Best Mini Flat Iron | Top 3 Best Mini Flat Irons Review and Comparison

Imagine having a flat iron that is not bulky and can be carried around everywhere. How awesome would it be to have a styling tool on go with you all the time? No more worries regarding your hairstyle as you will be able to style anytime and anywhere!

Our busy schedules and day-to-day routines can cause us to pay less attention to our looks and hairstyle. In such situations, Mini flat irons come handy. Now, just because the size is small, it doesn’t have to mean that the functions should be limited.

They should just be efficient as the normal flat irons are! Read on to find out the list of the top 3 best mini flat iron to get a better picture and to be able to choose what suits you the most!

Benefits of Mini Flat Iron

Other than convenience when traveling, a mini flat iron can also be proven to be the best at styling at the same time:

  • Portable: The compact design and the dual voltage lets it fit inside the bag and make it travel-friendly.
  • Curling: We often hear about how flat irons can also be used as curling irons, the mini size lets you curl each and every strand carefully. Using a normal iron for tighter curls always fails, that’s why mini flat irons are perfect in case you want tighter and cuter curls.
  • Bangs: Bangs have been in fashion for quite a long time now. The size of the mini flat iron lets you take care of your bangs nicely without hurting yourself and gives you pin-straight desired hair.
  • Short Hair: Say hello to your life-saver flat iron if you have short hair. Mini flat irons help you style your short hairstyles like pixie and bob-cuts and help you reach every nook and corner of the hair and give you the desired straight hairstyle.
  • Flyways: You often can’t get rid of flyways while straightening your hair with a normal-sized flat iron! Mini flat irons not only straighten stubborn hair but also retain them for a long time. No need to worry about extra flyways in the hairstyle when you have a mini flat iron!

Comparison of Top 3 Best Mini Flat Irons

Buyer Guide to Select The Best Mini Flat Iron

A lot of variations in mini flat irons might end up confusing you, so having a list of the best features to consider while buying the best mini flat iron might be beneficial for a quick reference.

  • Size and Weight: The best thing about mini flat irons is that they are easy to carry around without compromising on their efficiency. Look for flat irons that are smaller in size, and lesser in weight but at the same time offer the same results as other irons would do.
  • Temperature Control: Normal flat irons have a fixed high temperature that gives out a lot of heat that could damage the hair. Mini flat irons due to their size have restricted temperature ranges and take time to straighten dense and curly hair, so look out for mini flat irons which have an option of temperature adjustment for better results of straightening.
  • Dual voltage feature: The trips are hassle-free if your mini flat irons have this amazing feature. It is easier to carry such irons for overseas trips.
  • Material of the plates: If you have fragile strands and relay fine hair quality then ceramic or Tourmaline should be your priority. In case you are looking for a flat iron which can provide maximum heat then Titanium is the best.

Top 3 Best Mini Flat Irons: Review

1. BaBylissPRO BABNT3053N Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

The mini flat iron by BaBylissPRO  is very famous for delivering a superheat retention performance that too in a compact and travel-ready size with plates as long as 6 Inches only!

This little star is sure to get you smooth and shiny beautiful desired hair. The plate material is Nano Titanium which offers an even distribution of heat without leaving any hot spots & release negative ions leaving your locks very smooth & shiny-looking.

The plates of this mini flat iron are 1″ and also have dual voltage which is very useful for using it worldwide. This flat iron reaches a maximum temperature of 440F which is perfect for styling the hairpin straight.


  • Nano -Titanium Plates
  • Dual voltage feature
  • Maximum Temperature of 440 F
  • Travel size
  • Excellent heat Retention

Our Opinion:

This Mini Flat iron is suitable for any kind of hair, especially for short hair like bob and pixie cuts. It can even easily straighten dense and coarse hair due to the heat distribution from its titanium plates.

The size is compact enough to be fitted in any bag and it has a dual voltage which will enable you to carry it around easily and plug it in anywhere.

It may be very difficult to find another mini flat iron that is so effective at such a nominal price. This flat iron is sure to last very long and is highly recommended.

2. AmoVee Mini Flat Iron Smart Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener Negative Ionic Technology for Travel, Black

This Mini Flat Iron by AmoVee successfully delivers professional smoothing results while you are on wheels. It helps you in achieving super-sleek and straight hair with polished curls or maybe cascading waves.

The styling iron has floating plates that help you in creating gorgeous straight hair. With ceramic technology, the mini flat iron has even a heat distribution feature on your scalp resulting in no hot spots so that it doesn’t fry up your hair.

With tourmaline plates, it tries to achieve absolutely no sticking or pulling slowly emitting negative ions that help smooth the hair and eliminate frizz from the hair.

The temperature is fixed so ceramic plates will control the heat distribution. It even comes with a heat-resistant glove for the protection of your hand.

Living upto its name, this iron is very small in size and lightweight and thus allows you to pack this iron to travel and go anywhere you want. The Feature safety lock is installed at the tail for storage and makes it safe enough when not under usage.


  • Ceramic and Tourmaline plates
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Features include safety locks
  • Maximum temperature of 410 F

Our Opinion:

This mini flat iron can be used on the frizziest of hairs as it reduces the frizz by a very large amount. The Tourmaline plates make sure that the hair quality is maintained thus making it suitable for every hair type.

The size is small and the design is quite compact to get into any kind of bag. It is recommended for those who are looking for a mini flat iron that is travel friendly and can be effectively used on curly hair.

3. Conair MiniPRO 1/2-inch Ceramic Flat Iron

The mini flat iron with the Ceramic technology is one of the best mini flat irons for your hair in the market.

The flat iron has a dual-voltage feature that easily guides and glides through the hair using the styling plates across hair smoothly and evenly distributes the heat to give salon-like results while helping to preserve your lock’s natural moisture.

The temperature are quite high up to 365 F to straighten stubborn curly hair. With its mini size that fits perfectly in your purses and the previously mentioned dual voltage feature that works worldwide, this barely half-inch mini flat iron can be your constant companion whenever you decide to explore the world.


  • ½-inch ceramic plates
  • Ceramic technology plates
  • High temperature of 356°F heat delivers salon results
  • Fast heat-up
  • Power ON indicator light is present

Our Opinion:

This mini flat iron can be used on colored hair as the temperatures are not very high but moderate which is not harmful to colored hair. The plates are 0.5 wide which reach every corner of the scalp and straighten the hair nicely!

The iron is quite compact and fits anywhere. The dual voltage feature makes it ideal for traveling overseas. There are not one but ten reasons why you should totally go for this mini flat iron!


If you reside in a humid place then mini flat irons will become your best friend! They are the best when it comes to taming frizzy curls, and straightening short hair or bangs. They can also be used to set unruly beards and make them look perfect for any occasion!

There are so many ways mini flat irons could be called versatile styling tools. They also have the advantages of being compact in size and can be easily carried while traveling. Go, get it now and make your curls more manageable than before!