Towel Dried Hair | Is Towel Drying Hair Bad? How to Towel Dry Hair Correctly?

We all have been using a towel to dry our hair since childhood. Many of us are taught in that way, and many of us learn its way around.

But, as we grow up and dig deep into the haircare world, we start asking questions about its proper use. From the right technique to the best material: questions pop up regularly.

This article answers your basic queries about towel-dried hair. So if you want to know more, then this article serves best for you.

What is towel dried hair?

A towel-dried hair is a wet hair (after a shower) dried with a towel only. It is the most common way of drying hair.

The towel absorbs the extra moisture from the hair, leaving it damp. It decreases the time you take to air-dry your hair resulting in quick drying of the hair.

Recently there have been many queries regarding the quality of the towel-dried hair. But it all depends upon the type of towel and technique you use to dry your hair.

So, towel drying is the go-to method to dry the hair until and unless you use it correctly. An improper towel drying method can weaken the hair strand, create split ends and cause frizziness. A detailed method of using proper techniques for towel drying is given below in the article.

What does a hair towel do?

A hair towel absorbs the extra water from the hair after a wash, resulting in damp hair. It basically quickens the air hair drying process. These are best made of microfiber.

Many people confuse a hair towel with a bath towel. Though similar in function, they differ material-wise and the size.

Also, usage of bath towels may be the cause of the damage, split ends, and frizziness of the hair. Due to this, it is essential to use a hair towel instead of a bath towel to dry the hair. 

Here are the few top rated hair towels available online:

Is towel drying hair bad?

Towel drying the hair is not bad as long as you do it right. 

Yes, there are right ways and wrong ways to towel dry your hair. With proper methods, a towel can come in handy. It will soak the excess water and speeds up the drying process. Listed below is the right way of towel drying the hair.

  1. Use a hair towel instead of a bath towel, made of microfiber or even cotton. If not, then a cotton t-shirt can come in handy as well.
  2. Dab or gently squeeze your hair with the towel rather than rubbing the towel on the hair. It will prevent the potential damage and frizziness of the hair.
  3. In case you are wrapping the towel on the hair, make sure to do it gently and for a maximum of 10 to 20 minutes only.

Is towel dried hair damp?

Yes, towel-dried hair is damp. The reason behind this is simple: the towel soaks the excess water from the hair.

After a wash, our hair gets wet, and excess water starts dripping from it. So when we use a towel, it absorbs the excess dripping water, leaving it damp and not dry.

Should I towel dry or air dry my hair? And Why?

There are not many differences between the after results of the towel-dried and air-dried hair. So, one can choose the preferred way to dry their hair depending upon their mood and availability.

However, if you are running out of time then, towel dry is preferred. It can later be followed by air dry or blow dry depending upon the rush.

The reason behind this is simple: the towel absorbs the excess of water and speeds up the drying process.

But, if you want subtle natural waves, then air drying only would be the best choice. For this, you need to gently squeeze the excess water with your hand and leave the hair to air dry.

How to towel dry hair?

The method by which you dry your hair with a towel matters the most. A wrong manner of towel drying the hair can lead to hair damage, split ends formation, and frizziness of the hair. So, listed below are the proper steps to towel dry your hair that gives you the best results.

  • The first step is to gently squeeze the hair with your hand to remove the excess water.
  • Next, you need to carefully part the hair in small sections depending upon your hair thickness and length. You can skip this step if you have thin or short hair. Also, always use your fingers to do the work and never a comb.
  • Now squeeze and dab a section of the hair with the towel. This maneuver will soak out the excess water. Also, absolutely prevent rubbing of the towel to the hair.
  • Once you complete it, dry the other section with the same method. But this time, use a dry part of the towel.
  • Repeat the steps until you dry all of your hair.

You can also wrap the towel in the hair. This benefits mostly thick and curly hair. For this, you can either use a simple hair towel or towels especially made for hair wrap.

Here are the steps for a proper hair towel wrap:

  • First, squeeze the excess water from the hair using your hand.
  • Now bend your head forward and flip your hair so that it hangs in front of your face.
  • Put the towel on the back of your hair so that its base aligns with that of your hairline.
  • Pull the sides of the towel in the center along with the hair and gently twist them together.
  • After you complete it, flip the towel on the top of the head.
  • Finally, leave it for not more than 20 to 30 minutes.

How to towel dry hair fast? – Tips & Techniques

Towel definitely speeds up your hair drying process. But, there are some more tips and techniques that will dry your hair even faster. Here are they listed below.

Get the right towel

A right towel is a key to fast drying. And by a right towel, I mean the one made for hair drying. For this, use a Microfiber towel as it absorbs the water quickly. Also, towel caps or towel turbans work best for quick drying.

Use a hair conditioner

Yes, a conditioner not only moisturizes your hair but also dry the hair faster. It is because it contains silicone. The silicone coats the outer layer of the hair and prevents water from entering. Thus, less water: fast drying. 

Dry the hair out of your bathroom

After you shower, the bathroom usually turns humid. So, this usually slows down your hair-drying process. Therefore dry your hair in a rather cool place like a bedroom.

Dry the roots first

Hair roots take more time to dry than the ends of the hair. Also, the water that drips down the hair root might even wet the already dried hair end. So, with the towel, dry the roots first. 

Is it recommended to towel dry hair before dying?

Yes, it is, and listed below are some solid reasons justifying it.

  1. The damp hair that you get by towel drying will contain relatively less water which prevents the excessive diluting of the dye. Also, damp hair contains enough water molecules to prevent the hair from chemical damage. So either way, it is beneficial.
  2. As dye spreads evenly on damp hair, you will not get a patchy hair color. 
  3. The dye spreads easily due to the damp hair resulting in less product use.
  4. The hair color will turn out even and brilliant as the hair will absorb the dye much better in damp hair.

Final Words

Towel drying is something that everyone includes in their haircare routine. It absorbs the excess water from the hair and gives damp hair, which results in quick drying of the hair. But if used in the wrong manner, it can lead to damage to the hair.

The damage can range from frizziness to split ends formation. So, it is always essential to use it properly to control its damage and maximize its benefits. Also, choosing the best material is essential.