Select Best Hair Color Wax from Top 5 Hair Wax Color Products

A hair color wax is an excellent option to try out if people are new to the hair coloring trend. This offers a range of colors without any commitment and comes out with one or two washes. 

Hair color waxes are a good choice for anyone who wants to experiment with which hair color will suit them best!

One of the best things about trying wax hair color is that it is very easy and convenient to apply. If you cannot find enough reasons to try out hair wax color yet then read this article to find out.

What is color hair wax?

Hair color wax is just a temporary hair color that comes out easily in one or two washes. It is perfect to try on if you wish to dye your hair for a particular occasion or simply for a fancy dress party.

The application of wax hair color is also super easy. Make sure your hair is freshly washed and conditioned.

Take some hair wax and gently apply to your hair evenly to the areas where you want to color it. For more intensity, apply a second layer after the first one dries off in 20 minutes. And voila! Your new temporary look is ready!

Temporary hair color wax is a good option but it can turn into an unpleasant experience if you don’t use the best products in the market. Imagine dyeing your hair pink for a birthday party and ending up at work with the same hair color two days later because it didn’t go away after washing your hair.

To avoid such embarrassing situations, we have listed down a list of features and products you should look at before buying a hair color wax.

Top 5 Best Hair Color Wax Products

Which hair color wax is suitable for your hair?

Type of hairType of hair color wax/ shade
Blonde straight hairColors like gray, white and light golden brown. A few bold colors like blue and green would also be suitable considering the skin tone; gel-based hair wax
Brown hair curly or straightCherry red, dark brown, golden, shades of orange gel or cream-based hair color wax
African American hairBold colors or subtle colors depending on the skin tones; gel-based hair color wax
Jet black asian hairColors like golden, brown and cherry red
Dry and damaged hairAny hair color wax which has essential oils present in them for moisturizing.
Hair colored hairHair color waxes that do not have chemicals that could disrupt the already existing hair color; any shade depending on your hair color)

Key factors to consider before Purchasing Hair wax color

  • Easy to apply: Most hair color waxes are very easy to apply and this is the first feature you should be looking for. Shop for color hair wax which is easy to apply and dries quickly.
  • Hair texture – Stay away from color waxes which are only restricted to one or two hair textures only. There are a lot of hair color waxes that are for every hair texture, from intensely curly to sleek straight. Make sure you keep it in mind.
  • Happy and healthy hair – A lot of hair color waxes have essential oils in them which make the hair voluminous and keep it healthy and moisturized. Thick hair looks best with hair colors.
  • Non-damaging– The hair color waxes shouldn’t have too many chemicals; else using them frequently can result in dry and damaged hair with split ends.
  • Color choice – This is the first thing you should decide as there is a range of colors out there for you to choose from. Choose the color according to your skin tones and make sure it doesn’t look awry on you.

Top 5 Best Hair Color Wax

1. MOFAJANG Hair Coloring Dye Wax, Wine Red Instant Hair Wax

The wax hair color by Mofajang is one of the best-rated products in the market and they come in a variety of colors to choose from. The red color is the most bought one; this hair coloring product is one of the safest and most fun ways to color your hair.

It gives your hair what it needs for some extra glam and styling. It perfectly works to give your hair some styling hold, providing temporary color at the same time.

The formula when applied doesn’t feel sticky at all and also washes out easily and in one go. The coverage of the hair dye is excellent and doesn’t damage your hair at all. In all, this choice would be perfect for an evening transformation!!

Make your friends and enemies look at you with awe with some extra flare added to your style. This one is must keep in your hair product arsenal and is suitable for dress-up nights.


  • Made up of natural ingredients
  • Comes in 7 basic colors for you to mix and make different colors
  • Environment and hair friendly
  • Washes out easily
  • No damage to the hair follicles

Why is this hair color wax best for your hair?

This particular hair color wax by Mofajang is ideal for anyone who is thinking of temporarily dyeing their hair and looking for a change. It comes in 7 basic colors so you can easily mix them and color your hair to a color that you find the most attractive.

It is very easy to apply and can be applied to a lot of hair textures around the world without any side effects, even African American hair. For curly hair, the amount of hair color wax has to be more but it comes out beautifully after it is done.

As it is made up of natural ingredients, the hair color wax keeps the hair voluminous and is non-damaging at the same time. Washes out immediately, this one definitely has to be on your top buyer’s list.

2. Fun Temporary Hair Color Wax Wash Out Hair Color Hair Dye Wax

Whether it’s time to go to a fun party or cosplay at your next convention, temporary hair color wax by Ms.Dear is a fun pick.

It is a great way to try various hair colors and is perfect for those who want to try out new hair color trends but are too scared to for long-lasting hair color. It is also suitable for daily use.

With this amazing product, you can easily transform your hair from a dull version to vibrant color of your choice. Say bye to bad hair days with this product as you can color your hair which in turn adds color to your life.

Also, this product is very easy to apply and remove so as to not bring any kind of damage to your hair. It washes out very quickly without even applying shampoo and that’s the best feature about it.


  • Made from plant extracts
  • Very easy to apply and wash out
  • Can last upto 7 days without washing

Why is this hair color wax best for your hair?

Available for all hair types, it is one of the best picks for hair color wax. The hair color can last upto 7 days if you go without washing your hair which is pretty much a long time compared to other hair color waxes.

This wax hair color product comes in other colors too and just not white. The best feature of this product is the ease of application and it washes out the moment it touches water.

The natural extracts present in the hair color wax make sure your hair is non-damaging and remains healthy. The mild scent is an added advantage and it even saves your hair from toxic chemicals and their harm.

3. Hair Paint Wax A Splash of Color

This one is a temporary water-based hair coloring solution (hair color wax) for those who are keen on trying a new hair color every day or every week.

With the ease of application and ease of washing it out, it also gives a very strong hold and doesn’t damage hair at all. It is totally made from natural ingredients and thus doesn’t harm your health at all.

It is unisexual in nature and it gives a matte finish to hair with added shine. Not only is it made from plant extracts, but it also gives the desired shape to the hair.

to almost all hair types, this one will definitely be the best buy in terms of the hair coloring products list.


  • No Harm to Hair
  • Healthy Hair Dye
  • Made from Healthy Plant Extract
  • Easy Styling and Coloring
  • Easy Cleaning

Why is this hair color wax best for your hair?

This color hair wax is ideal for all hair types and comes in a variety of colors for you to mix and match. The plant extracts ingredients make sure that your hair stays healthy and nourished and doesn’t do any damage to the hair.

It adds the desired volume too and gives a finished matte look to both women and men. The easy styling and coloring option is the best feature. It is quite easy to clean as well and requires just one wash. You definitely won’t regret your decision to buy this product.

4. EZGO Washable Temporary Hair Color Wax

Going to a dress-up party but forgot to set your hair? For times like these, having EZGO’s hair color wax is one of the best things as it is easy to apply to your hair and hardly takes 10 minutes to set in.

The easy wash-out formula lets you go to the office or workplace in peace the next day. It is a perfect pick for nightclubs or a Halloween party and comes in handy in such situations. There are a lot of colors to choose from and experiment with.

It is also a great choice for those who are looking for a temporary hair color change before they switch to a permanent one. Made up of natural plant ingredients, it saves your scalp from any kind of irritation and hair damage.


  • Made of natural ingredients
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to apply
  • Available in a variety of colors

Why is this hair color wax best for your hair?

This hair color wax is a perfect buy for those who are in search of a solution for a non-damaging temporary hair coloring product. This one has all the features required to be on the list of best hair color waxes available out there.

It goes with any hair type or texture, is very easy to apply and wash out, keeps the hair healthy and shiny and is the least harmful to the hair. Its availability in a lot of colors is an added benefit and suits every kind of hair. This one is worth giving a shot at.

5. Temporary Hair Color Wax, Instant Hair Dye Wax Hair Pomades Cream

This instant hair color wax is a temporary colored moisturizer that provides a firm hold edge control over your hair. This gel-based formula which has been specially designed for fashion hair styling suits any kind of hair.

From curly to oily hair that smoothly lays down the hairline to sleek straight dry hair, it can color them all.

This product also comes with added nourishment, a brilliant shine and a long-lasting intense hold that any hairstyle could ever have.

It is very easy in terms of application and quite fun to use and experiment with. This one deserves a special place on your makeup shelf for any night out or dress-up games.


  • Strong effective and Non sticky
  • Long lasting for at least 24 hours before you wash it
  • Gives a gorgeous glow
  • Nourished hair
  • Rapid dyeing

Why is this hair color wax best for your hair?

This hair color wax is a perfect combo of glam and ease. All the hair textures can use it and it is available in a lot of colors too. Easy to apply and remove, this one gives excellent results for temporary hair color.

It is made up of natural ingredients thus posing no harm to the hair and scalp. It nourishes the hair from the inside and keeps it healthy and glowing throughout the day. The rapid dyeing formula gives quick results.

How to use hair color wax – DIY hair color wax

Hair color is one of the easiest hair color products to use. You can easily DIY it at home and see the results! Let’s get into the basics of the application of color hair wax

  • For you to be able to apply hair color wax, your hair should be damp and moisturized. The best time to apply is after you have freshly washed your hair and have conditioned it, especially if you have curly thick hair.
  • Make sure your hair is clean before you start and divide it in sections.
  •  Take a considerable amount of wax hair color on your fingers and apply it to sections of your hair where you want to color it
  • When the color starts showing, let it dry for 20-30 mins. If you want to apply a darker shade then you can apply another coat and wait for another 20 mins for that to set.
  • The color will set it and you get your hair colored into your favorite color! Wash it when you feel like taking it out and it will go away in one or two shampoo sessions.

This is how you get your hair colored with hair color wax in 5 simple steps!

How long does hair color wax last?

The hair color wax when applied looks beautiful for the first two days after it sets in properly. It doesn’t feel sticky at all. On Day 3, you might start noticing that it is chalking and on the 4th day, it starts flaking off. So 4th day is the day you should wash it out and apply a new coat.

One coat of hair color wax would last for about 3-4 days, on average.