How To Make Human Hair Wig Smell Good? [7 Important Tips]

Whether we have been using your human hair wig for only a few weeks or many months, it is important to ensure that your wig is always smelling good.

It would not only be embarrassing to get called out for wearing a smelly wig, it won’t do you any good to move around with a stink.

So, how do you make your wig smell good? Let’s find out!

7 Effective Ways to Make Human Hair Wig Smell Good

1. Use Scented products 

1. Use Scented products  to make human hair wig smell good

These days, there’s almost always a scented version of many things, including human hair wig products. You’ll find shampoos and conditioners with added fragrance, and even wig styling products as well.

There are many scents to choose from, but always ensure that the products you go for are salon-quality. 

You can buy a perfumed spray-on conditioner to use on your wig between washings to ensure that it always smells fresh. 

2. Wash your human hair wig regularly

2. Wash your human hair wig regularly to make it smell good

There’s no better way to keep your human hair wig smelling great than to wash it regularly. You will get the sweat, dirt, and other particles out, which might have been capable of causing your wig to smell.

Thorough washing can prevent or remove any offensive smell from your wig.

Wash your human hair wig with a gentle shampoo and conditioner or fabric conditioner. It is advisable to use a shampoo and conditioner from the same brand or that has the same fragrance to avoid a weird smell after using both.

Bear in mind that you might have to wash your wig more often or less often depending on how frequently you use it and what you expose it to.

3. Avoid storing your wig when it is wet

3. Avoid storing your wig when it is wet to make it smell good

If you hastily store your human hair wig before it gets dry, it will have a musty and damp smell that’s similar to wet clothes.

To avoid this smell that’s somewhat hard to remove, make sure your wig dries properly before packaging it properly in an appropriate package or box. 

While your wig is wet, hang it up or place it on a wig stand to maintain its shape while drying and air also gets in. You can airdry your wig or blow dry it if you need it to get dry faster.

4. Ensure that your natural hair is clean and dry

4. Ensure that your natural hair is clean and dry to make human hair wig smell good

While ensuring that your human hair wig is clean and dry, you must make sure your natural hair is also clean and odor-free. If not, the smell and dirt from your natural hair could interfere with your wig.

If your natural hair is wet, it could produce a damp and musty odor that could even get attached to your wig, making it difficult to tell which one has the odor.

5. Cover Your wig in a smelling environment 

5. Cover Your wig in a smelling environment to make it smell good

Exposing your human hair wig to environmental odors can cause it to smell, so avoiding such situations will help. When you come in contact with smoke or smelly chemicals, ensure to cover your wig with a bonnet, scarf, or handkerchief to protect it.

Packing your wig up or placing it in a bun when you can’t cover it is also better than nothing and can protect your wig to an extent.

6. Maintain a clean hairbrush 

6. Maintain a clean hairbrush to make human hair wig smell good

The cleanliness of your hairbrush can also affect your wig’s smell, so it must be always clean. 

Washing your wig brush frequently ensures that the dirt and oil residue from your wig doesn’t stick to the brush and then causes a smell later.

Remove all hair strands from the bristles of your brush and clean it often, even with soap and water.

7. Wash your pillowcase frequently

7. Wash your pillowcase frequently to make human hair wig smell good

If you sleep with your wig on (which you shouldn’t do frequently), residues like dirt, sweat, and oils will surely get on your pillowcase. It is up to wash it frequently to ensure that these residues don’t get back to your wig and cause a smell on it. period.

Other human hair wig accessories also need regular washing including headscarves, bonnets, and head wraps. It is all the more important to be frequent with this management process, especially if you wear them for long hours or in the heat.

Final Words:

The smell of your human hair wig shouldn’t throw you into panic, whether an old wig or a new one. There are ways to handle the smell, which we have discussed above, and they are quite effective.

We hope that the added details will be an added hair care guide to keeping your human hair wig smelling nice. 

Indeed, a human hair wig is quite an investment, so you must ensure you can enjoy your wig for as long as possible.