Best Hair Bleach | Top 10 Hair Bleach Products & Buyer Guide

Every time you look forward to making your hair lighter, you will have to use a bleaching agent which helps to make your hair color lighter so that whatever color you want your hair to absorb, it can be done more consistently without looking patchy.

It isn’t a myth that bleaching agents are harsh on your hair strands. They can turn your hair frizzy, dry and prone to breakage. Instead, if you ensure to follow the proper steps, you can keep your hair healthy and make it look hydrated and not end up regretting your decision of going lighter.

In fact, you would be amazed to know that there are certain benefits to bleaching one’s hair as well. The bleaching process plumps each individual hair shaft which makes your hair appear fuller and thicker.

Also, if you have a light skin tone and suffer from hair fall and thin hair, bleaching helps to hide the patches on your scalp by disguising the contrast between your hair and scalp.

Best Hair Bleach: Our Top Pick

If you are in Hurry, we recommend below Hair Bleach as we found it as one of the best products for bleaching your hair due to its distinctive features. It also got good customer reviews, and customers are also very happy with its excellent results.

How does Bleaching your Hair Works?

You also need to understand how bleaching works on your hair. The process is quite simple. Through the process of oxidation, bleach strips the pigment from your hair strands making it light. It is impossible to make your hair color light without the oxidation process which can only be done by a bleaching agent.

The most commonly used bleaching agents are ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Usually, they are mixed together for use as when they are used separately; they are unstable and very slow at lightening your hair.

When you see a bleaching product that has the ‘peroxide-free” label does not get fooled by considering it to be hair friendly as it is a marketing strategy of the manufacturers to promote their product by displaying the “hair friendly” tag. In reality, even if these mixtures are peroxide free, they will use a supplementary oxidizing agent which can be equally damaging to your hair strands. 

When you bleach your hair, it raises your hair’s outer layer or hair cuticle to penetrate fully. Repeated bleaching can permanently remove your hair cuticle which allows the moisture in your hair to get lost rapidly.

Your bleached hair becomes more vulnerable to chemical and other non-chemical reactions such as blow drying, heating, the sun effect, etc. While all bleaching agents do have some extent of hair damage effect on your hair’s protein structure doing it more often only intensifies the damage.

Therefore, you should ensure using the best products in the market to protect your hair from more damage.

Top 10 Best Hair Bleach Products

1.   Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder Lightener

The Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder Lightener is a dust-free powder lightener, specifically created for multiple clear blond results so that your hair has an even layer and does not look patchy with spots all over your hair.

With the tri-lightening complex method this bleach will leave your hair looking perfectly blonde with the best results. Thus, the shoppers love it and constantly talk about its efficiency by giving it top-notch reviews. 

Key Features:

Some of its distinctive features are as follows:

  • The product gives intense and vibrant color results.
  • Highest quality ingredients are used in the manufacturing of this bleach.
  • This product generates gentle-on-hair results.
  • It lifts your hair color up to 7 levels.
  • The product is in form of a bluish-purple powder.
  • It also contains anti-yellow pigment.
  • Best suited for overall attainment of blond color.

2. L’Oreal Professional Blond Studio Multi Techniques Lightening Powder

This powder is specifically adapted to allow your colorist to have the flexibility to perform open air techniques such as classic highlights or to achieve a more natural balayage. The product is said to highlight with high precision by the makers leaving your hair soft and silky.

It provides a subtle, golden and natural result to achieve different levels of blonde for your hair. It is easier to handle and control.

Key Features:

  • It has been dermatologist tested
  • It is recommended for casual wear
  • Ammonia free: Ammonia causes irritation to many customers. Ammonia has a very bad smell.
  • The product lifts your hair up to 5 levels.
  • Best suited for people allergic to ammonia.
  • This product is in powder form.

3.   Color Brilliance Bright White Crème Lightener

Available at a lower price, the company provides good quality hair-lightening cream. The cream bleach is infused with Hydrolyzed keratin, Chamomile flower extract, and sunflower seed oil.

The cream base protects and conditions your hair’s natural lipid structure during the lifting process and improves your hair’s integrity and elasticity leaving your hair with a soft and silky finish.

It lifts your hair up to 8 levels without risking dryness and dullness. All these features make it the best cream hair lightener available.

Key Features:

  • The product has been infused with Hydrolyzed keratin, Chamomile flower extract, and sunflower seed oil to ensure hair quality protection.
  • It lightens your hair up to 8 levels.
  • It has a creamy consistency which is much easier to use.
  • You do not need to worry about the dripping of the product as it has a cream base.
  • It nourishes your hair and provides protection.
  • It works at a rapid speed.

4.   Clairol BW2 Extra Strength Powder Lightener by Clairol Professional 

Clairol Professional is all about breaking barriers and giving you more options for all colors and textures, so you can live by your own color code.

The product has been dedusted to minimizing loss of product due to powder flyaway. It provides balanced lightening for highlighting your hair with quick and simple results. It lets you create lustrous highlights and special effects in no time at all.

It takes blondes to paler versions and revs up redheads and rightens up brunettes. BW2 is an extra-strength lightening powder that gives you complete creative control over the lightening process letting you create a full range of subtle to dramatic off-the-scalp lightening techniques.

It makes the application neater, cleaner and more beautiful. Reviews reveal that it works not only quick but also hassle-free. You might need to go for a few rounds but it will be effective. It might have a strong smell.

Key Features:

  • Denser powder minimizes fluff and powder fly away.
  • It provides extra fast lightening.
  • It comes with extra moist formula with easy mixing.
  • It contains a moisture-sealing humectants.
  • It is perfect for lightening longer hair or for applications that need extra time.

5.   Manic Panic Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit 

Manic Panic Lightning Hair Bleach Kit lifts hair up to 7 levels to prepare your hair for the most intense Manic Panic colors. Manic Panic PREPARE TO DYE Clarifying Shampoo helps remove buildup from styling products, leaving hair ready for hair color or treatment.

It is designed to do what its name promises. It is designed to pre lighten the hair before using the brands semi- permanent hair colors. This product is ideal for all those who are looking for a more subtle change rather than a drastic one.

This is the best budget-friendly hair bleach. – Antioxidants found in these natural extracts promote healthy scalp and hair while providing UV protection even after rinsing. It’s higher pH level helps open hair cuticles to prepare hair for optimal color deposit.

The blend of surfactants and bonding ingredients helps remove excess oils, styling product buildup, and hard water residue for a deep clean.

Key Features:

  • It includes one dust-free bleach powder, cream developer, mixing tub, tint brush, plastic cap, set of plastic loves and instructions to use.
  • Key ingredients: Organic Ginseng Root Extract, Organic Rosemary Extract, Organic Sage Extract, Light Grapefruit fragrance.
  • The kit is sulfate-free and paraben-free
  • The dust-free bleach powder helps to gently prepare hair for intense vivid colors during the lightening process. This hair bleaching kit ensures the hair lifts evenly for results you’ll love.
  • Cruelty tree, Vegan Formula – This bleaching kit features vegan ingredients tested on celebrities, not animals. This bleach kit is vegan, cruelty-free and PETA accredited.
  • Intended Use  – This Hair Bleach Powder & 40 Volume Cream Developer is intended for natural medium brown, dark brown, & black hair color to achieve medium blonde to very light blonde results.

6.   Wella Color Charm Powder Lightner 

Wella Color Charm Powder Lightener is controlled and reliable lightening action. Its protecting oil system helps to lock in moisture. Great for all on- and off-the-scalp application techniques and provides up to 7 levels of lift.

Excellent for highlights with foils or balayage techniques, full head lightening, regrowth applications, and color correction.

Wella color charm collection provides a wide range of products that gives you the creative freedom to achieve the results you want. Some of which are:

  • Permanent & semi- Permanent creative colors
  • Toners
  • Lighteners
  • Developers

Key Features:

  • It comes with a protective oil system.
  • It lifts up to 7 levels.
  • Like others, it is also a dust-free powder lightener.
  • It helps turn dark root hair much lighter.
  • Ensures 10 times better results.
  • Used by professionals regularly.

7.   Schwarzkopf Professional Blondme Premium Lift 9 Plus

This brand needs no introduction as it speaks for itself. The brand itself includes the word professional in it which is an indication that it is used by professionals worldwide.

Schwarzkopf blonde Premium Lift 9+ is a powder lightener with unrivaled performance that’s able to lift both natural and colored hair up to 9 levels. The product has a great customer review.

Schwarzkopf is famously known for its great performance and quality. This is the season for platinum blond and icy platinum blond hair color is very famous and in style, therefore, this is the perfect product for the best platinum hair bleach for achieving all those dramatic shades of platinum blondes.

Being very powerful, it can cause irritation to your skin if not used properly so reviews suggest that it is highly recommended to use the developer from the same brand for better results rather than choosing to mix and match.

It offers perfect neutralization, thanks to its anti-yellow agents which directly target the hair pigment that causes those warm yellow undertones. It has a flexible mixing ratio, which means you can mix it to the consistency that works best for you.

Key Features:

  • It offers perfect neutralization.
  • It has a flexible mixing ratio (between 1:1.5 and 1:2.5)
  • Able to lift both natural and colored hair up to 9 levels.
  • It also has anti yellow agents.
  • Ideal for getting warm yellow undertones and platinum blonde shades.

8.   L’Oreal Quick Blue Powder Bleach 

L’Oreal quick blue is a high-performance powder bleach that has a dust-free, nondrip concentrated formula. Use this formula to achieve the most vibrant and instantly brighter hue to your hair.

It slightly lightens only the darker and natural hair breaking up any areas of harsh contrast so that your hair does not end up with an unfinished look. It is effective on any base and hardly takes up five minutes to show its magic- the perfect fast fix in between full-on highlight sessions.

Quick blue delivers faster and brighter superior lightening powder with extra strength lightening action that lifts up to 7 levels. The ones who actually want to protect their already highlighted hair should choose this product as it serves and does justice for the price it charges.

It is suited for easy on-scalp or off-scalp applications. It stays moist and creamy throughout application and processing. If you already have highlighted hair, this is the best option for you.

Key Features:

  • Dust-free, non-drip concentrated formula.
  • Quick blue delivers faster and brighter superior lightening powder.
  • Extra Strength lightening action lifts up to 7 levels.
  • For easy on-scalp or off-scalp application, this product is great.
  • Stays moist and creamy throughout application and processing.

9.   Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Vario Blond Extra Power

Bleaches work by carefully de-pigmenting the hair to produce permanent results however achieving the popular cool blonde tones. With Schwarzkopf Professionals Igora Blond products you can achieve the perfect blonde hair color.

Anti-yellow-effect formula is active against unwanted gold tones which might occur in conventional bleaching. It has a simple mixing system for perfect illumination. It has a unique texture for secure and clear brightening blonde shades.

Apply immediately after mixing power. Even distribution and a sufficient amount of product ensure the best starting at the nape area.

Key Features:

  • Gives soft highlights.
  • You can achieve vibrant highlights.
  • Up to 7 levels of lift for clear blonde results.
  • It has anti-yellow formula for avoiding unwanted gold tones.
  • Possess unique texture for secure and clear brightening blonde shades.
  • Produces permanent results.
  • It has a simple mixing system.

10.   Perfect Blond Extra Strength Professional Hair Lightener Bleach

This product has the best average customer reviews. The lightening formula has an easy application with creamy consistency to achieve beautiful results across the full spectrum of blonde hair with no drip premium lightening formula to ensure that there is no damage to your hair.

The Quad-Lightening Complex ensures effective and consistent hair lightening. You can successfully get your hair a few shades lighter or the compact and concentrated formula will lighten your hair up to 7 levels and the Anti-Yellow Molecules ensures a clear blonde result with this kit.

If you’ve been searching around for the best hair bleach to use, then you have to consider using this Perfect Blond bleach for your perfect blond transformation. For brilliant blonde result with protecting oil system to help lock in moisture leaving the clients’ hair shiny, healthy and resilient.

It consists of an off-the-scalp lightening powder that can provide a fast lifting action up to 6 – 7 levels. It’s dust free with a coconut fragrance. Perfect Blond creates a new dimension in lightening and highlighting techniques. This product is made in Italy and is mostly for professional use.

Key Features:

  • This High-Performance Hair Lightening Bleaching Powder formula is super easy to use and apply.
  • The Quad Lightening Complex in this formula Delivers Faster & Brighter Superior Blond Results.
  • The creamy consistency helps you achieve beautiful blond hair results. For Easy On- & Off-Scalp Application.
  • Dust Free High-quality hair lightener bleach formula that you can trust.
  • Its anti-yellow molecules ensure a clear blonde result.

Buyer Guide to Select the Best Hair Bleach

1. Using Salon Bleach

There are plenty of bleach products available in the market and people have a lot of options to choose from. People may think that all bleaching agents do a similar kind of work, which is to lighten your hair.

This misconception often leads to choosing non-branded products which are available in supermarkets, beauty stores and pharmacies.

These generic products are cheap and are never used in good salons as these generic bleaching agents are for the home market given away at inexpensive rates for those who do not wish to spend on beauty salons.

Now there is a reason why hair stylists won’t use these generic products because they aren’t top-quality products. You will feel the difference once you use top-quality products available at salons and realize the difference.

Some of the main differences between these two products are: inferior ingredients are used, lightening is less effective, and the generic bleach causes more hair damage and lastly uneven lightening.

Salon bleach powder includes bleaching agents and nourishing conditioners to cause less hair damage as well as boost the lightening process. With the mixing of developer, it ensures to reduce irritation.

You can choose to save your money and bleach your hair at home but your experience and the results will not be as great as you expected them to be.

2. Powder Ingredients

A good bleaching agent consists of at least one powder ingredient which has the capability of retaining oil on its surface selected from the group consisting of magnesium peroxide, ammonium persulphate, potassium persulphate, sodium persulphate, melamine peroxide, strontium peroxide, urea peroxide and ammonium chloride.

Also, one powdery carrier material from the selected group that consists of alkaline silicate, silicon dioxide, alkaline stearate and alkaline carbonate. Persulphates are added to hair bleach to increase the rate of chemical reaction. 

Lastly, 0.5% to 2% by weight of oil. The bleaching agent is in form of agglomerated particles that happen to be free-flowing and dust free.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide

The primary or the most basic hair ingredient in hair bleach is usually hydrogen peroxide. Most of these hair bleaches consist of 6 to 10 % hydrogen peroxide.

You must know that hydrogen peroxide is that bleaching agent which reacts with the hair to remove color, care must be taken while using it as it can cause the skin to tighten and whiten.

After the use of hair bleaches, you should wash your hair with running water. Skin burns can be caused if you use bleach that contains a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide.

According to the Australian Department of Health, persulphates can cause detrimental physical effects when they come in contact with the skin.

Acute allergic reactions might result in swelling, itching and reddening of the skin and repeated exposure can lead to dermatitis which is a skin disorder that causes large, scaly and itchy rashes to appear.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to remain cautious when using products containing hydrogen peroxides and persulphates.

EDITOR’S PICK: Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder Lightener

After going through all these products in detail and considering all of their specifications we suggest that the Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder Lightener is the best out of all these on an overall basis.

While it has been specifically created for multiple blonde results it gives your hair an even layer without leaving patches and spots here and there. It has tri lightening complex method for the perfect blonde results.

It lifts your hair up to level seven even if you have virgin or colored hair, making it suitable for all hair types. Experts also regularly depend on this product for creating the perfect blonde looks. Plus, it also contains anti-yellow pigments.

The makers have made use of the highest quality products for protecting your hair for any kind of hair damage. Therefore, this ultimately makes it one of the best hair bleach products that you can depend on without any worry.

Final thoughts :

Whether you choose to get your hair bleached at home or at the salon you should definitely make sure what products are being used by the experts and can mention your requirements as well.

If you choose to bleach your hair at home make sure you use proper guidelines and directions given above or on the product’s packaging so that you do not make any kinds of mistakes and ruin or damage your hair permanently because, in the end, you wouldn’t be able to do much to fix it.

Therefore, to avoid any such mishaps we always suggest either visiting a salon or doing proper research and analysis and doing it yourself only when you are extremely confident.

Don’t be scared to try out new and trendy things. Be bold and experiment with different colors because nobody ever disliked a little bit of color. Especially if you choose the perfect blonde shade for your hair, you can look extremely vibrant and young.