How to Dye Half Black and Half Red Hair at Home? [Step by Step Process]

If you know what’s what in the world of hair colors, then you’ve probably been seeing people rocking half and half hair. Not only is it an option for people torn between two hair colors, but it also helps you to embrace more than one hue on your head in a way that they blend.

A half-and-half hair color, like the name implies, is having two hair colors on either side of your head, with a clean line separating them at the center of your head. 

If you’re all about going bold with a half and half hair, let’s take you through the process of dyeing your hair a half black, half red color.

Is it possible to dye half black and half red hair at home?

Yes, you can dye your hair half black and half red at home. However, this type of dyeing is quite tricky, especially if you’re new to DIY hair dyeing. 

For a safer and more accurate procedure, I advise you to visit the salon.

A professional colorist knows how to get you the red and black colors you want, handle the process fast while protecting your hair against damage. 

If you’d still like to give it a try by yourself, study the process closely and watch videos until you’re confident about your abilities. Measure the parting in the middle properly or have someone help you divide your hair for accuracy.

How to dye half black and half red hair? [Step by Step Process]

Whether you’re visiting the salon or opting for a DIY process, here’s all you need to know about the actual process of dyeing your hair; beginning with the things you need.

Required items

You need several things for your half hair dye procedure.

  • First, you need to get your pack of red and black dye. Get a permanent or semi-permanent dye for long-lasting color, and ensure that both dyes are of the same brands.
  • You’ll probably need to put on an old shirt and wrap yourself up with an old towel to prevent damage. 
  • You’ll need to secure your hands with disposable gloves and get hair clips that you’ll need to section your hair. 
  • You also need vaseline to protect the area around your hairline to prevent the color from running. You also need to place vaseline in the center of your hair where you’ll do a parting.
  • Get a bowl, brush, and tail comb for the process.
  • You’ll most likely need bleach for the part of your hair when you’ll be applying red dye. MANIC PANIC Hair Bleach is a perfect choice for you.


Follow the instructions on your hair dye box to prepare the solution for dyeing your hair. Do the same for both colors.

Apply vaseline around your ears, hairline, and surrounding areas to protect them from the running color when you dye your hair. Vaseline will also help you wash the color off the rest of your skin.

Brush your hair and section it into two halves with a tail comb at the center, and use the clips to hold your hair apart from each other.

You can part your hair into four or into two. If you’re parting it in two, you can choose to part it into two parts; equal or unequal.

Step by Step Process

Dyeing the Black Section: 

  • Take out a chunk of the hair clipped aside in the section of your hair you’re dyeing black. If your hair is thick and full, you’ll need to further divide your hair into sections of 1 inch.
  • Apply the black dye over the hair from the root to the tip. Ensure to saturate the black dye properly.
  • After applying the dye everywhere, use the clips or pins to hold the colored section to one side so that it doesn’t come in contact with the other side of your hair or restrict your movement.
  • Wrap a towel around your shoulder to catch any dye that drops from your hair.
  • Stick to the timing and directions on your black dye box and set the timer immediately after you finish applying the dye so that it sits for the exact time. 
  • When the time elapses, remove the clips you used to hold the hair, rinse the black dye out of your hair until the water coming out is clean. Secure the other side of your hair that hasn’t been dyed so that it doesn’t get wet. You can matt it and wrap it in a towel.
  • Once the hair is all clean, squeeze out the water and wrap the hair in a towel. Then, towel-dry the hair gently and blow dry it the way you would do to your regular uncolored hair.
  • Ensure that the other part of your hair is still separated and secure throughout this process.
  • Once your now-black section of hair is totally dry, clip it again and move it away from the other part as you begin the second section of your hair.

Dyeing (and bleaching) the Red Section:

The process for the other half of your hair you’ll be dying red is a little difficult because red is a bright and unnatural color, and will not blend in simply.

So, if you have dark-colored hair, you’ll need to first bleach your hair before using the red dye. If you don’t bleach before using the red dye, the color will be near invisible.

Bleaching is a very complicated process- one that you shouldn’t do alone- which is why I recommend that you undertake the entire process in a salon where an expert will handle the process to avoid damage.

  • First, ensure that the hair is completely dry and because you should never bleach wet hair. That’s why I emphasized wrapping the hair up and keeping it away from the black section when washing.
  • Put on gloves and follow the instructions on your bleach exactly as written on the bottle or packet. Apply the bleach from the root to the tip and leave it for the designated time after which you rinse it out with lukewarm water until it is clear.
  • Dry your hair properly with a towel and then comb through it with a wide-tooth comb until smooth. Then, allow your hair to dry halfway before proceeding to apply the red dye.
  • Apply the red dye on the entire section of your hair, bearing in mind how full your hair is, and following the instructions on the container.
  • Once you have applied the red dye on your entire hair, set the timer and leave it for the designated time before proceeding to rinse it. Note that the longer you leave the dye on, the redder it becomes, so stick to time to prevent an excessively bring the head of red hair.
  • Proceed to rinse out the dye using cold water while protecting the black section of hair from coming in contact with the red dye. Rinse the hair until the water is clear, and then towel-dry gently to get most of the water out.
  • Air dry or blow-dry your hair until it’s fully dry. Then, you can release the other section of your hair and style them however you want.


  • Follow the directions on the dye bottle closely, and pay special attention to all cautions or warnings. Never leave the dye on beyond the prescribed timeframe.
  • If you haven’t use the dye before, run a patch test to ensure the dye is safe, the color is what you want, and there are no side effects. 
  • Use cool water for rinsing your hair at every turn, because it helps to lock the color into your hair cuticles. Always rinse your scalp properly to avoid leaving residues behind.
  • Always use the same hair dye and never merge products because it can hurt your hair and scalp.
  • Exchange your light-colored pillowcase for dark ones for a while, in case of stains.


After a successful hair dye session, you can now enjoy the beautiful results of your hair coloring decision. However, you need to care for your hair so that you can preserve the color and beauty for a long time.

  • Use shampoo and conditioners that are sulfate-free and offer color protection. 
  • Avoid swimming with your hair uncovered because chlorine can damage vibrant hair colors like your red dye. Reduce your frequency in washing your hair to protect your color.
  • Apply a deep-conditioning mask to your hair once a week. Deep conditioning masks have similarities with deep conditioners, but they offer extra nutrition and contain more protein, oil, and other ingredients that strengthen and moisturize your hair. 
  • When you use a deep-conditioning mask weekly, it will repair hair cuticles damaged by bleaching and hydrate dry hair.
  • Stay away from heat-styling as much as you can because it opens your hair cuticle and drains the color. If you have to use curling irons, flat irons, or other tools, always apply a hair protectant spray before exposing your hair to heat.
  • Once you notice the color beginning to fade, which is usually a few weeks for the red color, reapply your hair dye in the same manner as you did before, except that you’ll take out the bleaching. You can refresh the color bi-weekly, depending on how fast the color fades.
  • The only time you should apply bleach is when there’s new growth and you want to dye it. Observe your hair and ensure that it’s healthy enough before going through another bleaching process.

How much does it cost to get hair dyed half black and half red at a salon or spa?

Dyeing and bleaching your hair at a salon or spa is quite expensive, but it is worth the cost because you get professional service, and the risk of damaging your hair is eliminated.

The cost of getting your hair bleached ranges between $150 and $200, depending on your hair color and length. The price for dying your hair ranges between $60 and $200.

The longer and darker your hair is, the more expensive the process. This is because darker hair will consume more bleach, just as longer hair will take up more dye.

Final Words:

Now that you know all it takes to dye your hair half black and half red, go for it! Remember that it’s best to get some help if you want the dye to come out nice, and don’t forget to pay attention to your hair and maintain it properly. Go, girl!