What are Dreads? Dreads Vs Locs | Best Hair for Dreadlocks

Wondering what it is like to be a hippie? What is the one thing common in them? Have you noticed their long beautiful dreadlocks? Yes, hair for dreads are quite eye-catching and often signifies the happy-go-lucky mood. At the same time, this hairstyle is also full of attitude.

Beware as dreadlocks are not meant for the shy ones! They are difficult to make and are done to protect hair when the hair cannot be washed very frequently.

Let us venture more into the world of dreadlocks and find answers to some of the most common questions about them.

What are Dreads? Dreads Vs Locs

Meaning of Dreads

Dreads date back hundreds of years when sages of Asia, the People of Israel, and the Tribal of Africa used to braid or matt their long strands into dreads. It is something that is not easy to maintain or create in the first place.

Dreads have had a negative meaning with respect to history but is now proudly worn by people by people of various religion across the world.

The process of dreading starts when hair is tangled and the strands are coiled around each other and are in a fashion of fused units.

The term ‘dreads’ in short is used to describe the style of hair where the hair strands form rope-like structures and the hair locks into each other.

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Dreads Vs Locs

The debate will go on forever but to get a basic idea about their difference, let’s ponder on which one is a better hairstyle!

Dreads are represented as a hippie or untidy way of keeping way and also have a negative history. When the slave trade existed, this hairstyle was quite common among the slaves.Locs are represented as a cultural identity as it is a hair grooming method in many parts of Africa.
This Rastafarian style of keeping hair was adopted by a lot of foreigners and transformed their waysIt is purely a traditional method and is preserved by the African or Nubian people.
They don’t have defined rootsThey have more defined roots than dreads
They look very untidy and not neatThey look neat and tidy.

What hair type is best for dreads?

If we talk about which hair type would be the best for making dreads, the first thing to keep in mind is the texture of the hair.

Coarse hair has the best texture in natural hair for dreads to be formed. Coarse hair is kind of rough to the touch and gives a feeling that the hair is not moisturized enough. Dried hair is the best one when it comes to hair dreads.

Talking about hair, dreads bind with each other well. People with coarse hair know the problems that coarse-haired people face so they know that coarse hair is very rough to comb and maintain. Because this type of hair entangles with each other well.

Minimum hair length for dreads

As dreads require some amount of hair, there is a minimum length that is required. A hair length of 6-8 inches is considered ideal when talking about dreads. This is the minimum length but the longer, the better. Longer hair lengths are not that delicate and thus dreads formation becomes easier to maintain.

There is a need for your hair to be long because if they are long, it can be twisted into dreads shape nicely.  Short hair, as they are delicate cannot be put into dreads as twisting them would pose a problem.

Is it better to start dreads short or long?

According to the rule, the hair length should be a few centimeters more than the minimum hair length mark. The length is important as short hair forms dreads but then those dreads don’t stay for much long.

When your hair is long, more knots are formed in the hair and thus the dreads are better that way.

Also, longer hair dreads are easier to maintain and do not do any damage. As short hair dreads are delicate to handle, it is not a very good experience.

What is the best hair length to start making dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks need at least 3 to 5 inches of hair. Do not forget that this particular hairstyle makes your hair appear shorter than it is. So having a few centimeters extra than the required hair length is important to make the dreadlocks look neat and put together.

So we can say that the best hair length for dreadlocks would be around 5 to 7 inches or longer than that. Longer is always better in the case of this hairstyle.

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How long does it take to grow dreads from short hair?

Starting out dreads with short hair can make it look quite pokey and you might want to cover it using scarves or beanies. Growing dreads can take a lot of time and patience. If you start with short hair, then it might take years to make it long enough to reach your waist.

On average, with proper care, dreadlocks in short hair can take from 8 to 10 years to reach waist length.

How fast do dreads grow in a year?

Dreadlocks require a lot of patience and care to grow healthily. Every dreadlock grows at its own pace and that’s why you will notice that not all dreads are of the same length after a while.

On Average, dreadlocks grow by 0.5 inch each month which amounts to approximately 6 inches every year.

What makes dreads grow fast?

There a quite a lot of ways to make your dreads grow faster. The secret lies in how much nourishment reaches your hair for it to grow.

  • Massaging your hair with coconut or some other rich oil can increase the blood flow in the scalp and thus make your dreadlocks grow faster.
  • Keep your diet healthy. Eating a lot of junk food can hamper your hair growth and keep it from growing faster. Eat vitamin K and C rich foods.
  • Staying stress-free and happy can also help in making the hair grow faster and healthier.
  • Giving your hair protection from dust and sunlight using scarves and beanies can also help.
  • Wash your dreads regularly so that dust and oils don’t accumulate and block the pores.


To conclude, no matter if it is dreads or locs, maintenance is very essential. If you take good care of your dreads then they can grow faster and without any hassle. Keep in mind the minimum length of hair that is required to make the dreads. Wash the hair regularly and apply essential oils every week to keep them nourished. Nobody can stop you from having beautiful dreadlocks if you follow the steps with utmost care.