lay back on a flat surface or a table.

Then separate the hair into sections that need to be highlighted. The sections are then painted with hands by a second person until you become confident to do it on your own.

The entire process takes about 45 minutes and may extend to a few hours too as per the color chosen. Technically, Painting is preferred by people who need maximum brightness in each section. It is a creative placement with wide plank sections.

Hair Painting Vs Hair Dyeing

The technique of painting usually gives you a colored coating on the surface whereas dye soaks deep and reaches the roots to change the color of the hair itself. Still, confused? Let’s understand their difference in detail.

Difference between hair colors and hair dyes:

A hair dye goes deep inside the hair to color it. Dyes are usually long-lasting compared to hair colors. Hair colors stay on the surface and paint from the outside only.

In simple terms, hair colors do not last long as hair dyes do. Despite the short life, people are more prone to hair painting as these are less harmful compared to strong hair dyes.

Hair dyeing is a challenging process as the dyes contain harsher chemicals and strong mixtures that may hamper your hair. It is one of these reasons why hair painting became the trend with more people finding it a safe technique to try at home.

How to do Hair Painting at Home

Required Items to do Hair Painting at Home:

Some of the common items that you must always keep at home regardless of whether you are dyeing or painting your hair include;

  • Mixing bowl for colors
  • Color brush
  • Plastic capes
  • Tube squeezer
  • Bleach applicator
  • Cotton balls and cotton rolls
  • Color removal wipes
  • Wet wipes
  • Dry tissues
  • An old tee
  • An old towel

Now all the products need to be useful, but it would be wise to keep these handy as you never know what comes into use during the process especially when you are coloring at home.

Preparations before you start hair painting at Home:

The goal is to achieve the desired color that lasts for a long without spoiling the health of the hair. Other than choosing safe colors that treat your hair gently, there are certain things that you need to consider too.

  1. Prefer to paint with your hands than a hairbrush. Hands give endless possibilities in hair styling. Thus, the stylists prefer it that way to give a customized look to their clients.
  2. Choose the color you wish to paint beforehand. Do not fall for confusion and make up your mind before. Select colors that go with your skin tone instead of going by the Instagram pictures of others.
  3. Read the instructions of the packet nicely. It would be good if you know the steps as stated in the color box too.
  4. Wear an old tee and use an old towel.
  5. Comb your hair and let it be tangle-free. Divide your hair into four main sections.
  6. It would be great to shampoo at least 24 to 48 hours before you begin the hair painting process.
  7. Avoid shampooing or conditioning your hair on the same day of painting.
  8. Avoid sitting under direct sunlight and ensure you have proper lights in the room, to begin with, hair painting.
  9. Remember to protect your bathroom and sink before you begin the painting process. Any type of hair coloring process is messy and you don’t wish to cause any stains to your property, do you?
  10. Hair painting at home means you are doing the DIY hacks independently. It could get tedious to sit for that long too. Thus, it would be wise to dehydrate yourself before you begin.
  11. Relax. You are trying something for the first time and be more excited about it than nervous.

In ideal conditions, the hair-painted color stays for at least four to six weeks.

Step by Step Process of Hair Painting at Home

  1. Pick the color you desire from the store and all the required tools to perform hair painting at home.
  2. We assume you have done the patch test before. Even if you have, it would be good to get it done again to ensure that the respective brand bought by you suits you.
  3. Read the instructions well on the color box and follow the steps.
  4. Take larger sections of hair, let’s say about an inch. The larger sections you make, the more surface area you get for painting. Larger sections also allow for creating depth and contrast.
  5. During the painting process, the center point of the painted ‘V’ must be in the center of the previously shaped section ‘V’. Watch online videos on how it is exactly done.
  6. Follow the Weaving method as that makes hair painting easier.
  7. Being painting in a sweeping method across the weave. Once you achieve in completing this, you can paint the remaining hair normally.
  8. Allow breathing between each section. Let it be subtle as the aim is for natural and light.
  9. Always remember to paint at least 1 cm away from your hair parts.
  10. In case you have thick hair, take the support of someone else for the process.

Precautions to be taken after you do hair painting at home:

  1. Keep a check on the hair.
  2. Remove the foils if you feel the hair is getting darker and wipe the excess hair color with the help of a wet tissue.
  3. Complete the process as soon as possible.
  4. Rinse your hair well.
  5. Never mix different hair color formulations.
  6. Avoid frequent hair washes after painting your hair.
  7. Wash your eyes with cold running water in case they feel irritated during and after the painting process.

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Now that you have read the basics, steps, precautions, and techniques well it is time to try it out at home! For any queries or concerns, you may always take support online or from your hair expert. Let our hair be natural and breathe naturally most times and follow proper nourishing tips to sustain healthy hair for life.