Box Dye Over Bleached Hair | Can Box Dye Lighten Bleached Hair?

Box dye is nothing but a home hair color. The other common name for box dye is hair dye. You get these at any local store, beauty products store, and supermarket.

Compared to other branded hair colors, box dye is inexpensive. Most of these come with instructions and steps to apply. So, you don’t have to worry a thing about the process. Compared to other hair colors at a salon, box dyes are more concentrated.

Before you read further on Box dye and its comparisons, one thing you must know about Box dye is that its formula can be applied to any type of hair regardless of whether you have thick, thin, dark, light, highlighted, colored, etc., However, box dyes have their pros and cons.

Can I put box dye over bleached hair?

can you use box dye on bleached hair?

Applying box dye on bleached hair may certainly have its effects but, it won’t let your hair fall.

Depending on the type of bleached hair, you will experience the effects of box dye.

For example, bleached hair that turned orange will have different results than bleached hair that turned dark blonde.

Bleaching is a process that is mainly followed to open cuticles so that hair color can have desired results.

In short, if you ask us, the answer is YES. You can certainly use box dye over bleached hair based on the points explained above.

Is it safe to put box dye over bleached hair?

If you are doing this through a professional, it will be a good try however, coloring the hair all by yourself at home comes with its pros and cons.

Inexperience may likely lead to uneven results. Some hair experts have stated that if you try to color complete hair over bleached hair your hair has a higher chance of turning dark or brassy.

What is the best time to use a box dye?

If you are looking for a slightly darker shade to your existing-colored hair, then you may try using box dye on your own at home.

In simple terms, it means that the final results of box dyes depend on the quality of your colored hair. It is advisable to get a semi-permanent color first before you experiment with other things.

Also remember, that the images shown on box dye packets may not give you the same results as most images are photoshopped. It all depends on the chemistry between box dye and your bleached hair.

What box dye is best for bleached hair?

Begin with temporary or semi-permanent colors. Keep in mind the desired color you expect in the final result. Do you want beige, natural, honey, warm, neutral, etc. hair color?

For instance, for a dark blonde shade, you may pick a medium blonde tint. According to hair experts, you must always choose one color lighter than you imagine.

It is because most DIY shades are usually darker in the box due to photo edits and printing. Check the size or quantity and choose the length of your hair.

Most experts have stated that it is least likely that your hair will look the same as shown in your box dye.

To come to the point, there are two types of box dyes; permanent and semi-permanent. Each of them has a different life span on hair.

Permanent box dyes:

Permanent dyes are ammonia-free and do not contain much peroxide. Thus, they cause little damage to fragile hair.

Technically, permanent dyes stay longer and give you a natural base. If your bleached hair has turned your hair fragile, we recommend you stay away from box dyes as of now. The chemicals in any dyes are powerful and may only worsen your hair quality.

Semi-permanent box dyes:

Semi-permanent dyes stay until 25 washes or depending on the frequent washes you take. These dyes come in various forms such as gel, chalk, mousse, etc.,

The most important thing to remember about semi-permanent dyes is that they usually cover the external layers of your hair based on the type you select.

Choose the colors in temporary carefully. Sometimes, that blue color you tried a few days ago may turn slightly green after a few washes.

How much box dye should I apply to my hair?

Since these dyes are concentrated and formulated to suit all, anyone can try them out. Although we suggest visiting a salon and getting ammonia-free hair colors you may still try to find one from the store.

It doesn’t mean that you enjoy risk-free coloring. Covering grey air and coloring entire hair to go blonde are two different things.

Box dyes mostly contain only one formula. So, if haven’t colored any shade before, you may get just one shade or color. Most hairstylists use multiple shades and formulae to get your desired look. Then the added developers play an important role too.

How to use box dye?

  • Coloring at home could be messy most times. It would be great if you get some ragged towels and old Tees.
  • Hair colors leave stains anywhere you touch and so you have to be extra careful while playing with these at home.
  • Technically, for thick and long hair, you must go for 2 boxes of hair dye. It is to ensure you get full coverage.
  • Read the instruction well before you begin. It would be better to read it twice if you are inexperienced so be on the safer side you follow those instructions well.
  • Begin with smaller sections and start from the front taking it backward.
  • Always wait for at least 2 days before you process the box dye to your bleached hair.
  • In case of any mishaps or issues with the hair, it would be great if you talk to a good hairstylist ASAP about it. He may be experienced to fix it soon. Be honest with your stylist and let him know where you went wrong.
  • Always keep your hair nourished after hair dyes, colors, and bleaching. This will help the scalp and hair strength to be stronger and healthier.
  • Use natural conditioners, coconut oil, and similar nourishing agents for your hair.
  • Apply the hair color or dyes with the oil already on. Do not rinse it. This will cause less damage to the hair.

Can box dye lighten bleached hair?

As explained earlier, the results from box dye on bleached hair may vary from person to person. Depending on natural hair or bleached hair, you will get the dye’s final result.

Before you color your dye, it is recommended to bleach your hair and then observe the bleach results. Your bleached hair will decide what type of box color you must go for to lighten your hair.

Here are some examples for you to remember:

  • On warmer colors such as light brown, box dyes will give you nice warm tones.
  • On colder hair colors such as dark brown, box dyes will give you colder results only.
  • It would be wise to seek a professional’s advice on what type of box dye you must choose for your hair.

Final Words:

We hope you have all the information you were looking for and are all set to begin the box dyeing process on your bleached hair. The decision of whether you must go for bleached hair or pre-bleached hair and, whether semi-permanent colors are better or permanent is a good option lies in your hands.

If you aren’t sure of what to do, you still have experienced stylists to give you a breather on your confusion and queries.