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Most people know Botox as a beauty treatment for lips and skin, but a lot of them have no idea about Botox hair treatment. Botox treatment for hair is the latest to hit the market which aims at rejuvenating your hair strands.

Sounds good? Well, you will even feel even better when you apply it to your hair.

What is Botox hair treatment?

What is Botox hair treatment

Botox hair treatment is a therapy that claims to help you remove frizz from your hair. It smoothens your hair and reverses time in the life span of your hair.

Experts consider it an anti-aging treatment, and it does not contain any chemical substances. It is totally free from toxins, unlike other chemical products for hair.

You can consider it to be a deep conditioning treatment that helps reconstruct and restore your hair. The therapy comprises elements like proteins, vitamins, amino acids, and lipids.

Therefore, in case, your hair feels frizzy because of the unfair weather outside, Botox hair treatment can help you restore it. It has the capacity to restore your hair fibers, making your hair shiny, silky and more young-looking.

Botox treatment for hair generally does not contain the elements of Botulinum toxin, which is the principal element of Botox. Rather, the name is based on the working of the product.

You can use this particular treatment for your hair if you have split ends, frizzy hair, very fine hair, or damaged hair. Furthermore, if you are lacking luster or volume, you can also apply this treatment.

This hair treatment fills in any sort of broken or thin areas on particular hair strands. It makes your hair appear more lustrous and full.

How to apply Botox treatment for hair?

How to apply Botox treatment for hair

The Hair Botox is an advanced, non-invasive, rejuvenating therapy formed to reinstate life to hair that has remained broken by chemical methods, straightening, and blow-drying. This powerful treatment guarantees to make your dry and fading hair look modern and youthful again.

The method makes its rejuvenating vigor from a mixture of stalwart proteins, antioxidants, and vital nutrients, including silk plus wheat proteins, amino acids, caviar oil, omega-3, and vitamins B5.

The Botox liquid fills fissures in the hairstreak, and replaces lost protein, moreover, it additionally provides intense hydration, patches split ends, decreases frizz, and attaches a brilliant shine to your tresses.

The therapy feeds strands from the center and supplies the hair with a smoothing impact without taking away amplification.

Below are outlined the general steps of the treatment procedure. Maximum products have sparse deviations in supervision regarding demanded time for product utilization and suitable flat iron temperature perspectives.

infographic How to apply Botox treatment for hair

Step 1: Shampoo

Rinse your hair two times including a clarifying shampoo to eliminate any remaining elements and assure that the hair is thoroughly washed and willing to get the treatment. Wash completely. Don’t apply a conditioner at this step.

Step 2: Blow Drying

Towel blot your hair to eliminate any surplus moisture and water. Blow-dry your locks on medium temperature to get hair approximately 80 percent dry. Disentangle your hair.

Step 3: Preparing the mixture of Botox

Extricate the expected volume of the Botox solution into a glass jar. Add the specified amount of warm water, depending on the preferred therapy and the outcome that you desire to get. Blend with the brush till a uniform emulsion is produced.

Step 4: Application

Section hair within 4 parts. Implement the mixture with a color scrub 1/4 inch from the beginning from the rear end. Make sure to not oversoak.

Comb the liquid completely in your hair to diffuse the product smoothly. Make sure that each hair strand is thoroughly covered with the mixture.

Leave the therapy on your hair for approximately 45 minutes. Place on a bathing cap and blow-dry your locks with warm air for approximately 15 minutes. The temperature helps the mix to enter the interior formation of hair.

Step 5: Rinsing and washing

Rinse off 50% to 80% of the mixture from your hair, leaving the outstanding 20%-50% for the blow-drying method, which will follow after this step.

Step 6: Flat Ironing

The next step is Blow-drying your tresses with a hairbrush. Apply a titanium flat iron to achieve and seal the therapy. Fix the flat iron warmth at 410- 450F. For delicate or treated hair, decrease the temperature to 356F.

Step 7: Maintenance

You can rinse your hair every day plus you can style your locks in the direction you desire it. To keep hair Botox results, apply a sulfate-free shampoo plus conditioner each time you rinse your hair.

How long does hair Botox treatment last?

How long does hair Botox treatment last

Botox hair therapy is beneficial to all hair kinds, notwithstanding of surface or form. The total processing rate is approximately 1.5 hours, and the consequences remain for quite a few weeks.

To notice desired outcomes, it is desirable to negotiate with an expert hairstylist before doing this procedure.

It is desirable to keep attending the salon till you grow more accustomed to the system and allow your expert to provide you with a fresh commencement.

If you do not possess any hair salon in the near vicinity which has indented upon the style though, you can constantly shift to conventional old Google to discover hair solutions that you can do at home.

Botox hair treatment side effects

Botox hair treatment side effects

As hair Botox is unfettered from severe elements and contemplated to be a further intense conditioning remedy, it is pretty doubtful that you finish up with unwanted side effects.

Hair Botox is a remedy that serves to restore your broken hair although, like everything else, restraint is important.

The therapy is proper for every type of hair, however, if you experience parched, crimped, or dull tresses, it is further possible that you will receive the advantages.

The Hair Botox treatment is additionally suggested if you possess over-processed or broken hair and desire to reestablish it to its previous beauty.

Botox hair treatment vs keratin

Botox hair treatment vs keratin

If you’re thinking of smoothing out your locks, straightening them, plus recovering their radiance and shine, you might be considering getting a Keratin or Botox therapy for hair.

What is the distinction between the two treatments? Here are several points about each alternative that can make you get rid of all those confusion:

We’ll begin with wherewith they are alike. Both treatments straighten your tresses, and both make your hair glossy, polished, and frizz-free. Also, both treatments infuse essential components that restore broken hair.

As they are long-lasting straightening procedures, they both protect your time in the day, reducing the regular application of thermal straightening machines. But, here is why they differ:

Keratin TreatmentBotox Hair Treatment
Keratin treatments utilize a synthetic method.Botox hair treatment is a deep conditioning regimen.
Keratin methods introduce keratin within your locks, the fundamental protein which is the fabricating base for skin, hair, and nails.

This repairs the composition of each hair strand, loading in the breaks created by environmental pollution and delivering each strand soft and smooth.

Other components in the method straighten your tresses for a long-lasting outcome.
Botox treatment comprises a conditioning therapy that further fills in breaks utilizing proteins, amino acids and necessary nutrients.

It makes your hair amazingly smooth and soft, controlling the frizz plus diminishing tangles. Here, no chemicals are used.
By keratin remedies, it’s necessary to wait for some days before rinsing your locks so the method can be set accurately.In the case of the Hair Botox procedure, you can rinse and style your locks the next day.

The soundest way to determine which therapy is best for you signifies to discuss with your hair impressionist, who understands your hair kind properly and knows your styling requirements.

1. Brazilian Botox hair treatment:

This particular product requires reducing frizz, developing overall hair health, returning finish, and changing chemical breakage to hair.

It additionally allows you to hold your waves. After rinsing including a deep cleansing shampoo and wiping your locks up to 80%, the therapy should rest on your locks for approximately 15 to 25 minutes, based on the wanted level of straightening.

Following the rinsing part of the method, blow-dry your tresses and form them as you want.  If you desire to improve the straightening impression, apply the plane iron subsequent to the blow-drying process. The effects remain for 2 to 4 months. Be certain to use sulfate-free shampoo for preservation.

2. Inoar Botox hair treatment:

If you’re hateful including the frizz gene, and your vacation feels like endless bad hair days, then the best Inoar Hair Botox smoothing therapy will turn your most uncontrollable hair surface into a smooth and silky touch.

Inoar Botox treatment for hair will leave you surprised at your brand-new model-perfect locks from day one.

3. Loreal Botox hair treatment:

Loreal botox hair treatment

L’oreal Hair Botox is the brand-new overwhelming keratin approach for your beautiful tresses. It provides you with Lustrous, Frizz-free, Silky, Touch-able, and rejuvenated hair in less than 45 minutes.

If you are a fan of popular Instagram-worthy hairdos, then this is the ideal pick that will make you look like one of those Instagram models and make your cover shoot ready within minutes.

Furthermore, it’s formaldehyde-free and it has plain and straightforward guidance. You can do it at home and it does not alter the composition of your hair. It takes excellent care of your hair care essentials, which will help you focus on looking beautiful with simple hair styling.

4. Keratin Botox hair treatment:

Keratin botox hair treatment

Keratin methods introduce keratin within your locks, the fundamental protein which is the fabricating base for skin, hair, and nails.

This repairs the composition of each hair strand, loading in the breaks created by environmental pollution and delivering each strand soft and smooth.

Other components in the method straighten your tresses for a long-lasting outcome.

Keratin treatments utilize a synthetic method. By keratin remedies, it’s necessary to wait for some days before rinsing your locks so the method can be set accurately.

Botox hair treatment price

The price of Botox hair therapy varies between $150–$300, based on if you buy the components to apply at home or receive the therapy executed at a parlor.

Costs further differ based on the place where you get it done. It is always best practice to enquire about the cost beforehand from different options available, compare them, and take a final decision.