How do you keep Black Hair from turning Brown? How to Recover Black Hair?

With our body hormones changing with time, you may also notice changes in the hair too. Other than hormonal changes, one of the major reasons for your black hair turning brown is due to damage caused by the sun.

There are several factors why some people complain about their natural black turning brown. One has to understand what kind of chemicals he/she is exposed to other than sunlight.

4 Reasons Why Black Hair Turns Brown

1. Sun

Too much exposure to sunlight is one of the main reasons for the damage to your black hair. When hair is exposed to sunlight, it gets bleached and loses the color from the hair follicles.

The black hair becomes similar to your skin color, which is brown. As we know that hair is made of dead cells and so those areas affected by exposed sunlight will tend to become darker.

2. Hard water

Another factor responsible for black hair turning brown is the minerals in hard water. The hard water minerals during the hair wash settle on the hair surface.

This even makes the hair rough in texture. Thus, there is a lack of proper moisture that is needed for healthy hair. As a result, the hair may initially turn brown, become rough, and lead to breakage.

3. Chemicals

The chemical-based shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and other treatments may sometimes turn the hair from black to brown.

You need to discuss with the hair expert the sensitivity of your hair and texture before he suggests any treatment to you.

4. Genetics

Sometimes, the genes are developed in a manner that brings similar changes in the family for generations.

If you have experienced a similar trend in the family where hair color lightens with time and age then this could be genetic. You will also notice brownish strands growing from the roots.

How can you prevent your black hair from turning brown?

We have some tips that can help prevent your black hair from turning brown. Keep reading as we also have some of the prominent methods to repair black hair damage.

  • Wash your hair with soft running tap water.
  • Use filtered water for hair wash if your normal water is hard.
  • Avoid washing your hair straight under the shower. Show heads have most minerals and metals such as sulfur and calcium. Thus, there are higher chances of these depositing on the scalp and hair.
  • Avoid walking under direct and intense sunlight. Preferably, wear a scarf or cover your hair when you have to walk under the sun.
  • Try a leave-in conditioner after every hair wash or before you step outside under the sun.
  • Stay away from harsh chemical-based products on hair regularly.
  • Use an umbrella to avoid heat and sun damage.
  • Apply a protein-rich hair mask at least once a week. You may check the methods online and make one at home.

Can my hair go from black to brown?

Yes, considering the above factors, it is likely that one can notice changes from black to brown hair shade.

If your hair starts turning brown repeatedly, it could also be due to iron deficiency and poor nutrition.

Insufficient copper in the body can affect metabolism and may affect cell growth. You may try other hair products and see the difference.

Other rare but possible reasons for hair turning brown could be due to underlying diseases and illnesses. A few to name are systemic lupus erythematosus and systematic scleroderma. Too much stress can also sometimes lead to a change in hair color from black to brown.

8 Methods to recover your black hair from brown

1. Leave on conditioner

You may have to switch to leave-on conditioners if you are unhappy with the visible browns. You never know if your shampoos or conditioners have been the main culprit for the black hair turning brown.

Most shampoos and other face cleansers are chemical-based. Switch to a good conditioner that can protect your black layers even when you are traveling.

Check out below a few good leave-on conditioners, especially with your condition of black to brown:

1. Sun Bum Revitalizing 3 in 1 Leave-In Conditioner Spray

  • One of the most highly recommended due to its strong protection.
  • Rich in coconut oil and totally vegan
  • Must for bright sunny days

2. MIZANI 25 Miracle Milk Leave-In

  • Heat protection
  • UV protection
  • Discoloring protection

2. Massage

Massaging is the best therapy for damage to black. You may use either coconut oil or almond to gently massage your scalp and the tip of the hair so that the brown strands do not spread throughout the scalp.

Massage also helps to nourish the hair, keep it hydrated, and retain the original black hair.

3. Natural shampoos

Use only natural shampoo for some time until the black hair sustains its natural color. Regular application will help you to stop the spread of brown strands taking place due to the damage.

Natural or herbal shampoos help retain hair color. Try if you can find gooseberry shampoo as that is generally recommended by hair experts too.

Below listed natural shampoos may work to bring back your lost natural black color:

1. Love Beauty and Planet Volume and Bounty Thickening Shampoo

  • Helps to heal damaged hair and discoloring hair
  • The organic coconut oil helps to protect the black color and leaves the hair nourished

2. BYRD Lightweight Conditioner

  • Helps protect from the harsh rays of the sun
  • Natural and chemical free
  • Helps to retain the natural shine and color of the hair

 4. Say no to chemicals

Chemicals harm your hair to a great extent. Thus, say no to any chemical-based products and treatments for some time until you are continuing to go the natural way.

Harsh chemicals also lead to hair breakage and fall. Strong hair dyes/colors/masks can disrupt the natural black and lead to discoloration mainly brown or reddish.

5. Hair treatments

You can opt for a natural and safe hair dye to get the natural black color. Go to a professional hair expert and let him guide you with some safe hair dyeing techniques.

They may also give you some tips to follow post-dyeing for black hair color to last long.

6. Cold baths

As we know the major reason for black hair to turn brown is excessive heat. It would be good to take normal or cold showers.

Avoid hot water baths. Continual hot water baths tend to remove natural oils from the hair making it look rough, dry, and discolored. It is one of the reasons why you notice brown strands on your hair.

7. Find a shadow

If the damage has just begun, you can stop it from getting worse. Do not travel under direct sunlight and find shady areas to stand or sit in public places.

Since your hair is too sensitive to bear the sun, the UVA and UVB rays could cause more harm and turn black to brown. It is good to take some sunshine for Vitamin D but, prefer morning rays to the harsh rays of noon.

8. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the best remedies for any skin or hair issues. Its gel even treats worse cases in dandruff and other scalp/skin inflammations.

Apply aloe vera gel on your hair and scalp overnight and rinse it with normal water the next day to treat the damaged black color.

Check below products that can work to prevent your black from turning brown;

1. Organic Aloe Vera Gel with 100% Pure Aloe from Freshly Cut Aloe Plant

  • Fresh Gel that contains no powder
  • Can heal the scalp from the damages of the sun
  • Sustain the natural color of the hair

2. Aloe Vera Gel for Moisturizing Skin & Hair by Kate Blanc Cosmetics

  • Thick Aloe Vera Gel
  • Helps treat dry, discolored, damaged, and dry scalps

Final Words:

Black is a natural color and we explained all the numerous ways you can save it from changing. Good hair maintenance and nourishment methods can help you reduce hair fall, dryness, breakage, and color change.