Poofy curly hair | Hairstyles for poofy hair | How to make hair poofy

Every one of us owns a hair texture that may be distinct from each other. Some may have the kind of hair people crave while others may be compelled to go through various treatments to attain the right quality and texture they prefer.

The introduction of innumerable worthy hair improvement techniques has undoubtedly contributed to people’s concern about their hair quality.

Poofy Hair is one such texture that many people own. However, not everyone wants to keep up with it. Some would surely want to undergo transformations resulting in straight hair, bouncy hair, wavy hair, voluminous hair or silky smooth hair and the issue is of course not worth worrying about as various solutions to the problem have been unearthed.

What is Poofy Hair

Poofy Hair refers to that hair that stands apart from the normal body of hair. This hair does not align with the rest of the hair. It is more or less similar to frizzy hair.

This usually happens in thick hair having a strong texture. Most people do not prefer this hair texture, however, some even get it done. It may provide more or less a typical scientist’s appearance which rarely people would prefer.

If one is well aware of the right way to manage this considerable volume and quite uncontrollable texture, it would be easy for him or her to carry poofy hair. For people who are not aware about the right way to deal with it, such hair may serve as an issue worth worrying about.

Why is Hair Poofy

There are various reasons why hair becomes poofy. Dryness may be a major reason for poofy frizzy hair. Curly hair always craves moisture because of its extra space. If not provided with the necessary moisture, it becomes dry.

Being dry, the hair may try to absorb moisture from the humid environment through the process of osmosis. This results in puffiness in the hair. Other reasons may also include sleeping the wrong way.

The cuticles may get damaged due to being rubbed on the pillow. Also, when in contact with rainwater, the hair becomes puffy for a period of time. This may also be a possible reason for puffiness.

  1. Due to lack of proper diet: Diet is probably one of the most significant things to be considered for the plight of the overall human body. Lack of adequate water consumption leads to dryness in the scalp a result of which the hair becomes frizzy and fragile. In the same way, lack of proper food consumption also leads to poor-quality hair.
  2. Lots of conditioners: Conditioner must substitute shampoo for people with poofy hair. It is because their dry hair is in need of loads of moisture for which conditioners can be a great source. Not only conditioner, peppermint and lavender oil also work out for puff when mixed with conditioner.
  3. Precautions as to drying hair: People with poofy hair must avoid getting their hair dried by rubbing a harsh towel on it or combing it. For the purpose of drying, one can make use of a T-shirt that has the ability to absorb moisture. One must avoid touching the hair frequently.

How to make your hair poofy

Though not many people prefer to have a poofy texture yet some try to get it done at certain times. It does not require much effort to get poofy hair. Just a series of steps have to be followed.

  1. Decide the right products suitable for your hair: Your hair may be voluminous or thin, oily, dry or normal. One should consider the hair type before choosing products for one’s hair. While voluminous hair may require lesser products and hairsprays, thin hair requires comparatively more hairspray. Oily hair requires frequent washes around three to four times a week approximately. Dry hair requires extremely less washes to avoid further dryness and frizz.
  2. Shampoo: The hair must be cleaned with a mild shampoo or a shampoo worth one’s hair quality. Hair must be rinsed with cold water as hot water may contribute to dryness and frizz. Three to four times a week most people are required to shampoo.
  3. Conditioner: For smooth hair, rinse after applying the conditioner.
  4. Comb: It’s time to detangle your hair with a wide-toothed comb. Any tangles or knots in the hair must be solved with the help of a comb.
  5. Blow dry: Natural ways of drying hair must be preferred over using hair dryers. Hair must be dried halfway keeping the other half tied up in a bun. Make a tight bun on the head while drying the other parts of the hair. After drying open up the knot.
  6. Back comb or tease the hair: Through backcomb, a portion of the hair must be combed and held straight. This can be done with the help of a pick, comb or brush. The hair must be combed while detangling the strokes. The area of the hair to be poofed must be given more attention.
  7. Poofing: While poofing, initially the hair may appear frizzy, but eventually maintenance and styling are what matters.
  8. Hairspray: A strong hairspray must be applied evenly on the hair combing the bangs and sides.

Hairstyles for poofy hair girls

Though poofy hair can sometimes be troublesome and hard to manage yet various hairstyles have helped people carry it in one of the best ways. Some hairstyles suitable to women with poofy hair are:

  1. Brunch Bun: For getting this hairstyle done, get your curls tightened with the help of a curling iron and wrap it into a bun. A ribbon or floral scarf can be used to cover the hair tie and give the bun a more noticeable appearance.
  2. Ribbons on Ribbons: This hairstyle can be ideal to keep one’s curls in control by wrapping them within ribbons. A bubble ponytail must be tied with the curls with the help of ribbons of one’s choice.
  3. Wavy curly half up: Half of the hair is pinned up into a baby bun and the rest is freed. This helps maintain a few curls to avoid a lot of frizzy appearances while setting others free.
  4. Braided Top knot: In the case of a braided top knot, half of the hair is wrapped up in a knot while leaving the other half down open.
  5. After hours scratched ponytail: While helping the hair settle through a hairspray, leave the other half air dried fluffing it through a hair.

Hairstyles for poofy hair guys

The benefit that poofy hair provides us with is its voluminous appearance. This can be made use of while styling such hair. However, not everyone would be an expert in styling and maintaining such hair. These hairstyles may be ideal for men owning poofy or frizzy hair that may be thick or wavy.

For people with such hair texture who possess adequate styling techniques and are successful in managing such hair, it can serve as an asset. Some of the hairstyles for men with poofy hair are the following.

  1. Medium-length comb over fade: This hairstyle is ideal for thick hair. With short hair on the sides and long on the top, it requires a proper product that can style and maintain this hairstyle.
  2. Mid skin fade followed by short messy crop: This hairstyle is characterized by fades on the sides along with short wavy curls on the top.
  3. Comb over fade along with hard part: This is considered one of the best hairstyles for wavy hair. It can be followed on the hair of any length and texture.
  4. Low fade along with messy modern quaff: Quite voluminous on the top and slightly low fade at the sides define this hairstyle. This top volume can also be used to undergo various styles.
  5. Flowing long hair: This is simply characterized by a long haircut that produces a classic example.
  6. Textured crop: This has got a layered crop that helps enhance the natural waves of the hair.
  7. Clean skin fade plus short curls: This one is quite easy to have and has got a lot of short curls accompanied by skin fade.
  8. Short curly hair plus high fade accompanied by fringes:

This hairstyle accumulates length above the head along with layering. With fringes at the top, it has got short curls and considerable skin fade.

How to get rid of poofy hair

Poofy Hair can be troublesome to many as everyone does not possess styling ideas adequate to manage and keep such hair in control. Therefore, for all those who want to get rid of such texture, there is nothing to worry about as there are many ways to get over this issue.

Following are the steps to be followed that will surely contribute to the elimination of excess and unnecessary puffs.

  1. Shampoo less frequently: This is one of the most pertinent instructions to be followed by the puff owners. As a consequence of frequent washing of hair, extreme dryness and lack of moisture necessary for hair growth is observed. Poofy Hair can be a result of excessive usage of shampoo. Therefore, for people owning such hair, it is strictly advisable to make sure to possess conscientiousness about shampooing rarely.
  2. Choice of shampoo and conditioner: The choice of shampoo and conditioner undoubtedly has a significant role to play in the quality of hair. People with poofy hair must go for moisturizing shampoo as moisture is all poofy hair craves. Shampoos and conditioners rich in moisture content contribute to smoothness and reduce puffiness.
  3. Cold water: Cold water provides hair with a shinier and sleeker appearance. Hot water, on the contrary, contributes to more frizz and puff.
  4. Use of microfiber towels only: Microfiber towel is no less than a boon for poofy and frizzy hair. It helps drain excess water from the hair drying it without making hair fragile.
  5. Wide toothed comb: Detangle your hair with the help of a wide-toothed comb.
  6. Products: Right products like serum, oil and moisturizing products necessary for keeping the hair under control must be made use of.
  7. Use of gels, mousses or curl-enhancing creams: In case of fine hair mousses can be preferred while in the case of curly hair, gels and creams are ideal.
  8. Say no to alcohol products: Alcohol content in shampoos are responsible for the extra dryness of the hair. One with poofy hair must never go for alcohol products.
  9. Hot oil treatments: Once a week, hair must be acquainted with hot oil massage. Jojoba oil works best for this. This helps strengthen the hair cuticle and helps alleviate frizz.

How to fix poofy hair for guys

Be it a man or woman, poofy hair is not really manageable by all. Some of the instructions to be followed by men with poofy hair are:

  1. Dry: Hair must be dried using a diffuser because it allows humidity.
  2. Styling cream: Creams or gels must be applied immediately after washing hair. One of the creams ideal for this is L’Oréal Paris Advanced hair curve it curl elastic cream.
  3. Deep conditioning: Once a week, deep conditioning treatment must be provided to the hair.
  4. Protein infused conditioner: Protein-infused conditioner is ideal for people with poofy or frizzy hair.
  5. No blunt haircuts: Blunt haircuts result in the accumulation of volume on the top of the hair. Therefore, such hair texture must involve hairstyles with layered cuts.

Hair stylists usually recommend a sea salt or volumizing spray to provide volume and produce slight oomph before styling with any gel or cream.

One can increase one’s waves with hair products meant for the purpose of enhancing and giving more body and definition to waves and curls along with reducing frizz and puffiness. For minimizing frizz, anti-frizz serums would work best.

How to make your hair less poofy naturally

Home-made remedies are one of the best remedies due to more results in lesser investment. It is ideal for people to try or experiment with various products on their hair to get rid of these problems.

There are lesser prospects of any side effects as well as more chances of improvements. Here are some home remedies for poofy hair.

  1. Almond oil plus egg: Almond oil is a natural hair emollient and egg is ideal for repairing damaged shafts and providing the hair with necessary nourishment. A combination of almond oil and egg can be excellent for getting rid of poofy hair.
    How to use: 1/4th cup almond oil along with one egg must be mixed and applied to the hair. After waiting for 40 minutes, the hair must be rinsed with a shampoo lacking sulfates. This mixture can be made use of once a week. It acts as a natural hair emollient and conditions the hair.
  2. Coconut oil and vitamin E:1 part of vitamin E oil is mixed with 4 parts of organic coconut oil. Depending upon the length of one’s hair, the quantity of oil must be taken. The mixture must be applied once or twice a week for the best results. Vitamin E is said to prevent damage and is rich in antioxidants.
  3. Mayonnaise: For this remedy, 1/4th cup mayonnaise along with an egg and 1/3rd cup pure almond oil is required. Mix the oil and mayonnaise and apply it evenly on the hair. It must be left for 20 minutes and then rinsed with a mild shampoo.
  4. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera works no less than a blessing for hair. Being a natural hair straightener, it provides the hair with necessary nourishment and is said to form a protective layer over the hair cuticle. It reduces moisture loss to a great extent.
    How to use: A combined mixture of aloe Vera gel and carrier oil must be applied to the hair. The mixture, being left to be dried for around twenty to twenty-five minutes, must be rinsed with shampoo followed by a conditioner.
  5. Tea: Fresh tea leaves work excellently for repairing hair damage. A mixture of fresh tea leaves, if applied to the hair may definitely lead to the transformation of the texture.
  6. Avocado and yogurt: For this remedy, one avocado and yogurt is required. The avocado must be cut and mashed. A smooth paste out of it has to be made and then applied to the hair. After waiting for 40-45 minutes, it should be washed. Applying this mixture once a week is extremely effective as avocado is rich in vitamin B which nourishes hair and controls frizz.
  7. Milk: 1/3rd cup of milk is required for this. Coconut milk will be preferred however any milk will do. It can be followed with either banana or strawberries as per choice. The mixture can be stored in a can or a bottle. Using a wide-toothed comb, the hair must be untangled after applying the spray. Let the spray spend some time on your hair and get it washed after twenty-five to thirty minutes.
  8. Banana: Banana hair masks are believed to be one of the best masks to get rid of frizz and gain smooth and healthy hair. A paste of banana must be made along with honey and coconut oil. The mixture must be applied to the hair. After resting for 25-30 minutes, hair must be rinsed with shampoo and conditioner.
  9.  Honey and lemon: Honey and lemon can be excellent for hair. Honey brings smoothness to the hair and lemon exfoliated dandruff and reduces frizz giving life to the hair. The mixture of honey and lemon must be applied to the hair. After a period of ten to fifteen minutes, it must be washed with mild shampoo and conditioner.

Products for poofy hair

Lots of products have been introduced to help people get the kind of hair they desire. Some of below hair products out of the following may not be enough pocket-friendly yet these can be effective. Using some of these products may help stop one’s hair from being a source of annoyance.


To sum up, what actually makes a difference in hair quality and texture is the intake of the right amount of water and the quality of food. It is the most prominent thing to be considered. Getting chemical and other hair treatments are supplementary.

A perfect diet is what is to be prioritized. However, it is not much of an issue to take care of one’s hair considering the presence of innumerable remedies.