How Long Does Straightened Hair Last? [7 Ways to Keep Hair Straight]

Hair straightening is one of the most fascinating things for women. Over the years, straight hair has won the hearts of millions. It is also observed that most requests at salons are for hair straightening. Hair straightening can be of two types, permanent and temporary.

The type and method of straightening decide the duration of straight hair. Other than the type of straightening, the type of iron you use also makes a difference in keeping the hair straight for long.

One of the benefits of temporary straightening is that you don’t have to expose or risk your hair to harsh chemicals. Permanent straightening involves chemicals and a long process of hair straightening.

How long does straightened hair last?

Temporary hair straightening lasts for two to three days maximum whereas permanent straightening will need a re-touch after 6 months.

That means permanent hair straightening will last up to 6 months. The period of straightening could be less or more based on many other factors too.

Factors that Influence the Hair Straightening Duration

Let’s understand some of the common factors responsible for the long or short duration of hair straightening.

1. Texture and type of your hair

Hair texture also decides the duration of hair straightening. For instance, if your hair is curly, the straightening won’t remain for long and may give up easily. On the other side, having silky and fine hair means the straight hair will stay longer.

2. The brand and quality of the iron used

Iron beds play an important role in hair straightening too. We don’t advise you to use a low-quality hair straightener especially when you have curly hair.

Choosing flat irons with ceramic technology is worth it! These won’t damage your hair and give you amazing straightening.

3. Lifestyle followed by you

Sweating and excessive workout sessions won’t let you enjoy temporary hair straightening.

Workout’s release sweat from the skin and scalp leaving the effects of straightening soon. Thus, you may either go for permanent hair straightening or no straightening at all.

7 Ways to keep your hair straight after straightening it

Following the right hair care routine is the key! Regardless of the reason you are stepping outside the house, you must know how to protect and maintain your straightened hair.

There are ways how you can keep your hair straight after using hair straighteners.

1. Pick the right type of hair products

The type of shampoo and conditioner you use after straightening is essential to know. Smoothing and nourishing shampoos help to achieve straight hair for long.

You may also choose conditioners that contain natural ingredients such as aloe vera. Stay away from products that contain artificial substances and parabens.

Recommended shampoo and conditioners:

2. Understand the hair drying process

Drying the hair in the right way is as essential as washing hair. You must not let the frizz spoil your straightened hair. Following the below tips will help to dry hair rightly:

  • Wrap your wet hair in a micro-fiber towel instead of rubbing it harshly. Rubbing and twisting hair give chances to frizz that won’t let your hair stand straight.
  • Move around your blow dryer or hair dryer constantly instead of focusing on a particular one. It helps to keep the frizz away.
  • Always use a large-toothed comb or brush to comb your hair.
  • Avoid using a blow dryer at a hot temperature to prevent frizz.
  • When you use straightening products, use the iron on dry hair.

3. Follow the instructions on hair straightening

If you are straightening your hair from a salon, follow the instructions provided by your hairstylist. Avoiding the post-care tips and maintenance will only make it frizzy and damaged rather straight and silky.

If you have any confusion about your hair care post straightening, you can always reach out to your hair expert or visit a salon.

4. Choose the right oils

Straighteners involve exposure to heat and extreme temperatures making hair dry, dull, and brittle. Using natural hair oils like argan oil or a heat protectant before straightening can help you to let the hair set for a little longer.

Recommended Oils:

5. Use a good serum

After you are done with hair straightening you must apply a good serum to keep your hair set and tidy. Serums are also used as a styling agent to sustain shine and smoothness of hair post straightening.

Recommended hair serums:

6. Pick the right hairspray

To keep hair straight throughout the day despite stepping out under the sun or at the beach, you must use a good hair spray.

Hair sprays don’t make your hair look sticky and help to fight back the frizz. These can be used on any type of hair after you are done with straightening.

7. Buy the right hair products

Lastly, choosing the right hair products matter in keeping the hair straightening for long. For instance, use loose hair bands to tie ponytails, buy a wide-toothed comb, and carry an umbrella to protect your straightened hair from any weather conditions.

5 Tips Stress-Free Sleep with Straightened Hair

You must follow certain tips to protect your hair so that you can sleep stress-free only to wake up with the same straight hair. Let’s find out more about these tips:

1. Use a serum once again at night time

The serum acts as thermal protection and helps the straightening to stay longer. The serum also helps to prevent heat and moisture and lets you sleep peacefully.

Check out soothing serum options as well as this help further to condition your hair and keep them from frizzing.

2. Pin it up while you get in bed and cover your head

Pinning the hair helps them to stay intact without making it bouncy. You can comb your hair, divide them into sections, wrap them, and pin them.

Try building layers to secure straightening. Avoid tying and pinning your hair too tightly else they will form curls on those sides and may also go weak.

3. Stay away from heat and hot temperature while sleeping

Heating can further dry your hair and damage the hair strands. Using a heat protectant spray helps before you blow-dry your straightened hair.

Exposing the hair to a lot of heat will make the hair dry, brittle, cause split ends, and fall too. If you intend to use a blow dryer, ensure that it is set at on low temperature.

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4. Avoid humid environment to prevent frizzy hair

Humid climate and environment make hair frizzy regardless of how much you care. However, neglecting hair care will only make it worse. To avoid heat, humid, and damp environments, using an umbrella would be wise.

Try to be in a cool environment, switch on the air conditioner, be under the fan, and avoid sweat at all times if you wish for straight hair for long.

5. Select the right bed sheets for no messy hair

Choosing the right bed sheets and pillowcases is essential. Your delicate and just straightened hair needs something soft and smooth to sleep on.  

The fibers in the sheet hold the hair strands and ruin the straight effect. You need a silky sheet and cover to reduce friction that can keep your hair straight for long.

What should you apply after straightening my hair?

After hair straightening, most hair experts will advise you to apply the serum. That’s exactly what they will do if you get your hair straightened at a salon as well.

You can even choose a good hair softener as an alternative. Introducing some vitamins in your routine will also help you have healthy hair.

You need to witch to sulfate-free hair products post straightening. Other than applying the serum or hair softener, you are also advised to follow a good diet, healthy lifestyle, and regular exercise for healthy straight hair.

Chemical hair straightening could be harsh on hair and so a good diet and vitamins help in strengthening the tresses.  

Can you shower after straightening your hair?

You can certainly shower post- straightening. However, you need to remember that temporary hair straightening will return its natural texture such as curly, frizzy, wavy, or straight. Thus, we suggest that you enjoy the straight hair looks for up to a week before you shampoo.

If you have chosen permanent hair straightening, you need to take hot shower baths. It is due to the dryness the chemical treatments cause to you. Don’t forget to use shampoo and conditioner that is meant only for straight hair.

Wait for two to three days post straightening before you go for a hair wash. You also need to follow the instructions strictly as given by your hair expert.

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Final Comments:

If straight hair for a specific occasion is your target, then temporary hair straightening is a wiser option. But, it can take care of your hair properly, you may go for permanent hair straightening too.

Fix an appointment for a second opinion with your hair expert and let him/her advise you of a proper option in hair straightening after examining your hair.