Spanish Blonde Hair | Most Popular & Common Hair Colors in Spain

There are several stereotypes about Spain, especially as it concerns what should be the typical Spanish appearance. The widely held notion is that Spaniards all have black hair and dark eyes. But this is far from the truth.

All across Spain, you find regional differences in hair color. From light brown to blonde hair, and even red, there is a changing hair color as you move around Spain.

These days, bleaching and dyeing hair has also become very popular in Spain that you’ll think the country is filled with blonde or burgundy hair color.

So what is the most common hair color in Spain? Let’s find out.

What Is the Most Common Hair Color In Spain?

The vast majority of people in Spain have brown hair ranging from light to dark shades, and some with red tones. You’ll also find some black hair, natural blondes, and redheads. Unlike what many people think, the majority of Spaniards do not have blonde hair. 

However, it is crucial to note that hair colors are regional, although most of the population lives in the south, particularly Andalucia.

So what’s obtainable in the south might not be in the north. Let’s look into the most common hair colors and where you find them.

1. Brown

Brown - Most popular hair color in Spain

Brown hair color is most common in Spain, especially in Andalucia or the Levantine.

Sometimes, it is so dark that people mistake it for black, but when you look closely, perhaps with a microscope, you will find that the hair is just very dark.

You can often find reddish tones or gold hues in some brown hairs.

Two in every four persons have dark brown hair. Generally, you’ll find ranges of brown from light to medium and dark brown.

When you head towards the north or central plateau, you’ll find lighter brown hair than in the south. 

Many people start with light brown hair, and it changes as they age until it becomes darker. It is not uncommon for kids with light brown hair to become adults with dark brown hair.

2. Dark Blonde

Spanish Dark Blonde - Second most popular hair color in Spain

Dark blonde hair is quite common in Spain, especially in the north.

But with the majority of Spaniards having brown hair, dark blonde hair might seem uncommon to some persons.

What’s interesting about dark blondes is that several kids begin their lives having dark blonde hair, but as adults, they have a head full of brown hair.

One in four young school girls is blondish, but you might not find as many as one in four blondish adults.

There is an estimated 13% of Spaniards with natural blonde or red hair. Interestingly, black hair is rare, which is funny because some persons would swear that Spaniards all have black hair.

What Is the Most Hated Hair Color in Spain?

When it comes to hair color, you won’t find much hate. This is probably because of the diversity in region and hair color across the country. So, what might be rare in one region is common in the other and vice versa. Hence, more persons are open-minded towards varying hair colors.

However, if you’re a redhead, you’ll most likely be stared at a lot, and it leaves many people wondering what is on the minds of those who stare.

Even though about 13% of Spaniards have blonde or red hair, redheads still get the stare, especially when they go to regions where their hair color isn’t common.

Redheads have been victims of criticism, discrimination, and stereotypes over the centuries. The media, books, and other forms of entertainment have further promoted these negative stereotypes. 

A few uninformed Spaniards might use the term “el pelirrojo” meaning the redhead in a derogatory manner, and some pregnant women might act territorial when they see redheads. Apart from that, there isn’t much to say for Spaniards hating any hair color. 

Most times, hatred in Spain is less about the hair color and more about the person with the hair color and their ancestry.

Are There Any Blonde Spanish People?

Many persons have asked this question over and again; are there any blonde people in Spain?

It seems like everywhere you go, you meet brown and dark-haired people. So where are all the blondes?

There are very few real blondes in Spain for a fact. If you find many blondes in any city, they are most likely fake blondes. Many women across Spain, and a few men have embraced dying their hair blonde, but that’s all it is- dye.

As for natural blondes in Spain, they are few and the blonde color darkens over time in some cases. It is common to find people who were blond as kids but have dark hair as adults. This is because most blonde hair darkens when people get older.

You might get a glimpse of the blondeness when such people stand under bright light or the sun, but the hair has become too dark to be called blonde without the extra lighting.

Statistics show that 13% of Spain’s population is a mix of red hair and blondes, and most of these blondes are in the northern part. But that isn’t to say that there are no blondes in the south.

 Finally, the few people you find with blonde hair, whether young or old don’t have the fair blondes like you would find in the other parts of the world.

Final Comments:

Now that you know enough about the hair color of Spaniards, you’ll be able to see through movies like Mission Impossible 2 and other media content that promote the stereotype of black-haired and black-eyed Spaniards.

You’ll also be able to understand the diversity in Spain as far as hair color is concerned.

Spain is a unique mix of different civilizations that have interbred and lived in the Iberian Peninsula over several centuries, including the Romans and Greeks from the Mediterranean region, the Visigoths from northern Europe, the Moors from Northern Africa, and the Phoenicians.

There’s a lot to love about the cultural diversity in Spain, and the hair colors are just icing on the cake.