Textured Vs Layered Hair [Key Differences, Which is Better & Why?]

Human hair has a very complex structure and when it comes to analyzing its composition, we must be careful not to confuse one for the other.

Everyone is born with a unique hair texture and volume. Depending on your race and genetic makeup, your hair texture will either be fine, smooth, or coarse. For instance, African hair is usually thick and coarse while Caucasians sport soft/fine and silky hair.

When we talk about hair being textured, it is quite different from its texture. Texture refers is the way something feels when touched which could be rough or smooth.

Let us begin this discussion by revealing what it means to have either textured hair or layered hair so that we can understand the terms properly as we proceed.

What is Textured Hair?

Most people get confused between the meaning of “hair texture” and “textured hair”. Just like I stated earlier, your hair texture is how smooth or rough your hair shaft/strand feels when touched. 

Textured hair is the curly shape/pattern your hair shaft/strand forms in its natural condition. Don’t misunderstand that with the curls you create in your hair using hot thongs or normal twists.

Immediately after washing your hair, the naturally curly, coily, wavy, or kinky shape your hair strands retain is what textured hair refers to. Think of textured hair as curly or zigzag hair that is not straight. 

What is Layered Hair? 

Layering is a hairstyle. It involves arranging hair in layers by cutting the ones closer to the crown shorter than the layers below. The tips of the upper layers neatly blend with the lower layers thereby creating an illusion of volume and length.

Short hair is used to create an illusion of volume while long hair is used for that of length. Thin hair is not left out and can be layered to give a fuller or thicker impression. 

We are past those days when the hairdresser picks up a pair of scissors to trim our hair against our wishes. With our suggestion, we now look forward to having those choppy layers textured into our hair.

Modern hairstyles fashion in distinct layering having obvious layers or soft layering with blended layers. 

Textured Vs Layered Hair [Key Differences]

This is another area to clarify because just as you can have textured hair naturally, you can also get a textured haircut. A textured haircut is achieved by trimming off some bulk from particular areas of your hair, giving the bangs a wispy look.

Let’s go on to highlight the differences between textured hair and layered hair.

Textured Hair Layered Hair 
Textured hair suits any hair length whether long or short. Layered hair only suits long hair up to waist length or at least shoulder length. 
Textured hair creates a more natural look like it has just been washed. Layered hair requires a blow dry or extra styling to give it a perfect finish. 
With textured hair, you need not worry about styling your hair because of its informal outlook. With layered hair, you need to spend some time to make it look neat and elegant. 
To style your hair for a textured pattern, you need a razor to cut it. To style your hair to a layered pattern, you need a pair of scissors. 
The layers of textured hair aren’t symmetrical. The parts of layered hair are even and almost perfect. 
You can choose a textured hairstyle if you have straight hair that doesn’t bounce much. Layering is good for you if your hair is wavy and you want to reduce its volume. 
Textured hair isn’t necessarily defined. Layered hair clearly stands out. 
Textured hair has tighter curls or zigzag waves. Layered hair usually has wider curls. 

Which is Better Between Textured Hair and Layered Hair? 

I must say that both textured and layered hairs have their plus sides, so the choice is yours to make according to individual preference and a couple of factors including:

  • Whether you are hoping to make your short neck appear longer: In this situation, rocking layered hair will be better for you than textured hair. 
  • If you want to flaunt your prominent features like your attractive eyes or high cheekbones: Then textured hair is better. 
  • Having straight hair: Textured hairstyle is a better option for you. 
  • Having curly hair: Layered hairstyle is a better choice for you. 
  • If you want to disguise your round face to appear longer: I will advise you to choose a layered hairstyle. 
  • If your hair is up to shoulder length or longer: Then stick to a layered hairstyle to make it more manageable. 
  • Whether you want to look or feel groomed immediately you wake up in the morning from bed: The better option is having your hair textured. 
  • Having ample time to change hairstyles without worrying about spending almost an hour fixing your hair every other day: Go for a layered look. 

The Verdict:

You still don’t know which is better for you between textured hair and layered hair? If you are a working mom or you have a busy schedule, then textured hair is better for you.

Bear in mind that you are not making this choice solely based on your natural hair type or texture, but because you don’t have to spend too much time styling your hair daily. 

However, you might be sacrificing the consideration of your facial features instead of dedicating time to fixing your hair regularly.  However, this doesn’t mean you can’t appear attractive or elegant with textured hair, because you can. 

Another downside to opting for the textured look is that you may have to give up all of your bottom-length hair if your natural mane is very long.

On the other hand, if you can create enough time for styling your hair daily, the layered look is better for you. However, you must first find out if it matches their features and hair type before going on to get it.