Which Is Better Full Lace Or Front Lace Wig? [Full Lace Vs Front Lace Wigs]

Just like the battle of the sexes, the debate between full lace wigs and front lace wigs is one that will always be a controversial one, with many people arguing in favor of either wig. When you think about it, you really can’t blame them because full lace and front lace wigs have tons of benefits.

However, what happens when you get confused and cannot seem to choose either one? We’re here to help solve your confusion by exposing all the facts about full lace wigs and front lace wigs.

This post will compare both wigs and give you sufficient information to decide which wig best suits you.

Full Lace Vs Front Lace Wigs (Key Differences)

Although you have an idea of what these wigs are just by hearing the name, it is important to define both wigs simply before going into the differences.

Front lace wigs have sheer lace fixed in the front edges of the wigs. The lace creates the impression of a natural hairline, and the extra lace that comes out in front is trimmed off before installation.

Full lace wigs have their entire base made of lace, unlike front lace wigs that only have the lace in front. Full lace wigs cover the entire head and allow you to place the parting anywhere

Now, let’s get to the differences.

Full Lace WigsFront Lace Wigs
The base material is made entirely of laceHas sheer lace only at the front area of the wig.
Versatile appearance with an all-round natural hair effect.  Can be parted at all angles without issuesFront lace wigs offer a natural hairline illusion and can be parted in the middle or the sides.
Can be styled anyhow without tampering with the illusion it offers.  Needs to be styled carefully or the wig illusion would be given away.  
More breathable and allows more air to reach your head, but needs a wig cap to be worn.Less breathable but comfortable material and doesn’t need a wig cap to be worn.
The hair on full lace wigs is fixed into the lace hole by hand in a uniform manner, thereby giving a different hair volume.Front lace wigs can give more hair at the back, providing you fuller hair density.
More expensive average wig costMore affordable average wig cost.
Could also be easy to apply with the right knowledge, but needs a wig cap for a more secure hold without causing irritation.Lace front wigs are easy to apply and are only attached at the front edges.

Which Is Better Full Lace Or Front Lace Wig?

Now that we’ve seen the differences between both wigs clearly stated, the next thing to discuss is which wig is better for you.

Although there’s no clear-cut answer to this question, because both wigs have their strong benefits, we can help you determine which wig is better for certain situations and conditions.

1. Durability

If you’re looking for durability, full lace wigs are most likely the best option because they are pasted to the entire head.

You can even put these wigs on when exercising and even swimming because they have a firm hold. However, you’ll still have to protect the wig from saltwater and chlorine.

Since you can only glue front lace wigs at the front, the glue might break down, and you’ll generally have to be more careful.

2. Hairstyle Versatility

If you want to freely explore different hairstyles with the same wig, the full lace wig is your best choice because you can comb and pack your hair in any direction without issues.

You can comfortably do ponytails with full lace wigs, but you’ll need to watch your back with front lace wigs.

Front lace wigs often limit your styling, and give you a smooth side or middle part. However, some wig stylists can help you create a versatile hairstyle whether it’s a full or front lace wig. 

3. Affordability

Front lace wigs are the most affordable of both options and they ensure that you still maintain the good quality you need. However, if you’re not concerned about the price, you can opt for full lace.

4. Installation

Front lace wigs are easier to install, especially if you’re new to the wig community and cannot handle complex wig installations. With the front lace wigs, you simply have to glue down the front part and you can do that without any help.

5. Fuller Hair

Front lace wigs have a fuller hair density than front lace wigs, especially at the back of the wig. So, if you want more fullness and density, that’s what you should opt for.

In the end, it is up to you to decide which wig is better, depending on your style, budget, and wearing habits. Indeed, both wig types have many benefits and are great for you. Simply choose what’s best suited to you and go for it!

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Final Words:

Now that you’ve discovered the unique features and differences between full lace and front lace wigs, you have enough information to choose the best wig for you.

When making your choice, consider your budget, but also have your comfort in mind so that you don’t buy the wig you won’t enjoy using.

Regardless of your choice, both full lace and front lace wigs are great, so you’ll be having the best of either world.