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For any young adult the thought of a perm may remind us of a simpler retro time, the 80’s. With a lot of our family pictures flaunting the exquisite hairstyle.

Off late, it’s making a comeback to the fashion world. Loose, beachy waves are a go to look; but try getting it right without making your hair look like a ball of frizz.

The curls can be set loosely or in a tight set. Curls are used to create those waves in the hair and then a perm solution is used to set the style for months.

The current market provides many perm variations and choices differ invariably.

What is Braid Perm?

The braid perm is an alternative to the conventional method of putting your hair around perm rods. For a braid perm, it is usually braided into French braids and a perm solution is applied on the style for creating the curled pattern on the hair.

Depending on how wavy you want your hair to look, you can braid your hair once for little curls and many braids for a curlier look. This kind of perm is great if you’re looking for a ‘bed head’ look. It gives an effortless bend to the hair.

Popular Braid Perm Product

How to get Braid Perm?

The braid perm is fairly simple, usually, people end up doing 3-4 braids depending on the length and bulk of the hair.

After which, apply perm solution to the scalp at each knot of the braid and leave it covered in plastic using clips for about 20 minutes. Choosing the right perm solution is also important.

The key points to be noted are that after the whole procedure:

  • Do not play with your new waves; it may be tempting but isn’t advisable as the curl will take around 48 hours to set permanently.
  • This procedure is also known for sensitizing hair and hence gentle products need to be used, more ideally protein based products work wonders! Avoid using a brush or comb to style your hair, use your fingers to style them.
  • It is recommended to use a bond multiplication treatment at home some of the recommended products are Schwarzkopf FibrePlex, Redken Ph-bonder and Olaplex. These take-home bonds are used to re-join broken hair bonds which are basically done to hold the hair together and give it a healthy look. This also helps in giving a long lasting style.
  • Using an air dry for your hair is better than using heated tongs or irons, use of diffuser attachment on the hair dryer is also a good practice.
  • While the other styling techniques have seen immense improvement in its products, the perm waving style has fine and good products too. For instance, if we are using the Redken Inner Secret permanent wave solution which is slightly acidic (actually good for hair) and smells just fine. It takes fraction of the time it used to take previously with older methods.
  • The perm yields result according to hair types because with super fine and smooth hair it is harder to get great results when compared to robust hair.
  • For any wave service though, checking the condition of the hair is a must and to measure that we check the elasticity of the hair. If the hair isn’t strong enough then it will appear limp and flatter making it prone to split ends and breakage. So, getting strengthening treatments will make a big difference before getting perms.

Some may have doubts as to whether or not you can color your hair. The short answer to that would be Yes, but proceeding with caution is of utmost concern because coloring, highlighting or lightening your hair makes it all the more sensitive and frizzy.

The braid perm is also known for giving a bulkier look to your traditional perm which is why it is in demand these days. It is also the semi-permanent way to get natural waves and curls.

The braid perm is softer than the traditional perm which is why it is easier to maintain. However, since it is a chemical hair treatment your hair will need TLC and hydration.

How long does a Braid Perm last?

Generally, braid perms would last for about six months and their effect on your hair is roughly as bad for your hair as coloring is but unlike hair color, a perm cannot be washed away or chemically reversed. Hair usually grows out of it usually growing out of it into natural looking waves.

Types of Braid Perms

It all started in 1905 when Karl Nessler invented a perming machine. It used sodium hydroxide and brass rods operating at 212 F.

It used to take about 6 hours to complete a round of styling whereas now it takes only about 2 hours to complete all depending on how many curls and the length of your hair.

In the current market and talking about the year 2020, the perming styles that are most loved and are in trend would be the following

The Traditional Perm

The traditional perm

These styles are created using traditional methods of hard perm rods using a rubber band to hold the rod in place. These take the longest to style, taking up to six hours. Our grandmas usually love doing these with their little pink curlers.

This style is not recommended for hair which have highlights or if the integrity of your hair is not looking good because the result isn’t desirable.

While traditional perms restructure 80% of the hair, American wave perm (another type of perm) restructures up to 25% hence giving a more natural feel.

Olaplex Perm

This is an additional option that can be added along with the traditional perm. Olaplex perm is basically a bond builder that helps protect and repair broken bonds hence making the traditional solution a little extra gentle on the hair.

This technique allows people with highlights to get a traditional perm too. Thus giving them a beachy curl. The waiting period for an olaplex treatment is also significantly reduced from the 48-hour time period.

Man Perm

Man perm

The man perm is the perm for men. Men too desire curls on their hair and that is why this perm is specifically styled for them.

Depending on the length of their hair the man perm has special curlers for small lengths, this also decides if they want to perm their whole head or just the top part for extra oomph.

For short lengths, the partial perm is done where only the top length is permed and the faded sides are left in their natural texture. Some men like tight curls while others choose a more laid back loose version.

If you are looking for the California Surfer Dude look, an American Wave perm is the most befitting option and if you want to rock the Bruno Mars Perm a tight traditional perm will work wonders!

Root Perm

Root Perm

Lots of people like their naturally straight hair however they also love the bulkier beachy look a perm gives. Root perms are for the exact same reason. This perm is done only for the first 2-4 inches of hair. This technique gives that extra volume and body.

When the hair outgrows the perm, it will have a line of demarcation, in the sense that it will turn out to be literally ‘straight, curly and then straight’. Nevertheless, this could be a great option for those who keep up with their root perms.

Digital Perm

Digital Perm

Since its appearance in the market, it has created an imminent buzz around the style. It is one of the highly-priced perms with most salons starting at around $250- $300.

The difference between a traditional and a digital perm is that it is curlier when wet and is relaxed when it dries. The curls look much more loose and relaxed when dry.

Beach Wave Perm


We all know about the star of all perms the beach wave perms, everyone lately has been raving for a wavier look to their hair and they can’t get enough of it.

It is simple to style too, with a little bit of product blended into the hair and it looks like water and wind in your hair. It’s easy, in-style and do-able by everyone which is why it is adored by all.

American Wave Perm

american wave perm

There is a new kind of perm solution in the market called the Arrojo American Wave Perm. It is a gentle formula that restructures only about 25% of the hair’s bonds. It keeps the hair healthy and soft therefore giving an altogether more natural look to your hair.

Flexible perm rods are used to wrap the style and can be used to add natural waves, style support, add volume and give a tousled look.

How much does a Braid Perm Cost?

The cost of a Braid perm can vary greatly from stylists and even zip codes. It depends on the treatment you choose. Since a braid perm doesn’t use a curler, it costs a little lesser compared to the other styles.

The average price of a Braid Perm is between USD 60 and USD 150 and some really good stylists have their range starting from USD 200. For a braid perm, the cost estimation also varies depending on the length of the hair and how much solution it will require.

Braid Perm Products available Online with good User Reviews

Below are some of the best perming solutions with good customer reviews available online:

One ‘n Only exothermic perm

The high-rated product vows for firm curls. It ensures conditioning, moisturizing which makes hair all the more manageable and shiny

Normal hair insite perm

It strives for natural hair with no ammonia solution. It is also an argan-infused neutralizer. The product has excellent customer care reviews and can be found online.

Zotos quantum extra body acid perm

It’s a flexible solution that can be wrapped with water or lotion to give firmer curls. For even curl formation, it is balanced with an equalizer 3 conditioner. The neutralizer is infused with argan oil for weightless shine and brilliance

Iso option perms – option 3

This perm solution comes in three different specifications. Option 1 is for normal and previously permed hair. Option 2 is for every type of colored hair and option 3 is the best one yet for extra firm curls. It Is an exothermic perming solution for damage-free curls.

Popular Hair Maintenance Products available Online

Redken Ph bonder salon kit for both genders

It comes with a bond protecting additive, dosing syringe and a Fibre restorative pre-wash concentrate. It adds shine and weight. The price might seem hefty but it does have 9 counts of them and is best for all types of hair. Also, it can be used daily!

Olaplex hair perfector No 3

This best-selling product is best for hair treatment at a reasonable price. It works wonders as a bond builder. It is for hair strengthening and natural shine.

Fibreplex No 3 bond maintainer

It is hairstylist’s recommended bond maintainer that works for all hair types irrespective of whether it is chemically treated, color-treated or damaged. It helps in building new bonds and maintaining hair quality. It also balances hair Ph.

Braid perming is a loved style and easy to do even at home. If done in a salon, follow the stylist’s instructions for best results and use hair maintenance products as suggested above.