Flat Iron for Synthetic Wigs [Top 5 Picks, Comparison, Pros & Cons]

Having long luscious hair is a dream for many. The dreamy look can be easily attained with synthetic wigs. Synthetic wigs give the look and feel of real hair. These are made out of man-made synthetic fibres derived from plastic.

Due to this reason, synthetic wigs are sensitive to heat and require extra care. While you can’t apply heat to non-heat resistant synthetic wigs, you can always use the best suited flat iron to straighten your heat-resistant synthetic wig.

Choosing a good quality and best suited flat iron is the number one way to style and enhance the longevity of heat-resistant synthetic wigs.

In this detailed guide, we have discussed everything about how to choose the best flat iron for synthetic wigs along with some of the best flat iron recommendations.

List of Top 5 Flat Irons Suitable for Synthetic Wigs from Popular Brands

Guide to Select the Best Flat Iron for Synthetic Wigs

1. The Flat Iron must have Temperature Adjustment Settings

It’s a popular opinion that the hotter the flat iron, the better the results. This is absolutely not true in the case of heat styling synthetic hair wigs.

As already mentioned, synthetic hair wigs are extra sensitive to heat. Using a static flat iron with no temperature adjustment settings forces you to use the highest temperature on sensitive hair strands.

The high heat is not suitable for synthetic hair strands and will end up causing irreversible damage.

Hence, a good quality flat iron with a variable number of temperature adjustment settings will allow you to choose the minimum temperature to straighten the artificial hair strands made out of fibres.

The low heat setting will cancel the damage, maintain the wig health and give you beautiful lustrous hair.

2. A Flat Iron with ceramic plates will save up a lot of damage

A number of different types of flat iron plates are available in the market – ceramic, titanium, tourmaline. However, flat iron with ceramic plates is the number one choice of professionals to straighten and style synthetic hair wigs. 

The protective technology of ceramic plates warms the synthetic hair strands from the inside without causing damage and presents a well-nourished and shiny exterior appearance.

After straightening, it makes the synthetic wig look smooth and healthy. The low temperature is also healthy for not burning the synthetic wig.

It also takes more time than titanium plates to heat up which ensures the synthetic wig is not fried the very second the flat iron touches it.

The ceramic plates also come with even heat distribution technology to provide even heat to synthetic hair strands so a part of hair doesn’t get burnt due to heat spots.

3. Quality over Price

It’s a smart move to invest in a good quality flat iron if you have invested well in a synthetic wig. Cheap rates for a flat iron may look appealing but it is always advised to use only the best quality flat irons for saving the possible damages a cheap flat iron can cause to your synthetic wigs.

Here are the top and most popular flat irons from renowned brands to give synthetic wigs the best ever straightening/heat styling experience.

Top 5 Flat Irons for Synthetic Wigs

1. FURIDEN Professional Flat Iron

Get your hands on this flat iron if you miss all the time wasted during heat styling your synthetic wig. The FURIDEN Professional Flat Iron gets heated in just 15 seconds and maintains the temperature throughout to avoid heat spots.

With 5 different heat settings, this flat iron becomes an irresistible tool to heat style your synthetic wig with.

The minimum temperature of this flat iron is just 250° F which is the best heat setting to start with if you want to style and protect your synthetic wig at the same time. The controllable temperature setting further rises to 320° F, 355° F, 410° F and finally 450° F.

The ceramic heat plates have curved edges to avoid snagging and damaging synthetic hair wigs. The heat plates are balanced and constantly change angles in accordance with your hand movements in order to resist pulling of synthetic hair fibres while straightening them.


  • The Flat Iron is equally efficient in curling synthetic hair wigs as it is in curling it.
  • It comes with a carrying bag, heat resistant gloves and safety lock so you can store and use the flat iron safely wherever you go.


  • May need more than one pass for a curly synthetic wig.

2. HSI Professional Glider | Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

The HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron comes with basically everything you need to straighten or heat style synthetic wigs. The entire package includes high-quality ceramic coated flat iron, heat-resistant gloves, protective argan oil hair treatment and a travel pouch.

The ceramic plates are coated with tourmaline to provide extra protection to synthetic wigs. The ionic technology of the plates gives the synthetic hair strands a smooth appearance.

The flat iron takes very little time to heat up but stays consistent to maintain a stable temperature and provide even heat distribution to leave no heat spots. All these amazing features come at a reasonable and affordable price.

The best feature of the flat iron is its adjustable temperature settings which is a must for styling synthetic wigs.

The HSI flat iron wins in the zone of temperature controlling features because, unlike other flat irons, it offers the lowest temperature of 140° F. The temperature can be adjusted to 450° F but it’s always best to use the minimum heat setting for heat styling synthetic wigs.


  • It is travel friendly with its 110/220 dual voltage which can be used in any part of the world.
  • The exceptional ceramic floating plates of the HSI Flat Iron can be used to straighten, curl as well as to create waves with synthetic wigs. 


  • Lacks auto off feature.

3. REVLON Perfect Straight Smooth Brilliance Ceramic Flat Iron

REVLON is well-known for creating high quality and high-performance tools and REVLON Perfect Straight Smooth Brilliance Flat Iron is one of them.

The tourmaline plate coated with 3x ceramic makes it versatile and gentle for synthetic wigs. The design fits comfortably in hands and can be used by anyone from beginners to experts.

Thanks to the smart color-coded LED digital display, you can be assured of the temperature chosen for straightening or styling sensitive fibres of your synthetic wig.

The digital temperature control comes with 10 different heat settings. Make sure to choose the minimum heat setting to style synthetic wigs and increase the temperature if needed.

With the lowest heat setting of 285° F and maximum temperature of 455° F, this flat iron is a good choice for synthetic wigs. The round edges of the flat iron allow a comfortable experience of straightening, curling and creating waves with the single REVLON tool.


  • The auto off feature automatically shuts off the flat iron after 60 minutes reducing last minute anxiety and danger probabilities.
  • Best for travelers with its dual voltage and handy plate-locking switch which can be used to securely store the flat iron anywhere, anytime. 


  • This Ceramic Flat Iron heats up pretty quickly. It’s important to set the lowest temperature setting to avoid any damage to your synthetic wig.

4. Remington S9500PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron

The Remington S9500PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron is a standalone tool with its pearl infused plates which makes straightening synthetic wigs easier and simpler than ever.

The pearl ceramic technology designed with real crushed pearls and ceramic plates gives your synthetic wig the suitable temperature required to adapt to different hairstyles.

The pearl extracts conditions your hair while the ceramic extracts protect it from heat damage and fights frizz. The combination of ceramic and crushed pearls combine to give a synthetic wig heat styling experience like never before.

The standard unit of plates (1 inch) takes each of your hair strands with ease and straightens it without snagging or pulling. The Flat Iron works as an all-in-one tool giving you the comfort to straighten and curl with the same tool.

With 30 different professional heat settings between 300° F to 450° F, there is no chance you can say no to this Remington Ceramic Flat Iron to care for your synthetic wigs.


  • The flat iron has a superb design. You can check the chosen temperature setting on the LED Digital Display and simple control buttons.
  • It comes with a temperature lock system and 360° swivel cord to amplify comfort.


  • The flat iron lacks dual voltage.

5. Conair Double Ceramic Flat Iron

The double coating of ceramic on the Conair Double Ceramic Flat Iron is responsible for making the tool more durable and offers super-smooth results while heat styling synthetic wigs.

The flat iron glides smoothly through the synthetic hair strands due to its double power of ceramic and also provides protection to the sensitive synthetic fibres derived from plastic.

The plus and minus buttons give you access to increase and decrease the temperature setting based on your preferences.

This Conair flat iron has 5 different heat settings starting from 266° F, 302° F , 338° F, 374° F and ending with 410° F. Your chosen temperature is shown at the LED display screen leaving no space for confusion during flat ironing synthetic wigs.

You can easily make a number of different hairstyles with rounded edges and floating plates. Also, the plates are super long with 4.5 inches in length and 1 inch in width. The sleek yet stylish design affirms a super easy yet amazing experience.


  • It has a handle lock which can be used to store the flat iron safely in your vanity table or your travel bags.
  • It takes only 30 seconds to heat up and provides heat with the same efficiency to all of the synthetic hair strands.


  • For proper functioning, it requires an adapter for outlets other than the USA.

Comparison of above listed Flat Irons for Synthetic Wigs

 FURIDEN Professional Flat IronHSI Professional Flat IronREVLON Perfect Straight Smooth Brilliance Ceramic Flat IronRemington S9500PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat IronConair Double Ceramic Flat Iron
Plate materialCeramicCeramic Tourmaline Ionic PlatesTourmaline plates with 3x ceramic coatingCeramic and crushed pearls infused platesDouble ceramic coating
Number of heat settings5 different heat settings between 250° F to 550° FNumber of heat settings between 140° F to 450° F10 different heat settings between 285° F to 455° F30 heat settings between 300° F to 450° F5 heat settings between 266° to 410° F
Time to heat up15 seconds30 seconds 30 seconds15 seconds
Auto-off featureIt has an auto-off featureIt doesn’t have an auto-off featureIt has an auto-off featureIt has an auto-off featureIt has an auto-off feature
Dual voltageIt is dual voltageIt is dual voltageIt is dual voltageNot dual voltageNot dual voltage

Final Words:

Straightening and heat styling your synthetic wig is a lot easier than you think. Don’t let the fear of getting it messed with stop you from flaunting your perfectly styled and straight synthetic wig look.

You can heat-style and straighten your synthetic wig with comfort and ease. All you need is the perfect flat iron suitable for heat resistant synthetic wigs and you are ready to make all heads turn. Happy heat styling!