Best Bob Wigs for Black Women | Comparison of Top 5 Bob Wigs

Bob wigs are some of the most famous wigs in the women’s world. They have been around for decades and continue to be in vogue with new styles and types being developed every day.

These wigs are loved by many because they are designed to suit women with all face shapes and sizes. They also come in refreshing colors and styles.

If you’re a black woman looking to enter or further explore bob wigs, this post will introduce you to the bob wigs that are best suitable for black women. You’ll also see some of the best bob wigs for black women that you can buy online. 

Top 5 Bob Wigs for Black Women

  1. Nnzes Short Wavy Wig with Bangs Black Mixed Brown
  2. Vigorous Short Bob Wigs for Black Women Synthetic Lace Front Wig
  3. Swetcurly  Lace Front Glueless Synthetic Wigs 
  4. Short Bob Wigs With Bangs Human Hair wigs For Black Women
  5. Glueless Short Bob Human Hair Lace Front Wigs for Black Women

What Type of Bob Wigs Are Best Suitable for Black Women?

Now there are countless types of bob wigs out there, but most of those wigs are made for certain people in mind. This simply means that while some wigs might be perfect on one person, they might not suit the other as much.

That’s why you need a guide to the most suitable wigs for black women, and that’s what we’ll be exploring right now!

1. Full fringe bob wigs

1. Full fringe bob wigs for black women

Full fringe bob wigs are very flattering on black women and deliver a certain fullness to the face while covering the forehead and allowing the other beautiful features of the face to stand out.

The fringe could be long enough to cover your brows and stop right above your eyes, or it could be shorter and stop above your eyebrows.

Full fringe bob wigs come in several lengths, with the short ones creating a rounder facial appearance, and the longer ones adding length to the wearer’s face.

Black women can enjoy full fringe bob wigs in different colors, beginning with natural black that suits black women perfectly. Colors like wine, brown, purple, and gold are also perfect for black women.

2. Braided bob wigs

2. Braided bob wigs for black women

Do you know that you can rock a braided bob wig, and not just the regular wigs that we’re used to?

Yes, black women can explore the unique braided bob wigs that come in black and brown and many other colors.

These wigs are made from weave and attachment fibers and then sewn to a wig cap that you can wear just like the other wigs.

Welcome to the new world where braids no longer have to be attached to your hair but can now be taken off and worn at any time.

Braided bobs don’t need to be styled like you would other wigs, so you can set aside your styling gels, curlers, and stretchers, and just make do with some hair spray for maintenance.

3. Side bangs bob wigs 

3. Side bangs bob wigs for black women

Side bangs are a beautiful alternative to full fringe wigs for black women. As the name implies, these bangs either go to the left or right, leaving the other side of your forehead open while one side is covered by the bangs.

Some bob wigs are made in a way that you can decide which side you want the bangs to go during your styling process.

Whether for short 8-inch bobs, or longer 14-inch bobs, side bangs create a unique appearance that suits black women of all ages and face shapes.

4. Straight bob wigs 

4. Straight bob wigs for black women

Straight bob wigs are great for black women, and they come in several styles. They can have center parts, side parts, lace fronts, and even fringes and bangs.

Straight bob wigs can be made with the synthetic or human hair fiber, and they can be styled in many ways. You can do some curling, perming, or wavy styling, especially if the wig is made of human hair fiber. 

Straight bob wigs add extra length to the wearer’s face and can either be long or short, depending on your preference. 

There’s no limit to the color variations of straight bob wigs, but the most popular colors for black women such as black, brown, wine, gold, or a mix of these colors.

5.  Wavy/curly bob wigs 

5. Wavy and curly bob wigs for black woman

Curly and wavy bob wigs are another unique option that looks great on black women. These bob wigs are made from human hair or synthetic materials that have already been curled, many of which cannot be straightened, depending on the hair material.

These wigs are unique compared to straight wigs and also come in several lengths and colors. If you want something different from the norm, a curly or wavy bob wig is available for trial.

They also come in several colors, with black and a mixture of black and brown being the two most common colors for black women. 

Best Bob Wig for Black Women – Top 5 Picks

Now that you know the types of wigs that flatter you as a black woman, let’s look at our compilation of the 5 best wigs for you. All these wigs are available online and are designed with black women in mind.

1. Glueless Short Bob Human Hair Lace Front Wigs for Black Women

This Beauty Queen human hair wig is made from 100% Unprocessed Brazilian Human Hair and comes in natural black color. It is 12 inches in length and weighs 200g.

It is a straight, short, lace front 4×4 Closure wig with a Free Part Natural Hairline and baby hair.

The 150% Density Human Hair wig has a comfortable medium size (22-22.5inch) cap that comes in the color brown. The wig has adjustable straps to suit every head size and 4 combs to hold the wig firmly to the head.


  • It has minimum shedding and no tangling
  • This wig can be bleached, curled, or dyed without damage
  • Styling and redesigning is possible


  • Some customer reviews say the tips of the wig are thin, compared to the density, but several other reviews negate that claim.

2. Short Bob Wigs with Bangs Human Hair wigs For Black Women

G FENASH is the producer of this 100% Unprocessed Brazilian Human Hair None Lace wig.

The 8-inch-long bob wig comes in natural black and weighs between 130 and 150 grams. It is a 130% density no-lace wig that comes with bangs in front.

This machine-made wig has a comfortable and breathable average-sized cap (22-22.5inch), alongside combs and adjustable straps to fit different head sizes and attach the wig to the wearer’s head firmly.


  • Can be dyed, curled, and permed freely without dangerous effects. 
  • Tangle and shedding-free


  • The bangs have limited styling options, although you can achieve minimum styling.

3. Swetcurly  Lace Front Glueless Synthetic Wigs 

This Swetcurly 14-inch wig is made of 100% Unprocessed KANEKALON Synthetic material

It is a loose curly 180% Density wig that comes in natural black, has a pre-plucked natural hairline, with baby hair already laid out.

It is a Lace Front wig made with Medium Brown Swiss Lace that’s natural-looking and comfortable on the skin. It is a Half Hand Tied Lace Front Wig that comes with 3.5 inches Parting area in Front, making it possible to explore flexible parting.

The wig has a medium cap size (22.5inch) and also comes with adjustable straps to suit all head sizes.

This Swetcurly wig has combs inside the wig to achieve a firm hold when you put on the wig.


  • Pre-plucked natural hairline and baby hair.
  • A free part that supports multiple parting options in front.
  • Tangle-Free and minimal Shedding.


4. Vigorous Short Bob Wigs for Black Women Synthetic Lace Front Wig

This short bob wig is a product of the Vigorous brand and comes in black color mixed with some brown strands in front.

The wig weighs 208 grams and is 12-inch long. It is a middle part synthetic with a partial hand-knitted range hairline and a T lace front that delivers a realistic and natural look.

This wig is made of a breathable Swiss cap and has an average cap size of 22 inches. It comes with adjustable straps at the back and has combs at the sides and back of the cap for a firm hold and comfort.


  • Unique color and styling
  • Semi-hand knitted hairline for a natural appearance and styling


  • Cannot handle extreme heat styling.
  • Shiny/unnatural wig appearance, but can be solved with baby powder or dry shampoo.

5. Nnzes Short Wavy Wig with Bangs Black Mixed Brown

This Nnzes bob wig comes in a mixture of black and brown with black-only bangs. It is a no-lace wavy wig made of synthetic material. It has a length of 14 inches and a weight of 222 grams.

The wig is made of breathable caps with open wefts for ventilation. The cap has an average size that ranges between 21.5 and 22 inches.

The Ear to Ear measurement ranges between 13.5 and13.75 inches, while it has a Front to Back measurement of between 14 and 14.5 inches, which is adequate for the average black woman.

The cap also has adjustable straps for comfortable adjustments to suit all head sizes.


  • Full bangs that can be enjoyed as they are or styled to look scanty.
  • Comfortable and soft wig feel, according to customer reviews.


  • Restrictive styling of the entire wig.
  • Synthetic material that cannot handle much or continuous heat styling.

Comparison of Above Listed Bob Wigs for Black Women

Bob Wig BrandLengthWeightHair TypeColorMaterial
Nnzes14 inches222 gramsWavyBlack & BrownSynthetic
Vigorous12 inches208 gramsStraightBlack & Brown mixSynthetic
Swetcurly14 inches249 gramsLoose curlyBlackSynthetic
G FENASH8 inches130-150 gramsStraightBlackHuman hair
Beauty Queen12 inches200 gramsStraightBlackHuman hair

Final Words:

Bob wigs continue to be one of the most beautiful wigs for black women, and they have so many style variations that ensure that there’s something for every black woman.

Now that you know what types of bob wigs are great for black women, feel free to explore and find out which bob wig suits you. Rest assured that bob wigs never go out of style, so you can enjoy the beautiful and ageless appearance they deliver for a very long time!