Best Hairspray for Curly Hair | Top 12 Hairsprays [Review]

If you are one of the curly heads, then you know the struggle of being one. They are always in a battle with their hair – fighting frizzes on hot and humid days, tackling definition problems, and other things that only curly heads know.

Taking care of curly hair is a task, but few products can help you achieve the best hairspray being one of them. Hairsprays used for the curly hair gives excellent hold on curls and keeps them frizz-free all day.

Look ahead for more number of good hair days, now that can we have a list of best hair sprays that you can buy for curly hair. You would want to stop at every shop’s window glass to admire how beautiful your curls are!

Comparison of Top 3 Hairsprays for Curly Hair

Top 12 Best Hairspray for Curly Hair : Review

1. Moroccan oil Luminous Hairspray

One of the best rated alcohol-free hairsprays for curly hair, this product has infused argan oil in it to provide long-lasting shine and softness to your hair.

It ensures no buildup of residue and resists humidity all day long. You will have no problem rinsing it out, and it gives a steadfast hold to your curls while not putting any stress on your locks.


  • It is free of brittleness, so no more feeling of crunchiness.
  • Alcohol-free hair product ensures no damage to cuticles.
  • They are packed with the richness of Argan oil, which provides natural oils to curls.
  • This hairspray is very easy to rinse out.
  • The formula is gentle on the scalp and thus prevents itchiness and burns.
  • Keeps curly hair moisturized all day, so no damage from dryness.

2. SEXYHAIR Big Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray

Give your limp locks a life of its own by lifting its spirits. This hairspray for curly hair targets roots for volume, hold and lift. The unique formula fights frizz, humidity and protects hair from UV rays. It is ideal for fine-textured hair.


  • A total of 72 hours of promised humidity resistance.
  • It provides a movable volume for all kinds of styling.
  • It adds shine to your hair for a glossy look.
  • Provides a Medium-firm hold to the locks.

3. AVEDA Be Curly Curl Enhancing Hair Spray

To understand how art and science of pure flower extracts and plant essence can be formulated in hairspray for curly hair, but this one. They enhance your curls and give your hair a long-lasting shine and hold.


  • Also known as Curl enhancer, it gives your curls the definition they need.
  • It contains pure flower extracts and plant essence – natural ingredients that are good for healthy hair.
  • Provide the hair with shine.
  • Gives Firm hold to the thick strands of curly hair.

4. DevaCurl Flexible Hold Styling Hairspray

This hairspray for curly hair is categorized as one of the best because of its usage of touch ability. As it is healthy for the spray, it has won a lot of editor’s choice awards.

Hair feels flexible and lightweight after using this product. An aerosol spray, the fragrance is of lavender, and it is easy to rinse out of your hair.


  • They make the curls soft and allow styling easily with added bounce.
  • Because of the flexible hold, it is easier to manage.
  • The Shiny hair is irresistible.
  • The property of curl retention is excellent in this product.
  • It gives way to all-day conditioning, thus keeping the dryness at bay.

5. L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Lock It Bold Control Hairspray

This spray, set, go hairspray for curly hair is what you need if you are always in a hurry. The lock it bold formula goes on a full day without disturbing the definition of the curls.

With a holding capacity of up to 48 hours, this hairspray gives volume and control over humidity for your curls.


  • Fine mist in this product provides smaller droplets which helps in getting softer curls.
  • It provides a stronghold for a better and more extended stay.
  • It promises 48 hours of protection from humidity and frizz.
  • The hair shines like never before once you use this product.
  • It keeps hair free of frizz

6. Kenra Volume Spray Hair Spray 25

Kenra Volume hairspray for curly hair gives hair all the volume it needs and firmly holds the curls in place. It leaves behind natural-looking hair and imparts shine. The strength and volume make any style last all day long, which is what this hairspray does.


  • It provides a solid hold of a kind 120 hours, which is unmatched to any other product.
  • This company has given a high humidity resistance for 20 years in all its hair products.
  • Keeps hair dandruff and flake-free.

7. Cake Beauty the Hold out Flexy Hold Hair Spray

This hairspray for curly hair has got everything that you will love and nothing that you won’t. You can easily style and spray with the ease of flexible hairspray, which lasts all day and easily brushes out of the hair. Say hello to good hair days and bid farewell to frizz damage and breakage.


  • Categorized as a Cruelty-free product, it is made out of natural ingredients and is not tested on animals.
  • It comes with hair fragrance.
  • No parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or talc is present in this product.

8. Garnier Fructis Style Curl Shape Defining Spray Gel

Did you know that shea butter allows for a more prolonged hold? That is what this hairspray for curly hair consists of.

It has the power to Boost your wavy, permed or naturally curly hair with definition and impart shine. It makes hair go frizz-free, and you can style it the way you want.


  • Keeps hair Frizz-free.
  • This hairspray is versatile and suitable for any type of hair.
  • This product keeps the hair moisturized which takes care of every strand from the roots to the locks.

9. OGX Locking with Coconut Curls Finishing Mist

It is time to tighten those tendrils with our OGX Locking Coconut Curls Finishing Mist hairspray for curly hair. The coconut oil and jasmine extract help in providing a smooth finish and make the hold secure without any feeling of crunchiness. Refresh your curls with this product.


  • Results into bouncy and shiny curls that last for two days.
  • It provides extra hold for a more extended stay and easy styling.
  • This product can be used for every texture of hair.

10. CHI Keratin Flex Finish Hair Spray, 10 oz

This Flexible styling hairspray for curly hair with control over lightweight provides an extra smooth and firm hold to the hair.  It helps in sealing out the humidity and eliminates frizz, no matter what the style is. Create a sleek and smooth finish that lasts all day with this product.


  • It is infused with Keratin to avoid damage to the hair follicles.
  • Strictly a no breakage product.
  • Keeps hair Humid and frizz-free.
  • The product is lightweight and easy to carry.

11. TRESemmé TRES Two Hair Spray for a Frizz-Free Look

This hairspray for curly hair keeps your curls in place and protects them from humidity and frizz. It never goes dry and is used by the majority of hairstylists. Packed with polymers, this one is the go-to product for all your hairspray problems.


  • The fruity scent of this hairspray allows for freshness all day long.
  • It is an aerosol spray.
  • It keeps frizz at bay.
  • It gives humidity and damage free protection.
  • It provides maximum hold for an extended-lasting stay.

12. Bumble and Bumble Does it All Spray (10 Ounces)

Last but not least, this hairspray for curly hair is the ultimate spray when working for hair sessions. It gives you the liberty of subtle controls, light and firm bold. This product provides a grip for easy styling and works the best with heat tools.


  • It can be used with heat styling tools as it is heat resistant.
  • Keeps hair free of frizziness and humidity damage.
  • It gives a firm hold for easy styling and extended stay.

Buyer’s guide to select the best hair spray for curly hair

Do you find your curls to be frizzier after spending one whole day outside, or do you feel that they have become crunchier? Whatever the problem may be, it is time to get a suitable hairspray for your curls. To get started with choosing, here is a guide to help you select the perfect one.

1. Type of Hold that Hairspray offers

To make it simpler, there are three basic kinds of holds – light hold, medium hold, and secure hold. Defined based on strength, these hairsprays have the same ingredients but vary in terms of the size of the droplets. Bigger droplets tend to hold firmly.

2. Side Effects:

Hairsprays can instigate allergic reactions like red eyes, rashes, itchiness, or sneezing. Hairstylists often complain of difficulty in breathing after frequent use of hairspray.

Study the ingredients carefully and test them on your skin to see if there are any side effects. A patch test can also be done on one section of your hair.

3. Avoid Alcohol and Paraben-based hairspray:

These harmful components will destroy the protective layer of natural oils on your scalp. Are you looking for a hairspray that can help to get the shine and health of your hair back?  Skip these ingredients and buy a hairspray accordingly.

4. Look for Water-based products:

Your curls need to be hydrated to look fresh and healthy. A water-based hairspray will make sure that your locks receive enough water from taking care of the natural integrity of your hair.

5. Avoid Sulfates:

You might want to skip this ingredient and look for a hairspray that is sulfate-free. The reason being that curly hair has thicker strands than straight hair; therefore, they need more natural oils to keep it moisturized.

Sulfate products strip off your scalp of the natural oils, thus making it harder for the curls to stay moisturized.

So you must have realized that with a good hairspray comes the responsibility of taking good care of your curls from the beginning to the end.


With the tips mentioned above, it will be easier to select a suitable hairspray for your curly hair. Clean your hair and try the hairspray you have chosen. If it doesn’t hold up the frizz and gives the definition you want, then you know you have to try a different one to get better results.