Top 3 Best Steam Flat Irons for Natural Hair [Compare & Review]

The steam flat irons for natural hair are famous for obvious reasons. They straighten and add shine to the hair without causing hair damage. They appear same as other normal straighteners except for a few extra features that make it stand out and make it important for us to go buy them. The efficiency and results given by specific straighteners is always better than an all-purpose one.

The hair straightening device working on steam is the least harmful to the hair. Sometimes it even helps in repairing rather than damaging. The damage done is very least as steam hair straighteners have the capacity to hold water and provide steam while straightening, thus restoring the moisture in the hair.

Let’s understand the benefits of steam straighteners that are specifically used for natural hair and why buying them should be on your list!

Top 3 Steam Flat Irons for Natural Hair [Comparison]

How to Pick the best steam flat iron on natural hair

To have the best steam flat iron for natural hair is definitely a task,  and below are the key factors you should consider while selecting the best steam flat iron for your natural hair.

  • Brushes: The brushes fitted inside the steam flat iron provide an efficient straightening experience as it combs through the hair while the process is going on. The brushes are preferred over the flat iron because of ease and quickness.
  • Texture of hair: As the natural hair’s priority is to maintain the texture of the hair, the steam flat iron shouldn’t result into making the tresses hard or coarse. The straightener should be such that it straightens and keeps the texture and softness intact. Titanium infused plates do a good job in such case.
  • Plate material: The ceramic material is best suited for natural hair as this way the heat is evenly distributed across the hair.
  • Water storage: Steam flat iron’s one of the best properties is the storage of water to provide steam. Bigger storage provides with more steam and thus last longer.
  • Temperature: The flat irons are mainly operated by steam but average temperature range or control is a must for flat irons to give effective straightening. Temperature range from 260F-400F is ideal.
  • Coatings: tourmaline and titanium add good ions to the hair and reduce the hair damage that can cause the hair to fall or get damaged.
  • Dual voltage: This feature is very important if you travel very often. This feature makes it easy for you to carry and plug it in any other country.

Top 3 Best Steam Flat Irons for Natural Hair [Review]

1.      FURIDEN Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener

The steam flat iron for natural hair brought to you by FURIDEN is an easy and fast to heat up straightener that easily slides through the hair in just one go.  Few minutes is all it needs to make your hair from hagrid to dapper and that too, frizz free.

This steam straightener has a total of 38 adjustable temperatures that are displayed on a LED digital display. Every temperature change result in an increase or decrease of 5F° with the help of control roller and it offers ways to choose the accurate mode easily offering less damage and suitable for natural hair.

This professional steam hair straightener helps in restoring your hair’s natural moisture using the right temperature and steam control, making your tresses extra smooth and shiny.

The compact size and travel friendly dual voltage feature make it ideal for overseas usage as well as while taking the journey. It is quite popular among women as it is very versatile and gives the best results.


  • Quick heat up
  • LCD display for temperature control
  • 38 temperature settings
  • Dual voltage feature
  • Frizz free hair

Why is this flat iron best for natural hair?

This one comes with all the features that you would want to see in an ideal steam straightener. It helps you get rid of the frizz for whole day and improves texture of natural hair. It restores the moisture with its steam feature and doesn’t let the hair go dry.

The ceramic plates evenly distribute the heat and the best feature of this particular temperature is that it comes with 38 total temperature settings. These settings help in choosing the required temperature to perfectly straighten your locks.

2.      XHI Professional Works X-Steam Pro Flat Iron

The steam flat iron by XHI Professional Works X-Steam Pro Flat Iron & Straighter is one of the first straighteners that is equipped with one internal motor for better efficiency and an installed water pump that creates powerful X-steam.

The X-Steam that is produced is at the rate of 4.5 grams of steam per minute and thus making the process of straightening 50% quicker. By the end of the whole process, you get glossy hair that can’t be pulled hard because of the plates.

The special X-Steam is also gentle towards the colored hair and makes it smoother.  The special ceramic flat smooth plates in the flat iron touch each other so that the fine hair can be straightened.

The detangling comb that comes equipped with the hair straightener smoothens out the coarse and dense hair in a matter of few seconds. There are five heat settings for all the hair types with 300 F for damaged hair and 450 F for coarse hair.


  • Gets quickly heated up in 30 seconds
  • LED display of temperature shown in °C or °F
  • Removable detangling comb is equipped
  • One-ounce water chamber lasts up to 15 minutes

Why is this flat iron best for natural hair?

The water storage of this straightener lasts longer than usual and it provides with one of the best steams for straightening. The temperature settings of 300-450F allow for versatile temperature control and styling.

The detangling comb that comes with it is an added advantage and helps in better styling. The ceramic plate material gives even distribution of heat and thus develops no heat spots.

The powerful X-steam is unique to this flat iron and makes it all the way more special for it to be on your buying list!

3. Rush Brush Steam Straightner

The Steam Flat iron by Rush Brush is the one stop solution for all your straightening problems in the world. The steam infused technology helps in giving the girls unmatched finish and shine, healthy locks and glamorous tresses.

Who wouldn’t want to have a straightener that is perfect for their natural hair and does the entire job at once-from straightening to taking care of the damage given to hair.

The steam straightener allows the hair cuticles to seal in the moisture and it even boosts moisture retention at the roots thus transforming unmanageable frizzy hair to sleek and straight hair!

The Plate material is Tourmaline coated on ceramic therefore making the plates easier to glide through the hair and release more negative ions in the hair. The plate lock feature of the straightener allows you to carry it anywhere while travelling.


  • Steam Infused Technology
  • Tourmaline coated on ceramic plates
  • Plate-lock Feature for travelling
  • Silky and shiny hair with no damage

Why is this flat iron best for natural hair?

The special steam infused technology makes it stand out amongst other and is one of the best reasons why this straightener is on the top of our list. The plates are coated with tourmaline for good ions in the hair and the plate-lock feature provides ease of travelling.

The silky and shiny hair results in giving the overall finished look. The temperature settings are variable and seal the moisture in the strands for it to not dry due to process of straightening! This flat iron is a must buy for everyone who is looking for a flat iron for natural hair.