Hand Tied Wigs – Complete Guide | What Does A 100% Hand Tied Wig Mean?

When you want to go shopping for a wig, there are many features to consider, and many caps to choose from, and one of the most important features to consider is the cap construction,

The cap construction is what determines how the wigs will look, how the hair can be styled, and several other details. 

Hand tied wigs have one of the nicest cap constructions and are loved by many ladies, even though they are quite expensive.

Let’s discover all you need to know about hand-tied wigs, beginning with what they really are.

What Is a Hand Tied Wig?

A hand tied wig is a wig that has some or all of its strands knotted into a soft cap by hand. The hand-knotted areas allow the hair to move in all directions freely to give a realistic and natural movement and style. 

Hand-tied wigs are often made using a tiny hook-like tool used to pull each strand of hair through the mesh cap one after another.

While full or 100% hand tied wigs have every strand of hair or individually hand-knotted into the soft, mesh cap, half hand-tied wigs will only be hand-knotted in specific parts of the cap, mostly the part and hairline area.

 The process of making hand tied wigs is quite intense and can span from 50 to 120 hours, depending on the style of hair and hair length.

Hand tied wigs can be made from either synthetic or human hair, although you’ll find more hand tied human hair than synthetic. 

Hand tied wig-making ensures that the wigs come out looking more natural, versatile, and lighter. Hand tied wigs can be styled in unlimited ways, including up-dos and ponytails.

There are several advantages to hand tied wigs, and this is why they are famous amongst women. Let’s explore some of these advantages.

Are Hand Tied Wigs Better? [Advantage Of A Hand-Tied Wigs]

Hand-made wigs have several advantages that set them apart from other forms of wigs. Let’s discover them below

1. Appearance

The first and most loved advantage of hand tied lace wigs is that they are so discrete that people around you cannot tell that you have a wig on. Some people can even run their hands through your hair and think it is your natural hair. 

Because hand-tied wigs don’t have wefts, they look like your real hair, even up close.

Hand tied wigs are often lower in density than their machine-made counterparts, but that is not a disadvantage because the low density helps to create a realistic look like it was your real scalp and your actual hair fullness.

2. Movement

Hand tied wigs provide the most natural hair movement you can get from any wig type, as well as the freedom to part and style your hair anyhow you want. While there are many options with half-hand-tied wigs, you have unlimited options with a100% hand tied wig. 

3. Comfortable and lightweight

Another important advantage of hand tied wigs is the comfort they offer. Because they are free of wefts or seams, they are lightweight and soft.

They are also made from comfortable and lightweight caps that prevent heat, allow the wearer to feel comfortable, and enjoy softness while carrying a wig on their heads.

The soft mesh cap is perfect for day-to-day wear as the innovative cap design makes the wig cooler than other cap constructions.

However, for the ultimate comfort, you need a wig that has the entire body hand-tied, which people call a 100% hand-tied wig.

People who have suffered hair loss should opt for hand tied wigs because they are very natural, and soft, and will not irritate your scalp.

What Does A 100% Hand Tied Wig Mean?

If you have been paying attention, we have mentioned 100% tied wigs in the earlier paragraphs. Let’s talk about them for a minute.

100% Hand tied Wigs are wigs that have each strand of hair sewn individually on the entire mesh cap surface employing a hand-knotting technique. 

Unlike a half or partial hand tied wig, a 100% or full hand-tied wig has all strands knotted by hand onto the base, thereby creating a natural appearance, smooth movement in all directions, and unlimited styling options.

A 100% hand tied wig has a lighter overall density that makes the wig lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear.

100% hand-tied wigs are made on the softest and most comfortable cap that is beneficial for women with sensitive scalp and those who have suffered hair loss.

Another bonus of the 100% hand tied wig is that the mesh cap material provides a 4-way stretch that is comfortable and feels just like a headscarf or cover.

 However, we must note that a 100% hand-tied wig takes the longest time to construct, and is, therefore, the most expensive option out there.

Hand Tied Wig Vs Lace Front

Apart from hand tied wigs, one wig that is quite popular amongst women is lace front wigs. This is because the lace wig has human or synthetic hair tied to a sheer lace base by hand, and the lace goes over the scalp to create a natural scalp and part area. Women like how the frontal area makes the wig look natural, at least in front.

However, hand-tied wigs offer much more than lace front wigs because the body of the wig also gets hand-tied. So how do these two unique wigs compare to each other? Let’s find out.

1. Construction process

The primary difference between a hand tied wig and a lace front wig is the cap construction. While a hand tied wig is made primarily from a soft mesh cap with all individual strands tied to the cap by hand, lace front wigs are often machine-made, with only the front of the cap made with lace and hand-knotted. 

The construction process for hand-tied wigs is more tedious and could take between 50 and120 hours of skilled work for a single wig, which translates to a more expensive price.

On the other hand, most lace front wigs are mass-produced and machine-made, making them by far more affordable. 

2. Appearance and feel

Both lace front and hand tied wigs are natural-looking, at least compared to other wig types out there. However, hand-tied lace wigs feel more natural than lace front wigs, because they feel exactly like your natural head of hair and are just as light. 

We must not discredit the fact that lace front wigs also offer a realistic look around the hairline areas as the lace creates an appearance of hair growing directly out of the scalp. However, the natural look is not replicated throughout the wig.

Hand-tied wigs are so discrete that people can look at the wearer from a close range and still not discover that they have a wig on.

They are free of stitches, wefts, or cloth, and simply have a comfortable mesh cap covering the head. On the other hand, lace front wigs have wefts and can also be obvious when a person looks closely.

3. Comfort

When it comes to comfort, hand tied wigs trump lace front wigs, which is why they are recommended for cancer patients, people with thinning hair, and those with sensitive scalps.

Due to their heavier cloth and machine sewing process, lace front wigs can add the much-needed volume to hair, but this volume comes with less comfort and more heat, so many women would sacrifice added volume for comfort.

The mesh cap used to make hand-tied wigs have dozens of tiny holes that improve breathability and make it more comfortable for the wearer. On the other hand, lace front wigs are sewn onto thicker cloth that is less breathable.

Also, hand tied wigs have caps that stretch better over the head, which improves comfort. Lace front wigs are not able to stretch the same way because they are made from a heavier material which could sometimes squeeze against your head and reduce comfort.

4. Styling Versatility

When it comes to styling versatility, lace front wigs do not compare to hand-tied wigs because they are limited in styling options.

For example, the wefts in lace front wigs often make it difficult or impossible to style your hair in some directions, which means you cannot choose to part your wig wherever you like. 

Lace front wigs are also restricted in the areas of up-dos and ponytails because there is no lace at the back, which makes it unnatural to pack your hair up. 

On the other hand, hand tied wigs have all the strands hanging directly from the scalp, just like your natural hair, which means you can part the hair anywhere and style it anyhow you want.

From ponytails to up-dos, side braids, twists, cornrows, and the like, hand-tied wigs have the versatility to suit any part or style and look natural.

Do Hand Tied Wigs Last Longer?

Yes, they do, and it is easy to tell why!

Hand tied wigs last longer than the average wig, whether synthetic or human hair. The construction process that entails knotting the strands individually is what makes for the longer lifespan of the wig.

Singular strand knotting means every strand of hair will stay attached to the cap longer than machine-sewn wigs that can shred, loosen, or break faster.

Hand-tied wigs don’t shed or thin out as much as other wig types, making them last longer. The singular knotting process also ensures that the wig has a reliable structure that can withstand several activities, including brushing and washing better without giving way. 

Conclusively, hand-tied wigs last longer, and they can withstand everyday use better than many machine-made wigs.

Different Types of Hand Tied Wigs – Top 3 Picks

#TypeBest Hand Tied Wigs
1Hand tied human hair wigs1. The Good Life Wig 100% Remy Human Hair Hand-Tied 
2. Straight Full lace Wigs Burgundy 99J Color
3. Pre-Plucked #613 Blonde Straight Full Lace Human Hair Wigs  
2Hand tied lace wigs1. Outre HD Lace Front Wig Perfect Hairline Fully Hand-Tied 13X6 Lace Wig
2. K’ryssma #350 Body Wave Half Hand Tied Lace Front Wigs
3. Outre Perfect Hairline Faux Scalp 13×6 Fully Hand Tied Lace Wig HD Transparent lace  
3Hand tied synthetic wigs1. Wigoddess Orange Natural Straight Heat Resistant Synthetic Lace Front Hand Tied Wigs
2. BLUPLE Blonde Long Straight Half Hand Tied Synthetic Hair
3. HAIRCUBE Ash Blonde Bob Wig Short Hair Side Parting Wig Hand-Tied Hairline  
4Hand tied monofilament wigs1. Angie Renau Exclusive Long Remy Human Hair Lace Front Monofilament Hand Tied Wig
2. EasiPart French 12″ Color 4/33 – Jon Renau Wigs Remy Human Hair Topper Women’s Hand Tied
3. Cara Wig Remy Human Hair French Knotting Hand Tied Shoulder Length Bob  

Final Words:

Based on all the factors and features we have discussed above, it is easy to see why hand tied wigs are a big deal. No wig spells comfort, natural appearance, and styling versatility like hand-tied wigs. 

Although we cannot ignore the fact that hand-tied wigs, especially 100% hand tied wigs are expensive, we believe that the longevity and diversity the wig offers make up for the cost.

Check out the different types of hand-tied wigs today and discover something that suits your needs and budget.