Can you use Hair Dye on Eyebrows? How Long Does Hair Dye Stay On Eyebrows?

Before taking much of your time and making you go in circles, the straight answer is YES! You can certainly use hair dye on your eyebrows.

However, there is a long explanation behind the process. Dyeing eyebrows can prove cost-effective to you in many ways.

The personality changes into an amazing one with many dyes to try on eyebrows. The best thing about coloring the eyebrows is that these do not cause any mess.

In this article, we shall mainly focus on the process to use hair dye on eyebrows and the associated precautions on pre, during, and post-eyebrow dyes.

If you follow all these sincerely, you don’t have to worry about a thing about the art of dyeing eyebrows in the future too.

Can you use hair dye on your eyebrows?

After saying YES for the second time we hope we win your trust and straight away jump to the factors that you must consider before beginning with the process. Choosing a hair dye for eyebrows could be based on factors such as:

  • Type of Dye: Permanent or Semi-permanent
  • Color of Dye: Natural or as per the hair color

You need to know the process well as your eyebrows are just above the eyes. Thus, unless you have read the instructions well or you have expert guidance with you, it would be wise to wait. Don’t worry; we have a step-by-step guide for you to follow the process of using hair dye on your eyebrows confidently.

How long does hair dye stay on eyebrows?

Dyed eyebrows last for three to eight weeks, however; your skin, the color of the dye chosen, the type of the dye selected, and few other factors matters.

We avoid suggesting anything permanent hair dyes for eyebrows as it may lead to irritation in the eyes due to the high chemicals present. As an alternative, beard dyes and semi-permanent hair dyes are known to be safer.

The other factors responsible for the life of your eyebrows are:

  • Exposure to the sun
  • Type of sunscreen used
  • Frequency of face scrubs used
  • Type of makeup remover
  • Type of face cleanser
  • Growth of eyebrow hair

In some cases, if the precautions and aftercare are followed well, one can enjoy a longer life of dyed eyebrows which could be up to a month. We agree that you may have to consider a few touch-ups or re-touches to make it look flawless.

How to use hair dye on eyebrows – Step by Step Process

Before we begin with understanding the process, it would be wise to check how to prepare for using dye on eyebrows.

Unless you know the instructions well, it wouldn’t be wise to jump to the process. We have simplified the preparation process for dyeing and hope you get along well with it.


1. Choosing the dye

Pick the right dye for your eyebrows. Ensure that you search for semi-permanent dyes. Permanent dyed have harsh chemicals that are tolerated by your scalp but not the skin. These can cause side effects on your eyebrows and skin around.

Choosing a beard dye would be the best decision. Beard dyes are available in neutral tones that perfectly blend with your eyebrows.

Once you have explored the various brands of semi-permanent hair dyes, it is time to pick the shade.

Choosing a natural shade that adds shape and looks to your eyebrows would be a good choice. As a tip, we suggest you pick a shade darker than your hair color.

2. Patch test

To avoid any allergies or side effects, a patch test would be the best option. Apply a small portion of dye on the backside of your hand or leg.

Leave it for 10 minutes. In case you experience no negative effects of the test for two days, you can proceed with the dyeing process.

3. Understand the risks

You must be prepared for the risks involved and prepare your mind for the same. Ensure that you do not bring the dye in contact with your eyes.

In case of any accidental contact, wash your eyes several times with cold tap water. Read the Dos and Don’ts in the instruction manual well.

4. Face cleaning

Clean your face with warm water and a mild face wash. Your eyebrows and skin must be clean of oil and dirt.

Face cleaning is important to ensure that you can allow the dye to give you desirable results. Do not scrub your face or massage the face wash too hard on the skin.

5. Outlining the eyebrows

Take some petroleum jelly or Vaseline on a cotton swab and apply gently on the skin near and around your eyebrows.

This will prevent the skin around to dye immediately and also protect your eyes by disallowing the dye to enter in.

6. Follow the directions

Read everything in the instruction manual that you received along with the dye packet. While preparing the dye, make a thick paste and not too runny so that it doesn’t drip on our skin and clothes.


1. Apply the dye

Start applying the dye with the help of tools that have come along with the dye.

Begin from the thickest part of the eyebrows and slowly reach the thinnest part. Work it downwards till the root of the eyebrow hair.

2. Wait period

Leave the dye for not more than 5 minutes. Some eyebrow kits may ask you to leave it up to 15 minutes as well.

Thus, you can follow the instructions as per the guidelines provided in the kit bought by you.

3. Removal process

With the support of an old washcloth or cotton pad, rub the dye off. Wipe the jelly from the surrounding area too.

Make sure you have closed your eyes while removing the dye so that nothing comes in contact with your eyes. Rinse your face with warm water.

You may repeat the process to make the color darker if you wish for a darker tone. However, make sure you do not repeat it more than 3 times or it may irritate your skin around.

Few Popular Eyebrow Colors Available Online

1. Medium Brown Instant Eyebrow Tint by Godefroy

Key Features of Godefroy Medium Brown Instant Eyebrow :

  • The product is made in the USA.
  • It is preferred for dyeing beards, mustaches, and eyebrows.
  • The color stays with you for up to 6 weeks.
  • Helps to dye grey hair up to 100%

2. Professional Brown Eyebrow Color by Estel

Key Features of Estel Professional Brown Eyebrow Color:

  • It is a highly recommended product on Amazon for those who desire to have natural brown eyebrows!
  • The product contains no harsh chemicals, no perfume, and has low PH levels.
  • The color stays for up to three to four weeks.

3. Light Brown Eyebrow Dye by Tintocil

Key Features of Tintocil Light Brown Eyebrow Dye:

  • Gives light brown eyebrows in no time!
  • One bottle is equal to 50 applications.
  • It is perfect for the blonde who wishes to accentuate their looks.

Final Words:

Now that you know the process well, it is time to hit the store or pick the best deal on eyebrow dyes online. Let us know what color you are planning to pick for your eyebrows. If there is anything you would like to share with us about using hair dyes on your eyebrows, feel free to do so.