Types of Hair Mousse | Top 5 Best Hair Mousse for Curly Hair

Hair mousse is beloved and very popular among hairstylists and hairdressers. It is a purple-colored cream inside a tube or an aerosol can and when it comes in contact with the air, it turns to an off-white color.

It is used to give definition to your newly permed hair or curls and reduces the frizz by a lot of amounts. Before the hair is dried and styled, hair mousse is applied to wet hair, so that the styling is easier. Choosing the type of hair mousse that is the most suitable for you can be a tricky task.

This product is quite versatile and can hold volume and weigh down hair. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it so that the hair doesn’t feel sticky.

Top 5 Hair Mousse for Wavy Hair

If you are in hurry, below is the list of the top 5 hair mousse products for wavy hair for you:

Different types of Hair Mousse

1. Volumizing hair mousse

These are hair mousses that provide your hair with the required volume, frizz control and a very firm hold. People who have thinning hair generally require such type of mousse to give the hairstyle a fuller look.

2. Humidity control hair mousse

A lot of times your hair tends to become frizzy and lose its shape when the weather is humid. It can be frustrating as frizz destroys the overall look of the hairstyle. Frizz also brings problems like dandruff, oily scalp and breakage. Humidity control mousse as the name suggests controls the frizz on humid days and is resistant to humid environments.

3. Sculpting Foam based hair mousse

These kinds of hair mousse allow for adding extra moisture and shine to the hair and are recommended for those who complain of dry hair. It helps in giving a static-free and smooth hairstyle. Hairstylists use it all over the world as it is one of the most commonly used kind of hair mousse.

4. Thickening Mousse

This one is the best when it comes to hair which has a greater amount of baby hair. This lightweight mousse is super effective on thin hair and goes inside the micropores of strands to create a thickening effect. The texture obtained lasts for a very long time.

How to choose the Best Mousse for Wavy Hair?

1. Frizz control

This feature is the most important one to look for in a hair mousse when it comes to curly hair. Curly or wavy hair is the most prone to frizz and it depends on a lot of factors like humid environments or rainy weather or beachside towns. A hair mousse that prevents your hair from frizz and breakage is what you should be looking for when buying the best hair mousse for curly hair.

2. Texture and lasting time

The texture of wavy or curly hair is different than other hair textures and a normal hair mousse cannot suffice for it. That’s why a hair mousse that gives a proper texture to hair strands can give the curls definition. The lasting time is also important especially when the styling is done in the morning and has to go on all day through.

3. Damage

The damage is of utmost priority as it involves the usage of chemicals on hair for a very long time and the damage should be the least when it comes to curls. Curly hair is more prone to damage due to its unique build and texture. Look for hair mousse which has fewer chemicals and pays attention to repairing the damage rather than causing it.

4. Moisture and shine

The moisture retention of the hair should be excellent for the hair mousse to be effective on curly hair. Curly hair tends to lose moisture very quickly and thus becomes dull and dry. If enough moisture is not retained in the hair then the hair mousse will end up causing a sticky residue on your scalp which wouldn’t be good for the health of your hair. Look for a hair mousse that has excellent moisture retention and adds a lot of shine to the hair.

Which Mousse is good for Which Type of Hair?

Type of hair mousseType of hair
1. Volumizing hair mousseThis mousse is for those who have thin and flat wavy hair and like to have volume in their hair. Volume is important for hairstyles like buns and hairstyles which involve tying up the hair.
2. Humidity control hair mousse    In cities where the humid weather is frequent and you have curly hair which is sensitive towards humidity then a hair mousse that keeps you from humidity is the need of the hour for you.
3. Sculpting Foam based hair mousse      The scalp which produces more sebum tends to make residue with hair products. If you tend to have oily hair very often then choose a hair mousse that is foam based and cleans the scalp of extra oil.
4. Thickening mousse    The hair strands are of different thicknesses. People with wavy or curly hair with very thin strands can appear to have less density of hair even if they have a lot of hair. Thickening mousse in such cases is a blessing as they go inside the pores of strands and thicken them to give you an overall finished look.

Top 5 Best Mousse for Curly Hair or Wavy Hair

1. OGX Locking + Coconut Curls Decadent Creamy Mousse, 7.9 Ounce

Confused about whether to take foam or a cream? What if I tell you that you can take both? This hair mousse which is half foam and half cream is heaven for your curls and waves.

Enriched with natural oils such as shea butter and coconut, it makes sure to lock your tendrils with adequate moisture and remains de-frizzed throughout the day. They are the best when it comes to taking care of the needs and wants of your hair.

They don’t focus on making your hair look perfect, but rather make it look smoother, fuller and frizz-free for the best outcomes. They add the right amount of bounce and even protect your hair from damage by color-treated hair.


  • De-frizzes hair
  • Tightens and enhances curls
  • Part foam and part cream
  • Smoother and fuller hair

Why is this Mousse best for Wavy Hair?

Wavy hair has the biggest problem of getting frizzy by the middle of the day due to the surroundings, weather or sweat. This hair mousse by OGX works on frizz problems and rips it off completely.

It takes care of the moisture balance adding the right amount of moisture to the needed parts and strands. The ever-lasting shine and texture differentiate it from the rest of the hair mousse. It is definitely worth going for!

2. Nexxus Mousse plus Volumizing Foam, for Volume, 10.6 oz

This salon-quality hair mousse by Nexxus is everything you are looking for in a perfect hair mousse. The sculpting foam hair mousse rids the hair strands of the entire frizz and caused due to humidity and urban aggressors.

It naturally lifts fine curly hair keeping it flat while retaining the natural movement of the hair.  It adds a lot of volume and lasting shine to the hair.

The keratin-enriched hair mousse filled with ceramides as well, makes sure that the hair remains healthy and away from all the damage. The repairing properties of the hair mousse make it an ideal product to buy.


  • Keratin infused cream
  • No frizz
  • Adds volume
  • Keep hair healthy and damage free

Why is this Mousse best for Curly Hair?

Curly hair needs basically a frizz-free, sometimes Volumizing and all-time damage-free hair mousse. All the qualities of a good hair mousse can be found in this one.

Moisture balance and healthy locks with glam and shine are added advantages for the hair. The de-frizz formula strips your hair of any frizz causing components and keeps it fresh all day.

The volume added by the hair mousse gives your hair a fuller look thus adding a look of satisfaction along with amazing hairstyles. There is no reason that you shouldn’t be buying this product already!

3. SEXYHAIR Big Root Pump Plus Humidity Resistant Volumizing Spray Mousse

This modifying and volumizing hair mousse, which comes for men and women, both, is a type of mousse spray that gives you pumped-up roots in minutes and can be easily sprayed into dry and damaged hair to add textural volume and in all, to help you achieve your personalized Big Sexy Hair look.

This mousse can be easily used on hair after its Blow-dried and it gives a sense of volume which helps to protect your hair from heat damage. In short, protection from humidity & medium hold is provided. It is recommended by hairstylists around the world.


  • Resistant to humidity
  • Volumizing hair spray
  • Damaged hair repair
  • Unisexual
  • Premium Hair beauty product

Why is this Mousse best for Wavy Hair?

As it is resistant to humidity, it works great with hair that is curly and voluminous. If you have thin wavy hair, then this one suits you as well too as it makes sure that your hair remains free of frizz and volume is shown.

The unisexual feature is kind of relieving as there is no need of keeping different products for both men and women individually. Premium hair beauty is free of any hair styling worries that you might have.

4. Moroccan oil Volumizing Mousse

Hair mousse brought to you by Moroccan oil which is a very famous brand among hair products is a weightless styling mousse that helps in building long-lasting body with the right texture and provides a kind of flexible hold.

It is quite enriched with conditioners so that your hair comes out looking sleek and soft. This hair mousse creates natural volume without leaving a sticky residue on the hair.

The unique thing about this mousse is the “Memory” factor that prevents flaking on the scalp when hair is reshaped or restyled frequently. The de-frizzing formula is also quite noticeable for curly hair.


  • No dandruff
  • Long lasting
  • Weightless
  • Flexible for styling

Why is this Mousse best for Wavy Hair?

I wouldn’t be wrong if I say that this hair mousse will provide you with the best styling options with absolutely no side effects or damage.

This one prevents your scalp from developing dandruff when styling is performed multiple times. It is quite flexible for styling, something which you look for in an ideal hair mousse.

The no frizz feature and moisture retention formula make it stand out amongst the other hair mousse brands. This one will be a good buy for the best hair mousse for curly hair.

5. BIOLAGE Styling Whipped Volume Mousse

Hair mousse by BIOLAGE is an amazing Bodifying Mousse that pioneers at delivering quite a voluminous body, non-sticky bounce, and natural textured softness for natural-looking volume seekers customers.

The medium hold by the hair mousse paves a way for a unique styling cream that is good at fulfilling all the requirements of being the best hair mousse out there.  This specific Styling Whipped Volume Mousse is a lightweight mousse that has a texture similar to whipped cream and adds a lot of wanted shine to the hair.

It acts as a superb hair primer and this professional product provides extreme strength to the strands and acts as a hair protectant against future hair breakage and is great for both long hair and short hair. It is completely harmless as it contains no Parabens, Mineral Oil or any Artificial Colorants.

Why is this Mousse best for Curly Hair?

The natural ingredients along with no frizz formula make this hair mousse the best hair mousse for wavy or curly hair. It even acts as a protectant against all the future breakage that comes with heavy usage of all the chemical-filled hair products.

It offers all the stylists high-quality results in just a few days. As there are no harmful effects of this hair mousse, it is suitable for all types of hair. The moisture retention is excellent and it adds glam to your usually dull hair.

This hair mousse is all you need to get all the heads turning in your direction when you walk through that door!


The above list provides you with various kinds of hair mousse that you can buy and try on your tresses. Remember to buy a hair mousse that possesses most of the above qualities to get the best results.

Sometimes few hair types might not respond well to a particular hair mousse. Do not worry, there is always a hair mousse for everyone out there. Just a few trials will help you find the best hair mousse for curly hair.