Top 3 Best Quick Blow Dry Sprays |How to Select the Best Quick Blow Dry Spray

A quick blow dry spray reduces the time it takes for your hair to dry. A good blow dry leaves your hair bouncy, shiny, and smelling great and gives you an instant uplift to your mood and confidence.

For a good quick blow dry spray, you can either go to a salon or just do it yourself! But we agree, doing yourself requires a lot of patience. That’s when these blow dry sprays come in handy, as they can reduce the drying time by up to 50%.

Quick Blow Dry sprays are designed so that they absorb water from the hair and help it dry faster. They also double up as a heat protectant.

These blow dry sprays also help prevent the extra frizziness in the hair due to the humidity, which helps maintain the style for a more extended period.

List of Top 3 Best Quick Blow Dry Sprays

  1. Kenra Platinum blow dry spray
  2. Color WOW speed dry blow dry spray
  3. KMS California quick blow dry

Benefits of a quick blow dry spray

Quick Blow Dry sprays are magical products that have numerous benefits yet are so simple to use. You can just spray on wet hair and then blow dry your hair usually. Spraying the hair will instantly help your hair dry faster. Some of the benefits of quick blow dry sprays are:

  • Blow dry sprays consist of lactic acid or AHA, which coats the hair cuticle, which helps in evaporation. This results in drying your hair faster.
  • Can minimize your blow dry time in half.
  • Works as a great detangler as it helps smoothen the hair..
  • Adds protection against hair breakage.
  • Gives a fantastic bounce to your hair.
  • Eliminates frizziness in the hair by locking the humidity out of the hair so that the hair can stay healthy for a longer time
  • Leaves a very glossy and polished result.
  • Helps the style stay for a longer time.
  • Blow dry sprays can be used over wet as well as dry hair and they can also be used on consecutive days to maintain the hair style.

Top 3 Best Quick Blow Dry Sprays : Key Features

1. Kenra Platinum blow dry Spray

Kenra Platinum blow dry Spray  reduces the blow drying time by 50%, and it also provides thermal protection so that the hair doesn’t get damaged and break off.

This formula is very lightweight, which helps in detangling hair. It helps in smoothening and softening the hair while eliminating frizziness.

Kenra Platinum blow dry spray can lock down the humidity for a long time, which allows the style to stay long lasting and fresh. It consists of silicones like Dimethicone and Argan oil, Jojoba oil along with other ingredients.

How to use Kenra Platinum blow dry Spray

You can use the Kenra Platinum blow dry spray by spraying it evenly on wet hair and then layering them with any Kenra Platinum styling product. After that, you can blow dry your hair like usual for extra benefits. 

Key features of Kenra Platinum blow dry Spray

  • Reduces blow drying time by 50%.
  • Provides heat protection till 428ºF.
  • Locks out humidity and prevents frizziness.
  • Gives long lasting and healthy results.

 2. COLOR WOW Speed Dry blow dry Spray 

Color Wow Speed dry blow dry spray reduces the drying time up to 30%, reducing physical stress and lesser heat exposure. The formula is created in a way that it helps in repairing the color treated hair as they are weaker.

The formulation is alcohol free, so the spray is safer and can blow dry colored hair faster. Since the drying time is so quick, it doesn’t damage the colored hair strands.

Color WOW speed dry blow dry spray consists of ingredients like cashmere amino acid and silk help increase hair elasticity and strengthen the hair in the styling process.

Since the formulation is alcohol free, the spray works by creating a clean polymer wrap around the cuticles, which tightly closes or shrinks each strand. The excess water can dry out quickly without dehydrating the hair.

How to use Color Wow Speed dry blow dry spray

To use the Color WOW speed dry blow dry spray, just spray it on your hair generously and then comb through your hair. You can use other styling products after that if you want to and then blow dry your hair and finish. 

Key features of Color Wow Speed dry blow dry spray

  • Reduces the blow drying time by 30%
  • Alcohol-free formulation
  • It helps color treated hair as it works with a new technology, which helps squeeze out the excess water from the strands, which helps maintain the hair color.

3. KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry

KMS California free shape quick blow dry reduces the blow dry time by up to 50%. It helps in reducing the friction while blow drying. It helps in light conditioning and protects from heat as well.

The spray speeds up the drying time for both blow drying and air drying. The formulation consists of lactic acid and malic acid, which helps in the internal reconstruction of hair.

KMS California free shape quick blow dry has polyquaternium, which evens the hair surface, and methylal supports water evaporation from the hair.

The ingredients also help provide a UV filter to the hair, and they are paraben-free, mineral oil free, and wheat free. It is also free from any animal-derived ingredients.

How to use KMS California free shape quick blow dry

To use the KMS California quick blow dry, shake well, and spray on to towel-dried hair. Then blow dry your hair as usual and you are good to go.

Key features of KMS California free shape quick blow dry

  • It Reduces the blow-dry time by up to 50%
  • Provides thermal protection
  • Consists of Paraben, mineral oil, and heat-free ingredients.
  • It is formed with an AHA structure complex so that styling products can work evenly.

Comparison of top 3 best quick blow dry sprays

ScentHair TypeItem FormSilicone BasedDrying TimeThermal Protection
Kenra Platinum blow dry sprayunscentedallsprayyes50%Yes, 428ºF
Color WOW speed dry blow dry sprayLight smelldrysprayno30%no
KMS California quick blow drymintdrysprayno50%yes

Buyer Guide: How to Select the best quick blow dry spray

  • The texture of Hair: Everyone has different hair textures like curly hair or long hair, or fine hair. You need to select the blow dry spray according to your hair texture. People who have straight hair or frizzy hair can benefit highly from the high controlling blow dry sprays as they prevent the humidity from affecting the hair.
  • Products you use with blow dry spray: These are used on damp hair, so it depends on what products you use after washing your hair. It would be best if you did not use blow dry sprays when using a leave-in conditioner and thermal protectors. If you use them together, it can weigh down your hair as the residues accumulate on your hair.
  • Ingredients: The main ingredient for blow dry sprays is alcohol because alcohol is a drying agent. In some formulas, oils like coconut oil, argan oil, and keratin oil help to keep the hair frizz-free and smooth. These sprays contain both naturally derived and chemical ingredients.
  • Thermal protection: a lot of blow-dry sprays act as a heat protectant so that the hair doesn’t get overly dry and become so brittle that they break off easily. The formula consists of ingredients that condition the hair by coating the hair right from the scalp to the hair’s tips to make a protective layer. These are recommended for people who use heat products directly on their hair.
  • Formula type: the sprays are accessible in two varieties; aerosol cans and pump sprays. Pump sprays can help you control the product stream, which is not possible with aerosol formulas. Pump sprays consist of heavier formula while the aerosol cans are lighter on hair.


So if you thought you could only get a good blow dry at a salon, we hope your misconceptions are cleared now. Many products can help you get a nice blow dry without the frequent trips to the salon, and the quick blow dry spray is the best of them all.

It reduces the time of drying your hair while giving equally impressive results in the comfort of your own home. These sprays help in reducing frizziness and leave your hair feeling smooth and silky. They help in drying the hair sooner and preparing the base for the effortless styling of the hair.

These sprays give your hair protection from heat and lock down the freshness and the hairstyle in your hair for a good 3-4 days. So decide the best spray for you from our very well curated enjoy the amazing blowout look on your hair!