What Is Wig Density? What Is the Best Density for A Wig?

Wigs have become an essential part of beautification for women globally, with human hair wigs leading to other wig types.

With so many people involved in making and selling wigs, it can be confusing to know which wig to choose. That’s where factors like wig density come in. 

Wig density is what determines how your wig will look; whether thick or thin. But what density represents thick hair, and what density translates to thin hair? Is there a good or bad wig density for you? Let’s find out below.

What is Wig Density?

what is density in a wig?

Wig density is defined as the amount of hair sewn on a wig cap to create a full head of hair. The difference between thin or thick hair appearance lies in hair density. 

Simply put, the higher the wig density, the fuller the hair appears, and vice versa.

When you look at the hair of two people, you discover different natural hair densities, which is why one person has very full hair and the next person has medium or scanty hair. Similarly, wigs are characterized according to hair density. 

The average hair density for human hair wigs is 130, which is described as medium or natural density. It is termed that way because the average human hair density ranges between100 and 130. 

Now that we have defined wig density, let us explore all the wig densities you’ll find when shopping for wigs, whether online or in a physical store.

Different Wig Density Types

Below are the different types of wig densities available, also for each density, there are wigs available with different lengths and weights.

  1. 100 density wigs
  2. 130 density wigs
  3. 150 density wigs
  4. 180 density wigs
  5. 200 density wigs
  6. 220 density wigs
  7. 250 density wigs

Top Rated 130%, 150%, 180%, 200%, 220% and 250% Density Wigs

Wig DensityWig Name
130% 1. Releek Deep Wave lace Front Wigs
2. Joedir Lace Front Wigs 30” Long Wavy Synthetic Wig
150%1. ANNELBEL Body Wave Lace Front Wigs
2. Short Bob Wigs with Bangs Brazilian Straight Human Hair 
180%1. 180 Density Glueless Lace Front Wigs Human Hair
2. Wingirl 13×4 Lace Front Human Hair 
200%1. Loose Deep Wave Lace Front Wigs Human Hair
2. 200 Density 13×4 Lace Frontal Wigs Pre Plucked Human Hair Wigs
220%1. Wingirl HD Transparent Lace Front Human Hair Wigs
2. Brazilian Virgin Straight Highlight Lace Closure Human Hair Wig
250%1. BLY 13×4 HD Transparent Lace Front Wigs Human
2. Derun 250% Density Ombre Kinky Curly Lace Front Wigs

Wig Density Chart Table

Wig density chart - Length vs Weight of 100-130-150-180-200-220-250 Density Wigs

The below table explains various lengths available in each wig density, and the weight of wigs with different lengths.

Length (inch)100 Wig Density Weights (g)130 Wig Density Weights (g)150 Wig Density Weights (g)180 Wig Density Weights (g)200 Wig Density Weights (g)220 Wig Density Weights (g)250 Wig Density Weights (g)
1080-90110-115130-135145-150 – – –
32 – – – –410-415420-425440-445

What Is the Best Density for A Wig? Why?

The standard wig density is 130 because it is full and thick enough to suit many wig styles and natural hair densities as well.

However, with varying wig styles, some wig densities are better suited to some wigs than others. It also depends on the level of fullness you need and the style of wig you are buying.

So, when choosing the best density for a wig, you need to consider the length of the hair. The best wig density for short-length wigs is 100 or 130 density wigs.

The best wig density for 12 to 14 inches wigs is 130, and150. As for 16 to 20 inches wigs, a density of 150 or 180 is perfect.

180 wig density is also perfect for wigs ranging between 22 and 24 inches, while 200 wig density and above is perfect for wigs that are 26 to 30 inches and above, as well as other very long lengths.

Beyond length, another way to determine the best wig density is to decide what style/type of wig you are buying or making. 

130 density is a good fit for full lace wigs because it will look thicker than it would on a lace front wig cap that has the same density. 130 or 150 wig density is also recommended for full lace wigs.

The best wig density for 360 lace wigs is between 130 and 150 density, which is the same for 360 lace frontal wigs.

In a manner of conclusion, the best wig density depends on the type, length, and style of wig you want to buy.

But, in general, 130 density wigs are the favorites of many hair specialists and wig wearers because it delivers the fullness you need, while still looking like your natural hair.

Most Popular 130%, 150%, 180%, 200%, 220% and 250% Density Wigs

Final Words:

Now that you know everything you need to know about the most popular wig densities and how they compare against each other, you’re equipped to go shopping for wigs with renewed confidence. Go get that beautiful wig that is exactly the density you desire!