What are Hairlines? Different Types of Hairlines for Female and Men

Does your hairline look different from others? Did you know that there are various types of hairlines and that the receding hairline is also a type of hairline? To answer all these curious questions, we have consolidated a list of types of hairlines found both in males and females.

By reading the below article, you will get an idea regarding how each and every type of hairline and does it need any kind of special attention. A lot of times people confuse a few hairlines with signs of hair fall and vice versa. Let’s clear up all the confusion.

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What are Hairlines?

Everyone has hairlines unless and until you are bald. Men and women have different kinds of hairlines and each hairline differs in shape, size of forehead and patterns. It might be in a zig-zag pattern or in an uneven manner which isn’t that common.

The uneven hairline can be blamed on genetics most of the time. Each hairline is unique but they have been broadly divided into categories.

Let’s look at a brief of types of hairlines known to get an idea of which category your hairline falls in:

Types of Hairlines for  both Female and Male

1. High hairline

These kinds of hairlines can be found both in men and women and are recognized as hairlines that are higher on the forehead than the average hairline. It can either be genetic or a result of receding hair loss.

Also, I would like to highlight the fact that with age, the hairline gets higher and it is completely normal. So how do you differentiate between the recession of hair and your high hairline?

  • If your scalp is itchy then it could be receding
  • If you have thinner hair then it could be hair loss near the forehead
  • If the hairline has become uneven in the last few days

If you naturally have a high hairline then wearing your hair in a ponytail is probably not a good idea. The constant tugging and pulling can put extra stress on the hair follicles and cause hair loss in the front.

2. Low Hairline

If your forehead is way shorter than it should be, then you have a low hairline. This can actually come to you as an advantage as with age, the hairline starts shifting upwards.  Low hairlines sit low on the forehead and let you have hairstyles with a bun or pony with grace.

3. Normal hairline

People with these kinds of hairlines are very blessed. It is the most preferable hairline for everyone. Your forehead is neither small nor big. There is adequate space between your forehead and eyebrows.

4. Receding hairline

People who have receding hairlines have a history of hair loss. You might not lose hair in those areas, but it might keep thinning as you age. A few medical conditions like amnesia and vitamin deficiencies also play a significant role.

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Types of Hairlines in Female

1. Widow’s peak

When the hairline is in the shape of an M or V in the middle of the forehead then it is known as a widow’s peak. If your hair starts receding more from both sides, then it can be a sign of hair loss and raise alarms. To hide it, you can wear hairstyles in bangs.

2. Straight (rectangular)

When the hairline is straight forming a rectangle out of your forehead area, it can give off masculine work. A lot of women with such hairlines prefer to get haircuts that don’t emphasize the hairline much to have a more feminine look.

3. Bell shaped or Rounded

Few women tend to have hairlines that are round in shape and can make the forehead appear longer than it actually is. Avoid wearing middle partings in such cases as it will draw more attention towards the forehead.

Types of Hairlines in Men

1. Square hairline

Typically seen on men with square faces and strong jawlines, this hairline is in a shape of a square on the forehead. Do not choose haircuts like slick back undercuts or combed over haircuts.

2. Narrow hairline

Men which have oval-shaped faces, small foreheads and receding hair patterns have this kind of hairline. Mohawks or a fade-over hairstyle with comb-over hair look the best on people with these kinds of hairlines.

3. Broad hairline

People with round faces and broad foreheads have this kind of hairline. Men do not like this hairline and try to have hairstyles like the Caesar cut to withdraw attention from their hairline.

4. M shaped hairline

Men too have a widow’s peak hairline or M shaped hairline in which there is a point in the middle of the forehead. Receding hair from both sides can be a bit stressful and result in hair loss.


So I hope you got an idea of all kinds of hairlines that are commonly seen amongst females and males. Hairlines can be like fingerprints and unique. They might be different and not match any of the above hairline types.

That generally happens due to genetics and is normal. Do not worry about it unless you start noticing hair loss near the hairlines. There are a lot of products available to lessen the hair fall mentioned above and will help in the process.