Straightening Hair Every Day | Possible Effects & Important Tips for Hair Straightening

Straight hair is most women’s dream. Women with straight hair reflect a decent, poised, and calm personality. Most women often prefer straightened hair every day as it makes them feel confident and well-groomed.

If you believe you like them but, you aren’t sure how far you can successfully straighten your hair daily, then you have landed on the right page.

In this article, we shall discuss whether it is safe to straighten hair every day, what are the effects of everyday hair straightening, and the aftercare of hair ironing/straightening.

Ironed hair gives a smooth, sleek, and decent look to your personality. Some women prefer to have these always as straight hair makes the face look slimmer.

The whole personality looks slimmer with ironed hair. So far we have discussed why most women make it a norm to straighten their hair before they leave the house.

However, every good thing comes with a price to pay and the same goes with straight hair too! Continuous exposure to heated straightening machines can make your hair look dry and further damage it for worse.

Before we move to the other main subheadings of hair straightening, let’s consider a few steps that you must be aware of before switching to hair straighteners. These are highly essential to follow regardless of whether you straighten your hair every day or occasionally.

Important factors to consider while straightening hair

1. Get a good quality straightener

If you love the quantity of your hair, then you will have to work on the quality too. Buying a good quality hair straightener can help prevent hair fall. Choose a flat iron that is made of ceramic, titanium, or tourmaline.

Your iron machine must also have different temperature settings. Ask for guidance from your hair expert or the storekeeper. Let them explain to you the features that you must go for that can come in handy for daily use.

2. Use a good heat protector

Heat protection sprays and serums are specially manufactured for flat irons and other heat machines such as blow dryers.

You must choose heat protectors that are made of silicone. We have some products that you may consider in heat protectors.

Recommended Heat Protectors

3. Switch to smoothening shampoos and conditioners:

Daily ironing can make your hair dry and cause breakage. Thus, you may have to consider something smooth in conditioner and shampoo.

For daily or alternate hair washes, choose moisturizer-based shampoos and conditioners that protect your hair from damage caused due to daily ironing. Check out some of the most preferred products for everyday use.

Recommended Smoothening Shampoos and Conditioners

4. Change your everyday hairbrush

If you are keen to iron your hair every day, you will have to change your hairbrush. A typical hairbrush is made of nylon and plastic which creates static.

You must choose boar bristles that help in settling your hair and prevents static attraction. Visit the store to know more about everyday hair brushes.

Recommended Hairbrushes

5. Trim your hair regularly

Regular hair straightening can lead to split ends and hair breakage making it look dull from the ends. You must trim your hair regularly or every three months.

Check with your hair expert how frequently you can get a haircut if you are using iron machines more often.

6. Don’t miss to oil regularly

Oiling hair regularly can save you from a lot of damage. It doesn’t matter how often you color your hair, bleach them, iron them, or use henna as long as you are oiling your hair regularly.

Oils such as coconut, mustard, almond, and olive can moisturize your hair deeply and protect them from all the possible damages from hair transformations such as daily ironing.

7. See a hair expert

Make a habit of visiting your hair expert every three weeks to confirm that you are following all the right methods to have flawless hair quality.

Regular exposure of hair to chemicals and heat-based products can cause various damages.

Visiting a hair expert can help you with precautions, preventions, and treatments advised by them for the level of damage caused to the hair.

How often can you straighten your hair without damaging it?

If you know how to take care of your locks, you can do just fine with daily hair straighteners. However, most hair experts will recommend you stay away from ironing your hair frequently.

Moreover, if your hair has been colored, treated, or been through a lot of chemicals recently, you will have to be extra careful with hair-ironing machines.

The suggested frequency to straighten hair without damaging it is once a week. You can your hair in the same manner if you do not wash it frequently.

Hair iron machines are temporary hair straighteners and so the straight flat hair comes back to its original state after a hair wash.

Also, choosing hair straighteners with adjustable temperature controls would be a wise thing to do.

Adjustable temperatures help you to adjust the heat of the iron rather than exposing the hair to high temperatures every day.

Straightening the hair once a month can save your hair compared to doing so every day. Ironing once a month can allow the hair to fully recover from the damage caused due to the heat.

Other steps on aftercare will also be advised by your hair expert to keep your hair hydrated, moisturized, and healthy.

Possible Effects of Straightening Hair Everyday

We would rather call it side effects! Daily hair straightening can cause negative effects on your hair in many ways.

Moreover, the way we do it at home and the way it is done in the salon make a lot of difference too!

Hairstylists add moisturizers, serums, etc. to the hair and also suggest a hair massage soon after you plan another visit to the salon.

It is because they know the level of side-effects the heated components of the iron machines can cause to the hair.

Doing the same at home can have various side effects as mentioned ahead. Take note of these and be careful of how to prevent the same so that you can enjoy straight and healthy hair for long.

1. Hair Dryness

If you notice the heat releasing from the iron and the smoke along, you will realize how much damage the steam is causing to your hair.

Steam takes away the moisture present in the hair and this is why most hair experts recommend you use shampoos and conditioners with moisturizer.

2. Hair Loss

Exposing hair to extreme heat daily can cause damage to your hair follicles resulting in hair breakage.

If you have weaker roots, it will be worse for your hair. As a result, you will be recommended further hair treatments to restore hair loss.

3. Dull Hair

It is quite natural to believe that when you use too many products and machines on your hair, they lose its texture.

Your hair will tend to look dull and lifeless. You will enjoy having straight hair but, the hair won’t look lively and lustrous.

4. Frizzy Hair

Assuming that straightening the hair can help you get rid of frizz would be foolish. Frequent ironing of the hair can cause severe damage to the hair leading to more frizz that will give you an ugly look after every wash.

5. Split Ends

Split ends happen when too much iron and steam damages the center of the hair. Due to zero moisture that fails to reach the hair tips the hair results in split ends affecting the proper growth of hair.

6. Permanent Hair Loss or Patches

Most women have a misconception that straight and ironed hair will prevent knots and split ends.

However, repeated steam and styling tools kill your follicles sometimes leading to permanent hair loss. Some also notice hair loss in patches.

7. Itching

You must have noticed an itchy scalp and that is because the natural oils needed by your scalp to stay moisturized get dried due to daily ironing. Sometimes, the dryness could be so worse that it could spread to your neck and forehead causing skin dandruff as well.

8. Slow Hair Regrowth

Straightening daily can affect the regrowth of your hair. We will say the same thing that continuous ironing can cause various damages and that includes regrowth. It is because the follicles of your hair will die causing slow regrowth of your hair.

9. Allergies

The iron plates on the hair if used daily can lead to allergic reactions, heat strokes, and skin rashes. Extreme temperatures of heating machines can also cause skin burns on the neck area.

10. Loss of Shine

It is quite natural that too much dryness on hair due to daily ironing can kill the shine of the hair. The hair loses its vibrancy and luster.

All the above may sound scary; don’t worry much, we advise you to reach out to your hair expert and seek appropriate guidance if you notice any of above-listed effects.

How to straighten your hair every day without damaging it?

We have a few tricks that can help you prevent most damages to your hair before you expose them to hair straighteners every day. You need to remember that these are not permanent results and every different texture of hair will accept these differences.

Important Tips while straightening your hair every day without damaging it

  • Applying a good hair protectant before beginning with straightening will help.
  • Even if you insist to iron daily, we suggest you switch to ironing your hair twice a week from daily straightening. Avoid making it an everyday practice to prevent severe damages to hair and scalp.
  • Always use the straightening iron at medium or low temperatures.
  • Avoid ironing your hair when it is wet. The hair is at its weakest stage when wet and thus, ironing may make it breakdown.
  • Every time you wash your hair after straightening, use a smooth conditioner and oil it to restore its moisture. Go for deep conditioning at a salon every two weeks.
  • Prepare homemade hair masks such as yogurt, honey, olive oil, and coconut milk that can help you restore your hair quality and health.
  • Once a week, rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar consisting of the mother. It will bring back its shine making your hair look gorgeous!

Final Words:

We will still conclude that daily hair straightening may or may not affect all. It depends on your hair texture and the chemicals exposed to your hair in form of colors, dyes, masks, and straightening lotions, hair gels, and serums. Thus, we suggest you discuss it with your hair expert before playing with your hair.