Is Beachwaver Worth It? [Beachwaver Vs Regular Curling Iron]

The beachwaver is one of the innovative hair styling tools of our time. With a patented rotating barrel technology, this revolutionary tool has been a staple for those who opt for easy and lasting beach waves.

The beachwaver comes in 3 distinct varieties:

  1. Beachwaver S series: This is the original beachwaver.
  2. Beachwaver B series: This is the classic model, an improvement from the S series.
  3. Beachwaver Pro line: ideal for professional use.
TypeVoltageBarrel sizeBarrel typeHeat rangeSizes
S1100-240V5.5”Ceramic  290-4100 FS.75”- smaller S.1” – classic S1.25- larger
B1100-240V5.5”Ceramic  290 – 350 -4100 F 
Pro100-240V6.5”Gold-infused ceramic tourmaline310 -4500 FPro 1.25”- classic Pro 1” – classic

What Does the Beachwaver Do?

A beachwaver is a heat-styling tool that creates beach waves on your hair. The regulated heat produced at the barrel breaks down the hair’s hydrogen bonds and moulds the hair in a curly or wavy pattern.

To produce beach waves with a beachwaver, follow below steps:

What Does the Beachwaver Do?
  1. Hold the beachwaver with the clamp towards your face.
  2. Select left or right rotation depending on the type of waves you want to create on your hair.
  3. Open the clamp.
  4. Place the end of the sectioned hair inside the clamp and release it.
  5. Press and hold the  Go button. The beachwaver starts rotating.
  6. Release the Go button once all the hair wraps on the barrel.
  7. Hold for 3-5 seconds to allow the curl to form.
  8. Open the clamp.
  9. Gently slide the beachwaver down to release the hair.


A beachwaver is an electric appliance that produces heat and uses electric current. These precautions will help ensure safety when using the beachwaver.

  • Be careful not to curl too close to the scalp as the heat may burn your scalp.
  • Avoid releasing the hair without opening the clamp, as this may cause hair breakage.
  • Do not leave the hair for too long – more than 10 seconds on the hot barrel to avoid burning your hair.
  • Don’t immerse a beachwaver in water or other liquids or use it while bathing to avoid electrical accidents.
  • Don’t touch your skin or other body parts with the hot barrel. Be careful, this is very common for beginners, and the hot barrel did touch my neck once when I was using it, thankfully, it was not so hot 🙂
  • Do not leave a beachwaver connected to power and unattended.

Are Beachwavers Worth It?

Beachwavers are worth it. They are easy to use compared to regular curling irons and save time when styling. Also, most users had great and positive views about the beachwaver.

Benefits of Using a Beachwaver:

  • It creates curls that last long, and also hair looks voluminous.
  • It gives the option of curling hair in different directions.
  • It curls even the thick course hair that takes longer to achieve curls using regular curling irons.
  • One can carry it around when traveling. This is the part I love most about Beachwaver, it can easily fit in my handbag to carry everywhere.
  • Easy to use with just one press of a button and an automated rotating barrel.
  • Its short-sized clamp holds the hair in place as it rotates and prevents it from getting loose.
  • It has pre-set heat ranges making it very easy for first-timers and anyone using the beachwaver, as there is no need to set the temperature.
  • It prevents arm and wrist strain as one does not have to twist the arm when curling the hair.

Which Type of Hair Is Best To Use A Beachwaver?

A beachwaver is best for all hair types. It is suitable for creating curls on straight hair and enhancing curls on wavy or curly hair. You can also use a beachwaver on color-treated hair.

Different beachwaver barrel sizes are particularly best for different hair textures and lengths:

Barrell size 0.75” InchBarrel size 1 InchBarrel size 1.25 Inch
Medium/chin-length hairShort hairShoulder length hair
Long hairLong hairLong hair
Fine hairFine hairMedium textured hair
Thick hairThick hairThick hair
Hair that doesn’t easily hold curls  

Which Type of Hair Is Not Suitable for A Beachwaver?

A beachwaver is not good for:

  1. chemically processed hair
  2. damaged hair
  3. and tangled hair

1. Chemically processed hair

Chemically processed hair has undergone chemical treatments such as relaxing, permanent waving, and bleaching.

The chemical processes break down the hair bonds leaving the hair weaker or more prone to damage. The beachwaver should be used with extra caution to avoid causing more damage to processed hair.

2. Damaged hair

Excessive heat, over-processing, or color treatment could cause hair damage. Using a beachwaver or any other heat-styling tool could cause further damage to the hair.

Damaged hair is weak, fragile and breaks easily, has frizz and flyaway, split ends, lacks luster and looks dull.

3. Tangled hair

Tangled hair happens when two or more strands intertwine. It is impractical to achieve beach waves using a beachwaver on tangled hair.

When Can You Use A Beachwaver?

You can use a beachwaver to create effortless beach waves in a few minutes. Different barrel sizes produce different wave styles.

0.75 Inch barrel1 Inch barrel1.25 Inch barrel
Defined wavesOld Hollywood wavesBlow out finish
Vintage roller setDefined curlsVoluminous waves
Beachy wavesBeachy wavesBeachy waves

When Not to Use A Beachwaver

  • Do not use a beachwaver in the shower. It could cause electric accidents.
  • Do not use a beachwaver when sleeping to avoid burns.
  • Do not use a beachwaver on soaking wet hair. Water and electric currents could cause electric accidents.
  • Do not use the beachwaver daily. Excessive heat exposure may damage the hair.

How Long Do Beachwaver Curls Last?

Beachwaver curls last for 2-3 days. For curls to last long, apply the following tips:

1. Use a heat protectant spray before using the beachwaver

Heat protectant sprays’ function is to add a protective layer to your hair. This layer protects hair from heat damage. It gives more hold to the hair making the curls more defined and last longer.

2. Give hair time to set

To make your curls last longer, wait until the hair has completely cooled down before brushing or running your fingers through it to allow the hydrogen bonds to reform. Brushing your hair before it cools disrupts this curl formation process and may ruin the curls.

How Is a Beachwaver Different from A Curling Iron?

The key differences between a beachwaver and a normal curling iron are listed below.

BeachwaverCurling iron
Has rotating barrel technologyIt has a static barrel
It has a short clamp that is 1 inch long that holds the hair and prevents it from getting loose when curling.The clamp runs along the entire barrel.
You do not have to wrap the hair around the barrel. The rotating technology does it with the press of a button.You have to wrap your hair around the barrel manually.

My Take on Beachwaver as a Trichologist:

Heat styling has become a common trend, especially for people who want to change their naturally straight hair or enhance their curly pattern. Effective heat use on the hair using a temperature range below 4500 F helps keep hair healthy and free from heat damage.

The beachwaver has pre-set temperatures within the required limits (2900 F-4100 F ). It ensures that we keep our hair healthy and vibrant even with heat styling. Its varying barrel sizes that create different wavy styles make the beachwaver a versatile heat-styling tool.