What Does 130 Density Wig Mean? [130 Vs 100 Density Wig]

130 density wig is suitable for those whose aim is to improve their hair quality while ensuring they maintain their head shape and keep the weight light.

The reason people choose a 130 density is that it helps them to achieve a different facial look without stressing the head.

What Does 130 Density Wig Mean?

130 density wigs are one of the most common density choices amongst wig wearers. They are medium-heavy weight wigs that look the most like natural hair than many other wig densities.

Many hair experts and stylists recommend 130 density wigs because they are not too heavy, and they are also not as light as 100 density wigs that might not give you the thickness and fullness you need. 

Mostly, 130 density wigs can fit shorter or longer inches, although people prefer to use them for 12 to 14 inches wigs that often weigh between 130-150grams.

However, 130 density wigs have different weights across different hair lengths as illustrated below.

Top Rated 130% Density Wigs

  1. Releek Deep Wave lace Front Wigs
  2. Joedir Lace Front Wigs 30” Long Wavy Synthetic Wig
  3. Lzlefho Silky Brazilian Virgin Straight Human Hair Wigs with Bangs

Weight Of Different Lengths Of 130 Density Wigs

  • The 10-inch 130 density wig weigh around 110-115 grams.
  • The weight of 12-inch 130 density wig would be around 13-135 grams.
  • The weight of 14-inch 130 density wig would be around 140-145 grams.
  • The 16-inch 130 density wig weigh around 160-165 grams.
  • The 18-inch 130 density wig weigh around 180-185 grams.
  • The 20-inch 130 density wig weigh around 190-195 grams.
  • The weight of 22-inch 130 density wig would be around 210-215 grams.
  • The weight of 24-inch 130 density wig would be around 230-235 grams.
  • The weight of 26-inch 130 density wig would be around 240-245 grams.
  • The 28-inch 130 density wig weigh around 260-265 grams.
  • The weight of 30-inch 130 density wig would be around 280-285 grams.

In Summary:

Length (inch)Weight (g)

Is 130 Density Good for A Wig?

130 density wigs are great for people who have thick hair but would need to add some fullness to their heads.

It blends with natural locks the most, so it is a great option when you’re shopping for a wig, especially if it is a full lace wig.

The only wig density that is quite as popular as the 130 density is the 150 density wig that is also a favorite of many.

130 Vs 100 Density Wig

130 density wigs are thicker than 100 density wigs and are more commonly used to make wigs than 100 density wigs.

While 100 density wigs are more suited to people who have naturally light hair and want their wigs to reflect the same fullness, people with fuller hair opt for 130 density wigs to suit their natural hair density.

100 density wigs are lighter and easier to carry around without feeling the added weight, but 130 density wigs are fuller and easier to style than 100 wigs.

Also, another difference between 130 and 100 density wigs is that 130 density suits longer hair than 100 density wigs. Short hair is better for 100 density wigs because that way it doesn’t look too scanty. 

Based on pricing, 130 density wigs are more expensive than 100 density wigs because they consume more hair strands and take a longer time to construct.

The table below shows a comparison between 130 and 100 density wigs of different lengths to see how they differ in weight.

Weight of 100 Vs 130 Density Wigs

Length (inches)100 density Weight (g)130 density weight (g)

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