Fading Red Hair Color | Different Techniques to Fade Red Hair Dye Color

Some hair colors never go out of style; red hair color is a good example. Red color dyes transform your looks completely. However, some people may just wish to try it and remove it after some time and some wish to exchange it with a different color. In this article, we shall look at the various ways you can fade red hair dye color.

Before you switch to trying out the methods of fading out red hair dyes you must know that these methods may vary as per the hair color and shade used.

Thus, it would be wise to get your hair shade confirmed by your hairstylist. Whether you dye pink, red, or orange hair tones, the methods for removing these shades are almost the same.

How to fade red hair dye color?

All the hair dyes fade with time. But, if you wish to do it on your own at home, you will need a good knowledge of color lifting techniques.

There are tricks to fade out or balance unwanted tones of red while washing your hair. Some hairstylists recommend adding a few drops of green or blue food coloring with the shampoo so that your hair gives you slight orange tones instead of dark red brunette to make it look faded.

The above tip will not remove the red hair dye but, will only balance or fade out the dark red strands giving a perfect balance of orange and red tone. You must shampoo followed by a conditioner to protect your hair color from totally shedding off.

Switching to different shades of red dye could be challenging unless you are a pro. Leave this task to your hairstylist. It should be done by someone experienced who has done various hair locks before.

Four Methods to Fade Red Hair Dye Color

1. The Salerm color reverse method

This method is also called a color stripper method. It is one of the recommended alternatives to bleach. But, you need to remember that Salerm works only on colored red hair dyes. If you have natural red hair color, this method will not work.

Following are the steps to refer to:

  • Take the color reverse formula in the ratio of 1+2
  • Use a hairbrush to mix thoroughly, until smooth and even
  • Apply it directly to dry hair (avoid washing).
  • Leave the mixture on the hair for about 20 minutes
  • Rinse with shampoo

Option: To remove any unwanted chemicals from hair, you may also apply a cream developer in a ratio of 1:1 with water (developer and water). Leave it for 5 minutes on the hair and rinse with water.

*Note: The Salerm method smells awful. Thus, you will have to be prepared and use a mildly scented conditioner post the method.

2. Lightening Naturally with Baking Soda

Once again, the method will also run successfully on dyed red hair shade and not natural red hair. Although many still prefer to visit the salon to fade their red dyes, this can be tried out too at home if you believe in DIYs.

Here are the steps to refer to:

  • Take a few tablespoons of baking soda
  • Add little water to form a thick paste (you may also mix baking soda with shampoo)
  • Apply shampoo mixture or water mixture paste on the hair and leave it for a few minutes
  • Rinse under a running shower
  • You will notice red hair turning lighter
  • You may have to repeat the method with every hair wash for few times until you are satisfied with the faded hair tone

3. Bleach method

Bleach is another color stripper method to remove unwanted red shades from hair. If you are wise enough to use this method, you can remove as much dark red shade as you can.

The bleach method works wonders on natural red hair too so for those natural red cherry heads; this is the right trick to work!

Steps to be followed:

  • Gather bleach powder or cream and Hydrogen peroxide
  • Mix 30 ml hydrogen peroxide into bleach powder or cream   (Use hand gloves and dye brush for mixing)
  • Begin applying the bleach mixture from the center of the hair reaching to the tips and then reaching to the roots. (Do not apply the mixture on the scalp or do not even massage the scalp with the mixture.)
  • The roots will begin to lighten at first thus you must reach the roots at the last.
  • You cannot leave your hair unattended now as bleach will continue to lighten the hair. Thus, you may have to keep an eye on the same.
  • Check on the bleach shade every 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Wash it off in 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Wait for at least 1 to 2 weeks before you go for another bleach session.

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4. Chemical removal method

Other than the DIY methods, chemical removal or fading out is another way to look for your red hair. Unwanted red tones on the hair can be faded with the support of a chemical color remover with just one treatment.

However, for darker red shades, you may have to see your hair expert for few more times until your desired red tone has faded out.

We do not recommend the above method to be done as a DIY and thus, we refrain from explaining the method. Certain methods are best followed or practiced by trained professionals only before you lose the entire red hair shade.

How to fade off hair dye from red to blonde?

Toning is one method to look at if you have decided to go blonde from red. However, different tones will have different results depending on your hair quality.

So, you may show some recommended ones to your hair expert. Tones are considered to be deposit dyes that are designed to remove or fade unwanted tones of hair color.

In simple terms, these toners perform the role of a semi-translucent hair layer that ads filter to a red hair shade. There are various toners to remove different hair shades from the hair dyes. For instance, for red, orange, and brassy hair looks, your hairstylist will use purple toner on you.

A toner is usually applied just after bleaching the hair without jumping to the step of conditioning the hair. We don’t wish to waste your purpose of coming to this article by discussing the various other toners for different hair shades. So, the above example fits best for red or orange hair dyes.

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Final Words:

Book an appointment with your hairstylist and ask him to suggest which method you must go for your red hair shade. You may also share with us your comments on red hair shades and what method helped you the best to fade out the same. Be sure to take breaks between every method to give a breather to your hair. All the best with the results!