What Does 150 Density Wig Mean? [150 Vs 130, 100 Density Wig]

150 density wigs are created for ladies who want to create hair that looks natural like it’s their real hair but has some added fullness.

150 density wigs are great for achieving several styles because they afford the wearer a lot of movement, bounce, and body fullness.

What Does 150 Density Wig Mean?

150 density wig has added fullness that gives the wearer a comfortable and flexible styling experience. It goes a notch higher than 130 density wig because it is fuller and can cascade around your head, framing your face fully.

150 density wigs are beyond the fullness of most natural hair, so it can be a little obvious that it isn’t your natural hair because it will look fuller.

However, it has its upsides, including better styling options and additional fullness that many people might need.

150 density wig is as popular as 130 density wig, and perhaps even more because it has a lot of movement and bounce; something that many wig wearers love.

On average, 150 density wigs range between 16 to 20 inches and weigh between 180 and 215 grams. However, 150 density wigs have different weights depending on the length of hair you choose.

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Weight Of Different Lengths Of 150 Density Wigs

Length (inch)Weight (g)

Is 150 Density Good for A Wig?

Yes! 150 density wigs give you a great hair of head when you wear them. They are also great for several fashionable hairstyles.

150 density wigs are especially good for people with natural thinning hair who want to make up for their hair thinning with a full wig. 

150 wig density is the perfect choice for a curly hair wig because it delivers a natural look and still makes the hair look thicker than usual.

However, some people who like their wigs to look exactly like their natural hair don’t fancy 150 density wigs. They feel that it distorts the natural look that they want their wigs to have.

150 Vs 130 Density Wig

130 and150 density wigs are both the most popular wig densities in the market. However, just as they differ in densities, they also differ in several features.

Although both 130 and 150 densities offer a natural-looking fullness and appearance, 150 density wigs are fuller than 130 wigs. 150 density wigs have a lot of liquidity and rebound.

Also, 150 wigs supply a thickness to the wig that 130 wigs do not quite deliver, especially when you are dealing with long hair.

Although both 130 and 150 wigs are suitable for 12 to 14 inches wigs, 150 density wigs are also perfect for 16 to 20 inches wigs, which 130 density wigs might not carry properly.

While people who want to retain the appearance and fullness of their natural hair use 130 density wigs, 150 density wigs are a common choice for people who suffer hair thinning and want to make up for it with a fuller wig.

The table below compares 150 and 130 density wigs of different lengths to see how they weigh against each other.

Weight Of 130 Vs 150 Density Wigs

Length (inches)150 density Weight (g)130 density weight (g)

150 Vs 100 Density Wig

There is a wide gap in densities between 150 and 100 wig densities, especially in the aspect of fullness. 100 density wigs are the lightest density wigs on the scale, while 150 density wigs are in the range of medium fullness.  

100 and 150 density wigs are also different in the styles you can make with them. While 100 density wigs are best suited for shorter hair of 12 inches and below, 150 density wigs are suitable for longer wigs ranging from 12 to 24 inches.

150 density wigs are also more expensive than 100 density wigs and can look unnaturally fuller, while 100 density wigs always look natural.

When you study the table below, you’ll see the differences in weight between 150 and 100 density wigs of varying lengths.

Weight of 100 Vs 150 Density Wigs

Length (inches)150 density Weight (g)100 density weight (g)

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