Can You Wear Wigs with Dreads? Best Wigs to Wear Over Dreadlocks

If you keep dreads, you must have explored the versatility of your locs, especially as it concerns styling. 

While it might be interesting to discover all that you can get up to with your dreads, sometimes it might feel like you have tried it all. If you’ve ever felt like you can’t think of anything else to do with your locs or you want to change things up, you might be wondering what your options are.

Some individuals with locs worry about what to do when they want to attend official functions or visit places where locs might be frowned upon (even though we have no idea why they should). This is where the winning idea comes in!

Your solution is not to chop off your locs but to wear a beautiful wig over them.

Did you read that right? You definitely did! Let’s answer the question that’s on your mind right now.

Can You Wear Wigs with Dreads?

Yes, you can wear wigs with dreads!

You can wear wigs over your dreads, ranging from large curly wigs to smaller, sleeker long wigs. You can even attempt bob wigs to give you a temporary break from your dreads; you only need to know-how.

The length and thickness of your dreads will be a consideration, but we’ll get to that part later.

Can You Wear a Wig Over Sisterlocks?


Sisterlocks are thinner than the standard dreads and might even be easier to hold together under your wig, depending on how full they are.

Because you can braid or twist them easily, you don’t have much to worry about as it concerns getting your sisterlocks under a wig.

Can You Wear a Wig Over Starter Locs?

Even with starter locs, you can wear any wig of your choice. You simply have to braid or pin them down in place, and you’re good to go.

Even the starters can jump on wigs for a different look or style, so welcome aboard!

Now that we know everyone with locs can wear wigs over them, you probably can’t wait to find out how.

Let’s discover how people with locs of different lengths and styles can rock beautiful wigs whenever you want! 

Best Wigs to Wear Over Locs

How to Wear a Wig Over dreadlocks?

How To Wear Locs Under a Wig (For Short, Scanty Locs)
  1. Part your Loc according to the part on the wig you’ll be wearing (side or center)
  2. Pull all your locs backward and hold them together into a low pony (just as you would with your unlocked hair.
  3. Use an elastic band to pack your hair back just at your nape, and tuck in the ends of your locs.
  4. Put on a wig cap or two to cover your locs. If you need to hold them down tighter so they look really flat, try using two caps.
  5. Ensure that your wig is clean, to avoid skin reaction or dirt that could affect your skin and hair.
  6. Test the wig on your head and tighten the comb based on the size of your head. 
  7. If you’ve not already done that, you can use a concealer that’s the same as your skin color to paint your part so that it looks as natural as possible.
  8. Hold down the front of your wig using an adhesive and arrange the baby hair in place.
  9. Apply hair spray or cream to your wig and brush it to help it relax properly and look as flat as possible.
  10. Tie a scarf on your wig and leave it on for as long as possible before removing it. If you want to curl or stretch the hair, you can do that as well

How To Fit Long/Thick Locs Under A Wig? 

How To Fit Long/Thick Locs Under A Wig? 
  1. Divide your hair in the middle and braid your hair into 4 or 5 bunches on each side. Don’t start the braid too close to your scalp, so you can easily manipulate it. Depending on how full or thick your hair is, you can have only 2 braids on each side.
  2. Take one braid at a time and bend it to the opposite side. Hold the strands in place with hairpins. Do this for all your braids. It should look like a halo by the time you are done.
  3. You will need two wig caps. Ensure that you buy longer wig caps than the usual size. (One long and one extra-long). Use the extra-long wig cap first and then use the second one to squish your hair better.
  4. Put on your wig. When dealing with thick and/or long locs, you’ll need to purchase big wigs that can hide the bulge properly. A simple straight wig might never be a great idea. 

Precautions To Be Taken When Wearing Locs Under Wigs 

There’s not much to look out for when wearing locs under wigs. You simply need to take care of your locs like you normally would and take care of your wigs too. However, here are some things worth pointing out.

1. Length can be a challenge

The length of your locs can make for an easy or difficult attempt to wear wigs. Short and medium-length locs are perfect for wigs because they are easy to braid or hold underneath the wig and lay flat.

Locs longer than your shoulder can be hard to lay flat or braid down without looking bulky under your wig. However, with big wigs, it might be possible to find a way around some of these locs.

If you have very long locs, you will have to pack or braid them in portions and then cover most parts you can with a wig cap and hide the rest of the locs.

2. Protect your locs

Always put on a wig cap before placing a wig on your locs. Wig caps are not only necessary to hold down large hair but also protect your hair against friction and damage. Whether short or long, full or scanty, your locs should be covered up with a wig cap.

3. Cleanliness

Ensure your wig is clean before wearing it over your locs, even if you have a wig cap between them. Your locs should also be clean and properly dried before wearing your wig to avoid smelly hair.

4. Protect your edges

Avoid tight braids that might put a strain on your edges and cause hair loss. When you braid or roll your locs, always make them loose to avoid excess tension.

When dealing with most wigs, you might have to lay your edges so that they look natural and relaxed.

Choose a wig with a cap that’s your skin color, using the proper glue when securing your wig, and moving the glue far away from your hairline can protect your edges. Using a wig with baby hair also works fine.

5. Expose your hair to air often

Wearing wigs over your locs for a long time without airing or washing your hair can be harmful to you. So, take breaks between carrying your wig and letting your hair breathe. Having a wig over your locs shouldn’t be a long-term thing, but a quick switch when necessary.

Final Words:

Welcome to a new world where you no longer have to choose between locs and wigs. It’s a world where you can have both! 

We hope this post comes in handy whenever you want to switch things up and get a wig over those locs. But when you’re not doing that, love your locs, because whether locs or wigs, you’re beautiful!