Is It Effective To Use Manic Panic Toner On Orange Hair? [Suitable Manic Panic Toners]

Orange is either liked or disliked by many. If you have specifically colored your hair orange then you don’t have to read this article; however; if your golden shades have suddenly turned brassy or orange, then it needs a fix.

The bleaching sessions could be disturbing too as in most cases; the beaching process will leave back uneven and patchy orange shades that would look irritating. For toning the right shade of orange, you would need the right magic toner.

In this article, we shall discuss the various concerns and questions shared by people on the various toners for orange hair. More importantly, is it effective to use Manic Panic Toners on Orange Hair, and which Manic Panic Toners are more effective on Orange hair?

Imagine you have desired for a lovely shade of blonde and one fine day you wake up with brassy orange tones instead; that’s frustrating, isn’t it? We agree it is! Don’t worry; we will help you bring back your color tones with the safest methods.

Most of the time, orange or brassy looks are the result of bleaching very dark hair. A toner can help you neutralize the orange tones to make it look gorgeous and desirable again. There are ways of using toners on orange hair that we shall discuss ahead.

Which Manic Panic Toners are Suitable for Orange Hair?

We recommend the following manic panic toners for different orange shades of hair:

Do toners work on orange hair?

Toners have been tried and tested by many people who are frustrated with those orange looks and wanted to settle their tones.

Toners have helped people in neutralizing unwanted orange shades to reveal back your blonde shine or light brown shade. Toners are usually used to tone down the orange hair color to light brown.

The only thing that you have to be careful about is what toner to use on the orange hair color to get back the brown.

Sometimes, the reason for a bit of orange on the hair tone could be that you did not use the dye or bleach properly. Under such cases, just the toner won’t work and you may have to re-color your hair.

Few things that can are tried and tested to neutralize the orange tones after bad bleaching are:

  • Toners to get rid of orange or brassy hair tones and get the blonde shade
  • Blue hair toners to remove the unwanted brassy shades
  • Hair color toners to eliminate the bright orange shades and get the blonde
  • Box Dyes for fixing orange hair
  • Blue Shampoos
  • Apple Cider Vinegar

What toner works best for orange hair?

Before you understand the brands of toners and the type of toner that works the best for orange hair, you must first know the neutralizing tone that will go as per the current tone of your hair.

The below three scenarios are the most commonly referred to. Different hair textures react to bleaching differently and result in different orange tones.

Some common orange tones of bleaching are yellow (very light orange), dark orange (orange), & red (brassy orange). We have also stated the tone that will help you to choose a toner to neutralize these orange hair shades accordingly.

Current Tone (unwanted)Neutralizing Tone
Yellow tonesViolet
Orange tonesBlue
Red tonesGreen

Blue-based dyes are usually the most recommended to balance the dark or proper orange tones. However, the results that you will get will be light brown color.

Remember, this is just the toning result; you won’t get the desired blonde you have dreamt of. The toning is worth the damage done.

Is it effective to use manic panic toner on orange hair?

You can certainly use a manic panic toner on orange hair. Thus, the answer is yes in most cases with orange shades. Although there are alternatives to toners and some people use hair colors/dyes to neutralize their bleached hair, most hair experts still add toners to the hair dye as well.

For instance, if you partially use a blue color dye with a Manic Panic toner, that will work fine too! Bad bleach that has resulted in more yellow tones may need a purple toner to neutralize the yellow tones as we shared earlier.

People have used ultraviolet manic panic followed by a toning shampoo and it has worked just fine! Similarly, to tone orange pigment you may need a blue manic panic. However, the decision of either choosing a color or a manic panic is entirely up to you.

We have already discussed that the results, in either case, will not be as you dream, but you can always go for a re-color in the future.

Most Suitable Manic Panic Toners on Orange Hair

Manic Panic toners are magic toners for those who have faced unsuccessful results of bleaching. If your bleaching goes wrong, you can regain the light brown color through a good toner.

We have already shared some of the most preferred Manic Panic Toners as per different shades of orange tones.

Now, let’s look at how these can help neutralize the orange tones post-bleaching and get you good hair shades almost as close to what you dreamt.

Based on our above recommendations, let’s discuss some of the best Manic Panic toners in detail for you to understand these products better:

1. Manic Panic Toners for Brassy Yellow Orange Hair

The virgin snow Manic Panic toners are perfect for the brassy yellow-orange results post-bleaching. These are specifically designed to eliminate the brassy tones on the lightest level 10 blonde.

The color has a blue-tinted toner and is meant for blondes. If you use them every few weeks, you will continue with gorgeous blonde strands.

The toner also acts as a deep conditioning mask to dye hair. Just follow the instructions in the Manic Panic kit and you will do just fine.

2. Manic Panic for Unwanted Yellowish Orange Tones: Shocking Blue

This one is a dark blue dye that goes well on yellow tones. If you have lightened your hair to level 9 or even lighter, you can use this toner confidently.

The shocking blue hair toner can also be mixed to form amazing custom hair shades.

You can refer to the color chart to understand the level of lighting you need to get the desired tone. Technically, your hair experts will suggest you go bleaching for levels 9 to 10 for amazing results.

3. Silver Toners by Manic Panic

This one is icy silver in look and helps to tone the brassy orange results. If your hair is bleached up to level 10, then this dye/toner will work the best!

Most of the Manic Panic toners are vegan and cruelty-free. These also do not contain ammonia or gluten. Thus, you can safely use their products.

Read their package for the contents, instructions, and ingredients to begin confidently. You may also take a second opinion with your hair expert if you have any queries on these toners. We have presented some of the best and most recommended ones to you.  

Final words:

We are sorry to know that those orange tones are not there on your will and hope this article helps you get rid of it from your hair at the earliest. These toners can be worked on with intentional or unintentional orange shades.

If you picked one of the products from this article that worked for you, do share with us your experience of using those. We would love to hear genuine feedback from you on the article as well. Do take a look at our other informative articles related to hair colors and hair care.