Black Hair Turning Red | Why Does Hair Turn Red & How to Prevent it?

Hormonal changes that occur with time also include changes in the color of hair and eyes. The changes may vary as per our genes. Hair color change is as per pigment changes. The pigment related to hair color is known as Melanin. The same pigment also gives color to our skin.

To go deeper into the study of Melanin, there are two kinds, pheomelanin, and eumelanin. Both are responsible to produce pigments however, the level of pheomelanin determines the red color in your hair.

Why does Black Hair Turn Red?

The most common reasons for hair turning red could be;

  • Spending too much time under the sun
  • Using harsh shampoos
  • Using chemical-based lightening agents or bleaching products
  • Genetic
  • Incorrect hair products with possible side effects of hair color changing to red
  • Poor diet or malnutrition
  • Improper lifestyle
  • Dye color fading and exposing warm tones
  • UV risks from sun exposure
  • Products that have a high volume of alcohol
  • Side-effects from medications
  • Swimming in chlorine water

To share a fact, red hair color has the highest level of pheomelanin and lower volumes of eumelanin. Another interesting fact is red color is the most unique and least common/natural hair color rated in the world. Thus, it is very unlikely that most people suffer from this issue.

If someone has been complaining about their hair visibly turning red, the hair may be depigmented. This is a common scenario for those who bleach their hair.

The base color gets more visible when they travel frequently under the sun, near the beach, and use excessive shampoo.

However, not everyone who bleached their hair complains about their black hair turning red. It all depends on the hair texture, genes, products you use, and other external factors.

How do you keep black hair from turning red?

You need to take support from a hair expert or visit a reputed hair salon to get it healed or fixed. They would be able to find out the root cause of the red hair color experienced by you recently and suggest products that can help reduce the effects.

Most probably, they will apply new color on the top of your hair to hide the red.

You may also go for products that help prevent the black hair from turning red. We shall mention some of the recommended products to help you retain the black in the article ahead. Meanwhile, let’s stick to the basics of the reasons why black hair turns red.

Top 3 things that people follow to prevent their black from turning red:

  1. Color therapy
  2. Leave-in conditioner
  3. Use a sun protection shampoo

Using sun protection is the most common therapy for those who expose their hair too much under the sun. It helps to keep the natural black the way it is without causing further damage to the hair.

4 Home Remedies to Keep Black Hair from turning Red

Let’s look into the safest home remedies on how you get to stop your black hair from turning red.

1. Coconut Oil and Lemons [Home Remedy – 1]


  • Coconut Oil: ½ cup
  • Lemon juice: ½ lemon juice

How to use:

Heat the oil on a low flame till it is hot. Pour the lemon juice and stir well. Once the mixture cools down, apply it gently on the scalp. Follow the same process at least thrice a week until you see black hair coming back.

Expected Results:

Coconut oil therapies have been rated as one of the ancient home remedies known to have treated various hair-related issues. Within days of application, you will see visibly thick black hair.

2. Onion Hair Therapy [Home Remedy – 2]


  • Fresh Onion Paste
  • Shower Cap

How to use:

Apply fresh onion paste that you just made by blending in the mixer. If you can tolerate the smell of onions, leave the hair mask for up to 30 minutes for sooner results. Cover the head with a shower cap so that the smell doesn’t irritate you much and the others too.

Expected Results:

Follow the same procedure thrice a week and you will see the discolored hair restored. People have tried this on their issues with black hair turning red and some claimed to have experienced positive results.

 3. Hibiscus Flower Therapy [Home Remedy – 3]


  • Hibiscus Flower: 1 to 2 nos.
  • Hair Oil: Any basic hair oil (coconut or jojoba)         

How to use:

Wash the flowers gently to avoid any worms or pesticides. Pour oil into a pan and insert the flowers. Bring to a boil. Let the mixture boil for 10 to 15 minutes.

Allow the mixture to cool. Massage your scalp and hair gently. Repeat it every alternate day and at least 30 minutes before you plan to take a shower from the head.

Expected Results:

You will notice long and thick black hair that will stay for long. Repeating the process for long would not only prevent your hair from turning red but also save it from greying.

4. Mango Treatment [Home Remedy – 4]

Most of us love to eat mangoes and the fresh smell of mangoes can drive anyone crazy. But, this time you will have to apply these as a hair mask.


  • Mangoes: 1 to 2 raw nos.
  • Mango leaves: A bunch
  • Hair oil: Any basic hair oil (preferably coconut)

How to use:

Bring all the ingredients together in a mixer and blend them well. Make a pulp. Keep the prepared mixture under the sun for three to four hours. Apply it as a pack 15 minutes before you take the shower.

Expected Results:

You will enjoy thick black hair for a lifetime and no complaints about red strands.

How to Change Hair Color from Black to Red?

If you wish to intentionally shift your black hair to red, it is one of the easiest things to do. The process could look longer but, if you have made up your mind to go black to red, it is certainly possible.

Let’s read about two main scenarios of black hair to red. These scenarios are; natural black hair to red and artificial black hair to red.

1. Natural Black hair to red

All you need is any red color of your choice and a 40 volume developer. You will have to saturate your hair for better results. Allow the color to process for at least an hour.

It is because the intense red color needs more time to process. Read the instructions on using a 40-volume developer.

Tip: Start applying to midshaft and ends at first. You may then slowly reach the roots.

2. Artificial black hair to red

Get hair bleach, red hair color, and 10 & 20 volume developer. Go for a branded name in the hair products if you want the results to last longer.

In a bowl, mix the bleach and developer to form a creamy texture. Avoid making it too thin. Don’t forget to put on your hand gloves while mixing and applying bleach.

The strong chemicals may sometimes burn your skin. You may have to take a look at our other articles on the measurement of volume developer, bleach, and hair color.

Begin applying from the ends at first and go all the way up. Cover the entire artificial hair color. Leave the pack for at least 45 minutes for the color to process. When you notice the color turning red-orange get ready to rinse with shampoo.

Tip: Keep a check on your hair in case you are too sensitive to lightning agents like bleach.

Final words:

Well, now that you know both the processes of preventing your black hair from turning red and turning your black hair to red, we leave the decision to you.

Some people love the changes in their hair and do not mind little red strands that have developed on their black hair color. Just make sure that these are not due to any damages that you need to attend to.