Does Splat Hair Dye Bleed? How Do You Make Splat Hair Dye Stop Bleeding?

We’re quite familiar with bleeding hair dye. You might have even experienced hair dye that bleeds on your skin, into your clothes, and everywhere else.

But how do you know what dyes bleed and the ones that don’t? And what can you do if your dye bleeds?

This post will answer questions about splat hair dye and tell you all you need to know about this dye bleeding. Let’s get into it. 

Does Splat Hair Dye Bleed?

Yes! Splat hair dye bleeds. Sometimes, A LOT!

Splat hair dye bleeds out during the first few washes after you dye your hair. In some instances, it has also been known to bleed when your hair gets wet because of sweat or rain. 

Why Does Splat Hair Dye Keep Bleeding?

There are several reasons responsible for the continued bleeding of splat hair dye. Washing your hair with hot water, exposing your hair to heat, using the wrong shampoo, and washing your hair too often, are some of the popular reasons for that.

First, washing your hair with warm or hot water can cause your dye to always bleed. To avoid this, you must use cold water whenever you wash your hair.

Hot water opens up the hair cuticle and allows a large amount of the hair color to bleed right out of your hair. On the other hand, cold water holds the dye in by closing the cuticles.

If the cuticle isn’t properly sealed at the end of the dyeing process, your hair cannot retain the hair color from your dye.

What you get is that the color will begin to bleed even if you don’t expose it to much water and moisture. So, ensure that the cuticle is closed after the dyeing process.

Also, using a normal shampoo instead of a color-safe shampoo can cause your splat hair dye to bleed. And it isn’t unique to only this hair dye. Using products that aren’t specifically created for dyed hair can cause the dye to fade and run.

Excessive scrubbing, water, and shampooing will negatively affect your splat hair dye and cause it to bleed.

Finally, it is a thing for vibrant color tones like pink, bright red, and violet to bleed more than darker colors.

The reason for this is found in the fact that brighter tones have larger molecules than dark colors, so they don’t penetrate the hair shaft as much as the smaller molecules of dark colors.

How Long Does Splat Hair Dye Bleed?

So, we have established the fact that splat hair dye bleeds, but how long is it going to take for the hair dye to stop bleeding?

It’ll depend on how much of the color is bleeding. If it isn’t bleeding so much, you’ll be fine in 1 or 2 washes. However, if your splat hair dye is bleeding seriously, it might take as much as 3 to 5 washes timed a few days apart before the bleeding stops.

Does it have to take so long? Well, you can try to speed up the process by soaking your hair in shampoo for 20 minutes and then rinsing it off. It will remove the excess dye and carry out a gentle fading treatment to stop the bleeding while saving most of the color.

How Do You Make Splat Hair Dye Stop Bleeding?

What can you do to stop your hair dye from bleeding to avoid discomfort and keep your skin, clothes, and pillows safe? There are a few options available to you.

1. Use A Vinegar Rinse

Use a Vinegar Rinse to make Splat hair dye stop bleeding

A DIY Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinse can prevent your hair from losing more dye to bleeding. You can achieve this once you have vinegar and water.

An ACV rinse is a great solution to terrible hair color bleeding. Due to its acidity, ACV balances your hair’s pH and seals your hair cuticles to avoid further bleeding.

The vinegar rinse also helps to remove dye buildup that might hang onto your hair strands and prevent the cuticle from closing.

Due to the potency of Apple cider vinegar, you’ll need to dilute it with water to avoid resultant hair dryness.

Rinse your hair with a solution of 50/50 vinegar and water once or twice a week. It’ll set the dye, set the dye, and stop the loss of hair dye from bleeding.

2. Use A Color Sealer 

Use a Color Sealer to make Splat hair dye stop bleeding

A color sealer can also help to stop your splat dye from bleeding.

The best time to use a color sealer is immediately after dyeing your hair with splat hair dye because it helps to lock the color in, seal the cuticle layer, and prevent the color from running.

Color sealing creams are supposed to replace the regular conditioner and you can also use them every time you wash your hair. They also make your hair soft and manageable.

After shampooing your hair, spray or massage the color sealer into your hair from the roots down to the ends and leave it for about five minutes before rinsing out with cold water.

3. Use Color-Safe Products 

Use Color-Safe Products to make Splat hair dye stop bleeding

Always use color-safe, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner whenever you wash your hair to avoid excessive color bleeding. Using normal shampoo might make the color bleed more.

All other products you use on your dyed hair should be color-safe, to avoid further color bleeding.

4. Wash Hair Less Frequently

Wash your hair less frequently to stop the bleeding of Splat hair dye

It is also important to take fewer showers and wash your hair less often (perhaps twice a week). You can use a dry shampoo to keep your hair fresh and clean when you’re not washing it. 

Whenever you do wash your hair, rinse it properly using cold water (not cool or warm. The colder the temperature, the better) As we established before, cold water seals the hair cuticle and reduces bleeding.

5. Reduce Heat Exposure

Reduce Heat Exposure to stop Splat hair dye bleeding

If you have been exposing your hair to heat since you dyed it with splat hair dye, reducing or avoiding heat exposure is the first step to solving the bleeding issue.

It is important to avoid exposure to all heat sources, such as blow dryers, flat irons, steam caps, and curling irons once you dye your hair. Heat exposure will cause the cuticles of your hair to open and result in a color bleed. 

If you need to have a steam shower, always use a shower cap to protect your hair from heat. Use natural hair drying and styling methods instead of heat methods. 

Final Words:

Indeed, handling a bleeding hair dye can be stressful and inconvenient. But if you want to enjoy the beautiful colors of splat hair dye, then you can use the instructions in this post to prevent your hair from bleeding or stop any bleeding that occurs.