How Long Should You Wait to Dye Your Hair After a Relaxer?

Are you planning to dye your hair after relaxing it? Don’t worry much, you can surely go for it to give yourself a new look. You instantly add an oomph of freshness to your overall persona when you dye your hair after a relaxer. 

Dyeing after a relaxer is a fun way to experiment with your hair.  Plus, it gives you a beautiful mane and makes you stand out of the crowd.

But, it’s no secret that they also consist of harmful chemicals that may harm your hair and scalp if the process is not carried out properly.

Adding magic to the crown of your hair seems fascinating but it also needs appropriate care, protection and patience.

If you are trying to dye your hair on the same day of relaxing it, then stop! Beauty should not come at the expense of ruining your hair.

Here is a detailed guide to help you with everything you need to know about dyeing your hair after a relaxer.

Can you dye your hair after a relaxer?

Of course, you can dye your hair after a relaxer. Don’t let myths about dyes and relaxers hold you back from achieving your dream look.

All you need is to follow some common guidelines to ensure a safe and beautiful hair transformation journey.

1. Consider the porosity of the hair

Go through a hair porosity and elasticity check. Go for dyeing your hair if the results are fine.

But if your hair strand seems prone to breakage, then it’s better to drop the idea of dyeing your hair after a relaxer. After all, hair care and health are more important than shiny new colors.

2. Consider the correct volume of developer

Be mindful while choosing the correct volume of developer for relaxed hair. A developer is used to bring hair into a porous condition by penetrating its cuticle layer.

Relaxers already remove 30% of the cuticle layer and bring its structure in a porous condition. The manufacturer’s instructions stating the amount of developer to be used are usually mentioned for virgin hair.

Thus, using the developer according to the manufacturer’s instructions leaves the hair over-processed.

Use this guide to get the correct volume of developer for your hair:

To lighten20 volume
To deepen10 volume
To match10 volume
To deposit10 volume
To cover more than 30% gray20 volume
To cover less than 30% gray10 volume

3. Consider the processing time

dyeing relaxed hair takes less processing time than virgin hair. Depending on your hair type and thickness, the processing time varies from 30 to 45 minutes for non-relaxed hair and 20-30 minutes for relaxed hair.

Leaving the dye longer than required will make it over-processed and result in breakage. It’s better to take a strand test first to determine the correct processing time for you.

4. Consider your scalp sensitivity to the dye’s formula

Scalp sensitivity is common. Don’t forget to take a scalp sensitivity test to save yourself from any mess. Do a skin test by applying the dye to your inner wrist. Wait to check how the skin reacts and if you are allergic to the dye or not.

5. Consider hydrating your hair with hair treatments and masks

Curly and coiled hair types are naturally dry. You need to be extra careful about hydrating and moisturizing your hair after you put it through chemical treatments like relaxing and dyeing.

Treat your hair with extra nutrition and hydration with protein treatments and hair masks that are suitable for dyed hair.

Apply these hair treatments every once in a while, to maintain the shine and health of your hair after relaxing and dyeing processes.

Once you bring these guidelines into consideration, you are all set to dye your hair after a relaxer.

How long should you wait to dye your hair after a relaxer?

You should wait at least 7-14 days before dyeing your hair after a relaxer. No matter the circumstance, never dye your hair before 7 days of relaxing your hair.

The more you wait the better for your hair health. Waiting for this duration is necessary to protect your hair from damage after the chemical treatment.

Along with waiting 7-14 days to dye your hair after using relaxers, you should also wait for at least one shampoo session. This ensures your scalp is clean from all the harmful and residual chemicals of the relaxer. This prevents any chances of irritation or scalp sensitivity.

Top 3 Hair dyes for Relaxed Hair

Choosing the best hair dye for you should be a priority if you want a different shade of hair after you have relaxed it. We have some great recommendations for you to make your task easy.

1. Dark and Lovely Fade Resist Rich Conditioning Hair Dye

The rich formula of Dark and Lovely Fade Resist Rich Conditioning Hair dye provides a wide range of vibrant colors. The hair dye range is formulated to be fade-resistant and impart a natural shine on all hair types.

Dark and Lovely Fade Resist Rich Conditioning Hair Dye is made specifically for both natural and relaxed hair.

The dye has an excellent coverage quality and covers up to 100% of grays. The manufacturer advises using the dye at least 14 days after getting your hair relaxed.

Another striking feature of this hair dye is its intense hydration and conditioning qualities. It comes with the brand’s special “Moisture Seal” technology to ensure your hair is well hydrated while the dye works its magic on your locks.

Shea, Avocado and Olive oils add to the hydration making your dyed hair shiny and silky. The non-drip formula lasts for at least 8 weeks.

2. Texture & Tones luxurious Permanent Hair Color and Conditioning System

Texture & Tones hair dye is available in a wide range of shades. It covers everything between blonde, red and brunette while providing 100% grey coverage. The unique coloring system is formulated to suit and compliment gorgeous textured hair.

It has an ammonia-free and moisture-rich formula that seamlessly covers your hair in beautiful and vibrant shades of colors.

The dye is formulated to be gentle enough to be safe for both natural and relaxed hair. It is also fade-resistant to ensure your favorite vibrant shade lasts longer.

The moisture-rich formula provides deep conditioning to your hair strands. It also consists of five botanical extracts and jojoba for further nurturing relaxed hair.

3. Bigen Semi Permanent Hair Color

Bigen Semi-Permanent Hair Color has a gentle oil-rich formula. The best thing about this hair dye is its highly hydrating conditioning qualities which hydrates your relaxed hair and prevents it from drying any further.

It is enriched with beeswax, honey and sunflower to make your mane soft and shiny. The hair dye has is free of ammonia and peroxide. This ensures you are not damaging your strands with harmful chemicals with dye.

Semi-permanent hair dyes are gentle than permanent hair dyes. Thus, Bigen Semi Permanent Hair Dye is a safe choice.

It is also easy to use as you can use the product straight from the bottle. However, some customers have reviewed it to be not that effective if you want to cover 100% of your greys.

Final words:

Relaxed hair beautified with vibrant dye has its own special appeal. Refreshing your look with dye is great in demand and you should totally give it a try.

Just keep in mind to follow the simple guidelines and you are good to go! Don’t be surprised if you fall in love with the new person in the mirror.