How to Dilute Hair Dye | 3 Best Methods with Step by Step Procedure

For a hair dye enthusiast, diluting your hair dye properly means that you are stepping up your DIY game, and are one step closer to creating a brand new hair color that you desire for.

If you are lucky to get the hair dye color exactly matching to your desire, you can apply it without diluting it. However, most of the people prefer slightly lighter shade than the original hair dye color. In these cases, you can chose to dilute the hair dye to match to your desired color.

The common debate about diluting hair dye often consists of what substances a person can dilute their hair dye with, and what they cannot. Some persons even advise you to dilute your dye with water, but such an action will not end well.

If you are looking to dilute your hair dye, there are several methods to go about it. This post will enlighten you on the three best ways to mix your hair dye for fantastic results! The article will also give some important tips concerning mixing or diluting your hair dye.

How to Lighten Hair Dye Before Applying? [3 Methods to Dilute Hair Dye]

Have you ever wondered how to tweak your hair dyeing process or create a unique diluted hair dye? 

Many people seek the answer to this question, so we have put together some methods that you can explore the next time you want to dye your hair or maintain an existing artificial color.

1. Dilute hair dye in hydrogen peroxide 

Are you looking to switch up your hair color? Or perhaps you want to do something nice with the tips? Even if you wish to touch up the roots of your hair to prevent your natural hair color from coming out, hydrogen peroxide can come in handy for you. 

According to the Cleveland clinic, hydrogen peroxide is one of the most common hair dye ingredients for men and women alike.

Hydrogen peroxide removes your hair’s natural pigment and allows your hair dye color to penetrate properly.

Step-By-Step process of diluting your hair dye with hydrogen peroxide:

  • Purchase your hair dye or hair coloring kit that comes with the hydrogen peroxide.
  • Mix the dye with hydrogen peroxide carefully until you achieve consistency.
  • Ensure that the mixture is not too light or thick
  • Follow the instructions on the kit or dye your hair in whatever manner you plan.

Although many hair products contain hydrogen peroxide, which proves that it is safe for your hair, it is essential to take caution in some aspects when diluting your dye in hydrogen peroxide.

Avoid direct contact with large quantities of hydrogen peroxide as they can hurt your skin. Limit contact to a small amount of the chemical, or put on hand gloves.

Follow the instructions on your hair dye closely concerning the amount of hydrogen peroxide you should mix.

The amounts specified in the color formula are essential, and you must follow them closely. If the box of your hair dye or hydrogen peroxide stipulates the amount of the liquid to use, don’t go over that limit.

Not only might excessive peroxide hurt you, but it will also make the dye ineffective. If you make such a mistake, you will need to add lots of hair dye to correct the consistency and make it effective again. 

Lastly, start dyeing your hair in small bits in case your dye doesn’t come out right (this is especially important for beginners)

2. Dilute hair dye with shampoo

When you mix your hair dye with shampoo, you come with a result that can best be described as a toning shampoo. It helps to maintain your new hair color for a long time, saving you from having to dye your hair every few days.

Although the pre-made shampoo toner exists in hair salons and beauty shops, they only come in red, platinum, and blonde colors. They are also pretty expensive so, if you are on a budget, a diluted mixture is your best option.

To preserve your color for longer than usual, diluting your permanent dye in the shampoo will produce a toning shampoo mix that is the real deal.

Ingredients required to Dilute hair dye with shampoo

Step by step process of diluting hair dye in shampoo:

  • Pour half of the regular shampoo into the empty container
  • Add half a tube of dye to the shampoo in the container
  • Mix it properly and diligently to achieve a perfect consistency
  • Your hair dye mixture is ready for use!

You can use this mixture to wash your hair frequently. Some people apply it on dry hair, and leave it to sit for 20 minutes before washing it out.

While any regular shampoo can work for this mixture, you can purchase the Love Beauty & Planet Rose Shampoo for this process.

3. Dilute hair dye with conditioner

Do you ever wonder why your hair dye begins to look dull and lose shine after a few days?

The answer lies in the fact that most hair products contain sulfate, a compound the washes off the pigment from your hair dye every time you use them on your hair.

Exposure to UV rays from the sun, chlorine or saltwater, and other forms of pollution contribute to this situation.

You can dilute your hair dye in a hair conditioner to revive your color and keep your hair shining until the next time you need to dye it. 

Ingredients required to Dilute hair dye with conditioner

Step by step process of mixing hair dye with conditioner

  • Add the conditioner into the empty container. The conditioner need not be brand-specific.
  • Pour half of the permanent dye into the same container. Avoid pouring too much as it might affect the color and consistency.
  • Mix the contents of the bowl properly until they reach consistency. 

When using this mixture for your hair, endeavor to begin from the root down to the tip. Also, leave the mixture on your hair for 20 minutes before washing it off. 

The L’Oréal Paris Hair Care EverPure Moisture Sulfate-Free Conditioner is a great option for this mixture.

Important tips to note when diluting hair dye

Several myths exist about diluting hair dye, and some are so widely spread that we take them to be the truth. Unfortunately, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. Here are some of such myths.

1. Diluting your hair dye with water for a lighter color 

Water does not dilute or lighten the color of your hair dye. Perhaps, many people see dye as regular paint but they are not. Owing to the way hair dyes are produced, they won’t react to water on a chemical level.

So, no matter how much water you add to your hair dye, it won’t become lighter. In the worst cases, your hair dye will become useless and you will have to make another purchase.

2. Mixing hair dye with oil protects your hair from dryness

Although nobody wants dry and brittle hair, mixing your hair dye with thermal oil will not achieve the extra protection you seek. Instead, it will make your hair too oily for the dye to penetrate and stick. So, your oil and hair dye will both go to waste.

3. Dilute hair dye in hair treatment for healthy hair 

Your hair treatment, no matter how expensive it is, cannot work as a developer for hair dye. It also cannot protect your hair from side effects resulting from the dye. It will only make a mess of things.

The only thing you can do is apply hair repairing treatment often and again after dyeing your hair, provided it is safe for artificially colored hair.

After any kind of hair treatment, the steps like washing, or oiling that you plan to do should take place before you dye your hair.


Dyeing your hair can be a fun and rewarding process if you know how to do it right. It takes some practice, but even the best hairstylist took a while to become an expert. Go ahead and explore the beauty of your hair with these tips for diluting your hair dye.