How Much Does a Wig Installation Cost? [Cost of Required Items]

Have you found a beautiful wig online or in a wig shop that you want to buy, or perhaps you have already purchased a wig and need to get it installed?

It is important to know how much it costs to install a wig. But first, let us begin by finding out what a wig installation entails, including the products you need for the installation process.

There are two cost components in wig installation:

  1. Wig Cost
  2. Cost of Items required during Wig Installation Process

There are a wide range of wigs available with price ranging from $30 and $5000 depending on hair type, brand, construction, color, design etc.,

The cost of the items required to install the wig varies from $200 to $300 approximately.

Considering both the costs mentioned above, the total wig installation cost varies from $230 to $5300.

Cost of Required Items to Install a Wig

There are 4 major steps involved in the wig installation process as listed below:

  1. Preparing the hair
  2. Preparing the wig
  3. Setting the wig
  4. Styling the wig

Below are the required items for each step and their respective costs.

1. Cost of Required Items to Prepare your hair 

  • Alcohol pad: $6
  • Freeze spray: $6
  • Wig cap: $7
  • Makeup foundation: $19

Total Estimated Cost: $38

2. Cost of Required Items to Prep the Wig 

  • Wig head: $9
  • T-pins: $7
  • Tweezers: $9
  • Bleaching powder: $17
  • Developer: $6
  • Purple shampoo: $24

Total Estimated Cost: $72

3. Cost of Required Items to Set the wig 

  • Freeze spray: $15
  • Hooded dryer: $20
  • Elastic band: $10
  • Satin scarf: $10
  • Small scissors: $10
  • Wig tape: $10
  • Blow dryer: $7
  • Makeup sponge: $10
  • Got2Bglue: $6

Total Estimated Cost: $98

4. Cost of Required Items to Style the Wig 

  • Edge control/Mousse: $4
  • Hot comb: $16
  • Tail comb: $8
  • Razor: $17

Total Estimated Cost: $45

Summary and Recommended Products

ProcessRequired ItemsRecommended ProductsTotal Approximate Cost
Hair PreparationAlcohol pad
Freeze spray
Wig cap
Makeup foundation  
Curad Alcohol Prep Pads
Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Hairspray
MORGLES 20pcs Stretchy Nylon Wig Caps
SHANY Professional Cream Foundation
Wig PreparationWig head
Bleaching powder
Purple shampoo
A1 Pacific Female Styrofoam Mannequin Head
Mr. Pen- T Pins
Pefei Tweezers Set
Clairol Professional BW2 Hair Powder
Loreal 20-Volume Creme Developer
Redken Purple Shampoo
Install the WigFreeze spray
Hooded dryer
Elastic band
Satin scarf
Small scissors
Wig tape
Blow dryer
Makeup sponge
Aussie Instant Freeze Hairspray
Eleganty Soft Bonnet Hood Hairdryer
Dolahair Lace Melting Band
Vabovin Satin Hair Scarves
Hair Scissors by Mudder
Lace Front Wig Tape
REVLON Hair Dryer
BEAKEY Makeup Sponge Set
Got2b Glue
Style the Wig Edge control/Mousse
Hot comb
Tail Comb
Cantu Extra Hold Edge Stay Gel
Andis Press Comb
Professional Tail Comb
Facón Razor

How Much Does a Wig Installation Cost?

Now that we’ve discussed the list of the items required for the wig installation process, you might decide to do it yourself or outsource the responsibility to a hair expert.

If you want a stylist to handle your installation, it helps to know how much the process will cost.

The cost of a wig installation process ranges between $200 and $300.

However, some hair technicians might charge more, especially if you visit a renowned hair company that’s known for its ability to install a wig and make it look just like your hair.

Note: The wig cost is not included in the above wig installation cost. The price of wigs varies from $30 and $5000. For the total cost, you need to add the cost of the wig of your choice to the above-mentioned wig installation cost.

Factors that affect the price of a wig installation include the length of the hair and the number of wig strands in the lace area. So, you can expect that a lace front wig will be cheaper to install than a full lace wig.

Installation Cost of few Popular Wig types

Below are the installation costs of some of the popular wig types. The cost of wigs is not included in the below-described installation costs.

1. Non-Remy wigs installation cost

1. Non-Remy Wig Installation Cost

Installing these chemically-treated wigs are more affordable and range from $50 to $300, depending on the wig length (The installation cost is excluding the cost of non-remy wig).

You can expect it to be on the cheaper end for a regular wig, especially if it is made of synthetic materials.

Synthetic wigs don’t need much styling, especially because these wigs can’t stand bleaching or extreme heat styling without getting damaged. So, fewer installation steps amount to less cost.

2. Virgin hair wigs installation cost 

2. Virgin Hair Wig Installation Cost

Installing these wigs is more expensive, and it might have something to do with the fact that there are many installation processes and styling options associated with human hair wigs.

The cost of this installation ranges between $150 and $300 because of the bleaching, stretching, plucking, and other steps carried out to blend the virgin hair wig with your natural hair. (The installation cost is excluding the cost of virgin hair wig).

3. Remy human hair wig installation cost

3. Remy human hair wig installation cost

Installing a Remy human hair wig is more expensive than installing regular human hair wigs. This installation can sometimes cost between $500 and $700. (The installation cost is excluding the remy human hair wig cost).

Remy human hair wigs are the most expensive types of wigs and they come with the cuticle still intact, which has advantages over other wigs.

Because they are expensive, they often need experienced and professional stylists to handle them. As the saying goes, you pay more for experience and quality assurance.

You have better chances of getting your wig installed for less cost when you visit a wig salon within your local community if you can trust their expertise. Installing wigs in the cities or visiting companies that install wigs for celebrities or elite customers will cost you a lot more.

But in the end, you will mostly get the kind of installation you pay for, depending on how much you pay.

Final Words:

Now, you know all that you need to about the cost and process of installing a wig. So, the next time you purchase a wig, you know everything you should about the products needed, as well as the related cost. 

You can either carry out the installation by yourself or visit a hairstylist if you think the installation process is too complex to be carried out alone.