Top 15 Best Steam Flat Irons | Steam Straightener Vs Flat Iron

The steam flat irons are known to be used to give extra shine while straightening hair. Look-wise also, it looks the same as normal straighteners except for the bristles that are inside the plates to provide efficient straightening.

The hair styling tool are damaging to the hair, but not this one. The steam hair straighteners hold water and provide steam while straightening, thus restoring the moisture in the hair and therefore there is no kind of damage done to the hair.

Let’s understand the benefits of steam straighteners and how is it different from normal flat irons.

Top 3 Steam Flat Irons :  Comparison

If you are in hurry, then you can check below comparison table of Top 3 steam Flat Irons and pick the best one as per your requirements.


Benefits of Steam Flat irons

Steam straighteners are definitely preferred over normal straighteners as they pose less damage to the hair and add extra shine to the hair. Here all other benefits:

  • Steam flat irons are gentler towards the hair and thus cause less breakage to the hair. They restore the moisture in your hair so if your hair has a tendency to go dry every now and then, then this tool will help your hair in not doing so.
  • They are very light to carry around and generally come in a compact size and dual voltage feature.
  • The steam flat irons have one of the biggest advantages to add extra shine and smoothness to the hair. The moisture that is restored nourishes the hair strands from within and thus makes it look glamorous.

Steam Straighteners Vs Flat irons

It is essential to know the difference between the steam straighteners and the normal flat irons:

  • Steam flat irons and normal straighteners look the same and have only one difference regarding their structure. While the normal flat irons have flat plates, steam straighteners have bristles attached to the plates that act like a brush and thus are more efficient.
  • Regarding the damage, steam hair straighteners use steam to heat up hair which is safer than heating up ceramic, tourmaline or titanium plates.
  • Steam straighteners require filling up of the water chamber every 20 minutes, which makes the process of straightening longer.
  • Traditional flat irons are faster as they have wider plates to cover more area of hair at the same time. Since the steam hair straighteners take up less hair at one time, thus they take a long time to do the same.
  • As traditional flat irons using ceramic plates tend to develop hot spots and make the shelf life shorter, this is not the case with steam straighteners. Thus, they have longer shelf life.

Top 15 Best Steam Flat Irons

1. Rush Brush Steam Straightner, Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightner

The Steam Flat iron by Rush Brush is the dream straightener for every girl as it is finally giving them a chance to have unmatched glamorous and shiny, healthy and nourished, and absolutely silky hair with the goodness of its steam infused technology.

What would be better than getting done with the frizziness, having smooth silky hair, and straightening it for all kinds of look, all at once? This steam straightener allows the hair cuticles to seal in the moisture and boost moisture retention at the same time thus transforming unmanageable frizzy hair to sleek and straight hair in no time!

The Plate material is Tourmaline and ceramic making it easier to glide through the hair and release more negative ions in the hair. The plate lock feature allows you to carry it anywhere while travelling.


  • Steam Infused Technology
  • Tourmaline- ceramic technology
  • Plate-lock Feature
  • Silky and shiny hair

2. XRFF Steam Hair Straightener Brush Titanium Ceramic Flat Iron

The steam flat iron by XRFF has a very trendy LCD display which indicates Temperature, time and direction which become important factors when straightening your hair using steam.

The Stream provided is quite robust and the stream is steady enough to lock all water for full protection of the hair. The process of straightening is really fast in terms of speed without creating any frizz and giving a better smoother effect which lasts for long.

It is an expert in repairing the frizzy hair as the frequent high temperature heating is most likely to destroy the whole keratin structure in the hair and is going to make the scales curl or peel off.

The steam straightener works for the replenishment of the hair and can repair the hair scales and make them hair smoother. It also comes equipped with 3D comb teeth which are plated with titanium, so that each hair strand can have better contact with the heating surface.


  • Titanium Plates are good for the hair
  • Robust steam provides even heat distribution
  • No frizz
  • 3D comb teeth
  • Moisture retention

3. CHENXIU Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener Brush, Professional Salon Hair Straightening Comb with LCD Display Design

This Updated Steam flat iron has a new technology that helps in producing healthy negative ions which prevents the hair from getting damaged, repairs the hair scales, activates the hair follicles and promotes overall hair growth.

The Steam from the straightener help the hair in balancing the moisture, seal it in, thus increasing the softness and healthy glossiness. The Unique 3D Ceramic Combs that come with the steam straightener are usually heat-generating combs that make your hair evenly heated by almost 360 degrees and make the hair easily syllable, Long lasting effect in the hairstyle.

The feature of adjustable Temperatures allows for different Temperature for various kinds of hair types that is damaged, soft, medium, and coarse or waved hair.

It comes with a dual voltage feature for easy travel purposes, a compact box for carrying it anywhere and is a perfect gift to give it your girlfriend, mother or sister.


  • Easy in carrying
  • Adjustable temperatures
  • Unique 3D combs
  • Steam is constant
  • Moisture balance

4. Japan Hair Products – VIDAL SASSOON (Vidal Sassoon) Majic Shine (Magic Shine) steam flat iron

This steam flat iron especially made in Japan has a unique ion technology which makes sure that your hair strands are not devoid of moisture and straighten them with a constant and steady flow of steam with even heat distribution.

The Titanium plates add more negative ions to the hair and provide a magical shone to the hair. The temperature is adjustable and the plates can be locked for easy travelling purposes. The new steam straightener is definitely a good buy if you are considering shine and damage free as your top priority.


  • Titanium Plates
  • Heat distribution by steam
  • Moisture lock
  • A lot of shine is added
  • Lock system for the plates

5. Curling Wand Tongs Ceramic Hair Straighteners Low Temperature Protective Steam Hair Straightener Flat Iron 2 In 1 Hair Curler And Straightener

What re the elements of a good day? You wake up, wash your hair and the hair behave as shiny and frizz free all day. Alas, it doesn’t happen every day. To look like a goddess, there are certain things you have to do and that include the usage of this steam flat iron.

It gives you a quick shape thus there is no need to wait. You can create new hairstyles each day and enjoy every moment! It is the most preferred flat iron for professionals as well as home users. When you finish styling your hair, it will feel like you just got out of the luxury salon.

Using the tourmaline ceramic plate technology, the steam straightener releases a lot of negative ions, reduces damages done to your hair, makes your hair healthier, and long lasting.

The coated heating tube helps in distributing heat evenly, reduces the amount of flyaways, prevents the hair damage, and helps in repairing hair. You can have salon style hair anytime and anywhere. Get selfie ready anywhere and everywhere!


  • Frizz free
  • No flyaways
  • No hair damage
  • Heating tube
  • Tourmaline and ceramic plates

6. Professional Ceramic Vapor Hair Straighter Steam Function Flat Iron with Argan Oil Infusion Straightening Irons

The steam flat iron by this company is a must buy if you are looking for a steam straightener that is non-damaging and at the same time gives you flawless sleek straight hair.

The steam function provides an even heat distribution and takes care of the extra hair and flyaways. The plates are ceramic and have argan oil infused in them to provide extra care and nourishment to the hair.

This flat iron won’t disappoint. Get ready to witness people staring at your hair constantly.


  • Ceramic plates for heat distribution
  • Takes care of extra hair and flyaways
  • Steam function
  • Argan oil infused Straightening irons

7. HSI Professional Glider Steamer Ceramic Flat Iron | Dispenses Argan Oil Infused Steam, Added Moisture & Thermal Protection | Tourmaline Ionic Hair Straightener

The Steam flat iron by HSI Professional has always been committed to delivering salon-like quality styling tools and other hair care products to customers all around the world.

All their appliances are especially stress-tested under extreme circumstances to ensure that they’ll hold up under extreme usage for salon as well as home. As all the hair care products are free of sulfate and made using argan oil, they contain the goodness of Vitamins A,B, C and D.

These hair products are animal cruelty free and are created to replenish, rejuvenate, repair, and add lot of shine and smoothness to your hair. It uses very high-quality ingredients and is paving its way towards construction in the product line which is expanding.

Used by salons and parlors worldwide, the Steam straightener features the ionic ceramic tourmaline-coated plates which protect the hair while making it extra shiny and healthy.

These kinds of plates produce negative ions into the hair allowing the smaller water molecules to penetrate into the hair cuticles in reducing frizz and static.

It was built for durability and long-lasting results and have the floating plates with curved edges also provide extra flexibility to straighten, curl or flip your hair making it look like salon- style.


  • Floating plates
  • Argan oil infused plates
  • Tourmaline and ceramic plates
  • Sulfate free
  • No damage to the hair

8. HAIHF Steam Hair Straightener,Wet/Dry Hair Straightener, Professional Multi-Function Ceramic Spray Steam Hair Straighteners Curler Hair Salon Steam Styler

This steam flat iron comes with 3 types of Steam Settings namely No steam, Medium steam and high steam. This flat iron balances moisture, seals in moisture, adds a sense of softness and shine to your hair, and at the same time maintains style for the whole day long.

The heating Technology makes sure that the negative ions are efficient, really fast, not toxic, not allergic, and which can also save the hair from getting damaged.

The steam straightner is equipped with a durable PTC heater that has the function of flash heat and low energy to ensure good temperature stability. The Temperature Control comes with 6 temperature settings starting from 150 F and going till 235 F.

Therefore it provides the perfect finish for all hair types. The customer service is quite customer friendly and replies instantly to solve your problems.


  • Temperature control with 6 temperature settings
  • PTC heater
  • 3 kinds of steam settings
  • Highest 235 F temperature

9. JIAWEIZFQ Professional Hair Straightner and Curling Iron 2 in 1,450F Ceramic steam Flat Iron steam Plate Wet/Dry LED, Dual Voltage Salon Fast Hair Styler

This steam flat irons is one of the easiest to operate and has two-ways of modeling which makes it a must buy and super easy to operate! You can easily switch between straight and curly styles using this flat iron.

It gives you a complete salon level feel and can heat up to 220 ° C which is the ideal curl correction level as well as the Straightening level. It generates the ideal luster that can’t collapse during the rainy season and it does not spread into humid environments very easily.

The 2 in 1 steam hair straightner and curling iron with steam pliers means that you can straighten your hair or choose to curl your beach ready hair with loose curls without much folding. The outer surface of the flat iron is such that its temperature helps you in making the curls elastic.

The plates are antistatic, ceramic in nature, tourmaline coated and have smooth sliding coated panels attached which provides more than 4 times protection plus extra gloss to the hair.

The temperature can be increased in intervals of 10 degrees and this flat iron is quite user friendly which makes it a must buy for everyone searching for the perfect steam iron.


  • Highest temperature of 450F
  • Ceramic Tourmaline antistatic plates
  • 2 in 1 steam flat iron
  • Curling and straightening all at once

10. BIXINYAAN Hair Straightener Steam Hair Straightener Flat Iron Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Have Digital LCD Display

This steam flat iron is a premium quality hair straightener with Steam a unique Functionality. The Convenient LED Temperature display helps in controlled styling. The Tourmaline Ceramic Technology is present for Smooth and shiny hair results.

To monitor the steam flat iron’s temperature on the LED display is quite a joy when styling your hair for the perfect sleek straight hair. Now enjoy a polished salon like look at home with this professional and high quality flat iron.

It is designed with 1.4-inch ceramic plates, and thus the iron achieves high grade and consistent heat to reduce the frizz and damage while it straightens your hair.

The High quality tourmaline ceramic plates offer a snag-free glide and an even heating in a larger amount than the traditional flat irons.

The new and unique floating plate design ensures your hair stays in direct contact with the heat and result into a faster styling and smoother healthy looking hair. The swivel cord is salon length and offers a great deal of flexibility.


  • LED temperature display
  • Ceramic plates
  • Polished finish to the hair
  • Tourmaline coating plates

11. DORISILK Professional Infrared Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener 2 inch Wide Tourmaline Ceramic Plate, Vapor Instant Heat Up with Adjustable Temperature, Dual Voltage

This steam flat iron has got all the properties of a good steam straightener. The Steam by the iron seals in the moisture in the hair reduces the damage that is caused by high temperatures and makes the hair naturally straight, shiny, silky, free of static, and nourished, all at the same time as styling.

The Infrared heat offered by the steam flat iron is highly efficient and not at all toxic. The water molecules are released in the hair and are sealed in the hair strands. The plates are floating and made up of ceramic and thus it styles your hair without any tugging or pulling.

The temperature settings are quite adjustable and have 6 settings in total starting from 150 F and can go upto 455 F thus making it ideal for dense and coarse hair too. It can also be easily carried during travelling due to its dual voltage feature and lockable plates.


  • Floating plates
  • 6 heat settings
  • Dual voltage feature
  • Moisture retention
  • Shiny and silky hair

12. FURIDEN Steam Hair Straightener Flat Iron for Hair : Professional Ceramic Flat Iron for Hair Straightening with Digital LED Display, Dual Voltage (Rose Gold)

The steam flat iron by FURIDEN is a kind of steam hair straightener that heats up fast and easily glides through the hair so that the hair gets done in just 1 pass over. This Flat Iron makes it way easier to get the straightening hair which is frizz-free in just a few minutes.

This steam hair straightener has like 38 adjustable temperatures shown on a LED digital display. With each temperature change only 5F° away with the help of control roller, it offers an easy way to choose the accurate mode that offers less damage and suits the hair.

This professional steam hair straightener makes sure that it locks your hair’s natural moisture under the right high temperature and releases safe steam while styling your hair, leaving your hair shiny and silk smooth.

It is also travel friendly with the compact size and the dual voltage feature that (110 – 240V AC) has the ability to automatically adjust to the proper voltage in the whole journey. The versatility of the product makes it a popular gift for women.


  • Fast heat up
  • LCD display
  • 38 temperature settings
  • Dual voltage
  • Free of frizz

13. SWAN STAR Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightner, Professional Salon 2 in 1 Straightening & Curling Hair Straightner with Infrared, Ceramic Tourmaline Heat Plate with Ionic (White)

The Steam flat iron by SWAN STAR has a special feature where steam is released from the iron and it brings your hair unbelievable shine and smoothness.

It not only protects your hair from getting damaged by heat but the infrared heating technology in the iron protects your hair from over drying too. The 2.5 meter long 360 degree swivel cord prevents hazard caused by tangling and constantly keeps you on the move more flexibly while you are styling your hair.

The plates come with a locking mechanism that helps in keeping the plates clean and intact. The sealing of moisture inside the hair strands and added benefits of silky shine keep the hair healthy. The six temperature settings are a boon and provide the perfect finish for all hair kinds.

The heating plates are 2 inch wide to provide you with an amazing smooth, lustrous, natural silky look in a matter o few minutes, thus saving our time. This steam straightener is suitable for all kinds of hair styles, especially for thick or coarse hair.

The steam from the flat iron adds moisture in your hair and makes your hair extra soft, and the heated steam by infrared technology cause less hair damage than the heat itself.


  • Infrared steam technology
  • Very fast heating
  • Advanced steam technology
  • Moisture retention
  • 360 degrees swivel cord

14. XY Fancy Professional Steam Straighteners for Hair, Flat Iron with Adjustable Temperature for All Types of Hair, Ceramics Hair Straightner for Both Dry and Wet

This steam flat iron comes equipped with a ceramic Organosilicon Ironing Board with Nano ceramic plate which heat up fast, are resistant to corrosion, have a long shelf life and perform stably.

The uniform temperature provided by the steam straightener does not hurt the hair. The unique Automatic Steam – water tank design helps in releasing the steam when the iron is not in use, provides extra nourishment to the hair and reduces the drying of the hair.

It has been designed for both wet and dry usage thus fulfilling the dual purpose. The flat iron has a seamless plate design which makes sure that each hair strands can be straightened with the flat iron.

Additional features include anti-winding Power Line which has 360° rotatable design and is effectively avoid winding and is convenient to use.


  • Ceramic plates
  • Dry and wet use
  • Long shelf life
  • High temperature
  • Moisture retention

15. XHI Professional Works X-Steam Pro Flat Iron & Straightner, Optic White, Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Styler

The steam flat iron by XHI Professional Works X-Steam Pro Flat Iron & Straightener is the first of its kind in the market that features one internal motor and a water pump that creates X-steam.

The X-Steam is produced as 4.5 grams of steam per minute making the process of straightening 50% faster. There is absolutely no pulling or tearing of hair and the hair gets a high gloss finish by the end of the process.

The special X-Steam is also good as it is gentle to the colored hair and keeps it soft. The special ceramic flat smooth plates in the flat iron touch each other so that the fine hair can be straightened.

The detangling comb attached with the hair straightener also allows for the coarse and dense hair to be smoothed out in seconds. There are five heat settings for all the hair types with 300 F for damaged hair and 450 F for coarse hair.


  • Gets Heated up in 30 seconds
  • One-ounce water chamber lasts up to 15 minutes
  • Removable detangling comb
  • LED display of temperature shown in °C or °F

Buyer’s Guide to Select the Best Steam Flat Iron

So what are the outstanding features that you should be looking for when you are shopping for a steam flat iron? Let us find out.

  • Brushes instead of plates: So the brushes installed inside the steam flat irons make the straightening experience better and smoother. The detangling comb that comes with the iron is an added benefit and helps in the process.
  • Plate material: The ceramic material used in flat irons is recommended by everyone when buying a flat iron as it helps in evenly distributing the heat across the hair.
  • Coatings: Look for additional coatings like Teflon or titanium which protect the hair from getting damaged due to heat.
  • Water tank: The additional water tank that is there with the straightener should have a capacity to last longer when straightening. The water tank usually needs a refill after 20 minutes of usage.
  • Dual voltage: As these kind of flat irons are easier to carry while travelling, dual voltage feature is essential to be able to carry it overseas.

The easiest method to get straight hair at home is using straighteners and using one of the best straighteners would be the best. Using steam hair straighteners is one of the best and feasible solutions.

By using proper kind of straightening tools and using the correct hair products, we can get premium hair straightening results with the least damaged hair.