How Long Does It Take to Blow Dry Hair? [5 Ways to Blow Dry Hair Faster]

Welcome again to our platform! We see that curiosity on queries related to blow dry has increased recently. Many people wish to switch to blow-drying methods for hair considering the less time they have to complete other chores.

Well, we understand the time deadlines that you have to meet at home or work, and thus, blow drying is the best option to set the hair.

The only concern is how soon this can be done so that the purpose of paying for it is resolved. In this article, we are going to discuss the same and the various ways you enjoy the blow dry effects faster.

How long does it take to blow dry hair?

Blow dry hair at home or salon takes 45 minutes to 2 hours. You can complete the process sooner or later depending on the volume, thickness, products used, and treatment is done before blow dry.

For instance, half head blow dry for long hair takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to blow dry and for a full head blow dry for long hair takes up to 2 hours of blow dry.

The blow dry time may also vary if you have washed, trimmed, colored, or dyed your hair. It is because different hair experts following different treatments, toners, and blow dry methods.

How do you blow dry your hair fast?

Drying hair naturally seems like a challenge on a rainy day or when you are late to work. Thus, blow-dry picked great demand, especially among women.

Long hair takes time in the blow-drying method and if you have shampooed or conditioned your hair, forget about it!

If you are under similar stress, don’t worry; we have ways you can blow dry your hair faster. These ways will help your hair get dry sooner without killing your sleep time by waking up early.

5 Ways to Blow Dry your Hair Faster

1. Shake the hair in its state of bare!

As soon as you finish shampooing and rinsing, shake your hair to release all the excess water. Shaking the water from the hair can help you save time during the blow dry.

The only two steps to remember in this method are shaking and squeezing the hair so that excess water can flow down from your scalp.

2. Use the towel like a shovel

Just like how a shovel works lifts the mud gently from the ground, the towel lifts the water from your hair.

Wrap your wet hair or rub the towel gently on your hair to dry the wetness sooner. You just need a balanced level of wetness for blow dry to work efficiently.  

3. Flip-up your hair in the air

Drying the top may make you blow dry the hair again and may even result in over-dry. You must begin from the bottom.

Flipping your head upside-down and begin blow drying that area first works faster! By the time you flip your head up, the heat released from the blow dryer has evenly dried the upper layers of your hair. So, you need minimal effort for the blow dry hair overall.

4. Use the primer to save the timer

Spray the primer on damp hair before drying your hair. Primer also acts as a protectant and styling tool for blow dry. It helps to prevent hair dryness due to blow dry. Applying primer before blow dry saves much time.

Recommended Primers:

5. Dry in advance without a second chance

Pre-drying is also referred to as rough-drying. Rough-drying is also recommended by most hairstylists to save process time.

Drying in advance also helps to get rid of unwanted moisture in the hair. Begin blow drying the entire head by moving fingers to lift hair up from the scalp. Begin from the roots and reach the end to speed up the blow drying process.

Other than the above ways, make ensure that you use the right tool for blow drying. Understand the features and accessories of your blow dryer well.

Important Precautions before Blow Dry your Hair

Let’s also understand few precautions before blow drying:

  • We advise you to brush your hair 5 times. It is more applicable to thick hair. Brushing helps to keep air cleaner and blow dry for long.
  • One the day when you plan to blow dry, rinse your hair with warm water over cold water. Warm water cleanses the hair deeply by opening the hair cuticles.
  • Shampoo your scalp well so that the settled dirt and oil can be cleaned properly. Choose a shampoo to protect dryness as the excessive heat of blow dry can cause scalp and hair dryness.
  • Condition your hair with a good conditioner. Conditioning the hair helps to detangle the hair, make them smooth, and acts as a nourishing mask before blow dry.
  • Use a heat protectant spray before you blow dry. You know the benefit it adds to blow drying, don’t you? Additionally, it will give an amazing volume to your hair.

Recommended Heat Protectants:

What should I put in my hair before blow drying?

As we just discussed, using a heat protectant before blow dry works. You can also make your hair cream at home by checking few methods online. Applying a heat protectant can help to prevent heat damages to the hair.

We also suggest that you use a good leave-in conditioner or hair cream before the blow dry process.

Once you are done with blow-drying your hair, applying Shea butter or good hair oil (non-greasy) will help seal the moisture.

Recommended Leave-in conditioners:

If you are planning to blow dry your natural hair, here are few things to consider. Some points may be repeated and thus, we have shortened it for you…

Final Comments:

We have shared our best knowledge on how you can effectively and quickly complete the blow dry process with little effort. Use the techniques as we mentioned and ensure that you follow all the aftercare tips too for healthy and shiny hair always.

If you feel there is something more that you wish to discuss blow-dry, book an appointment with your hair expert or visit your nearest salon for the best guidance.