Top 3 Best Flat Irons for African American Hair [Comparison & Review]

Searching for a flat iron can be a nail-biting job when there are so many options available. Many people get confused regarding what to buy when it comes to the best flat iron for African American hair.

It’s true that every flat iron has different settings and abilities. So for your convenience, we have listed out features you should look out for and a few of the best flat iron for African American hair available out there.

Read on to find out our take on the flat iron for African American hair.

Top 3 Flat Irons for African American Hair [Side by Side Comparison]

How to pick the Best Flat Iron for African American Hair?

If you thought that buying a flat iron for African American hair was easier than walking into a shopping mall then you are wrong. You need to know what kind of specifications is present for your hair to be suitable for it.

Type of hair

The biggest factor to consider when it comes to African American hair and flat iron is hair texture. You have to keep in mind that you and your friend have different hair types and thus can’t use the same flat iron.

African American hair is quite coarse and dense and therefore it needs a flat iron that can straighten thick curly hair. Their hair is quite rough and thus specifications are different.

Plate Material

We have got ceramic, titanium and tourmaline to choose from. As African American hair is dense and thick, therefore ceramic tourmaline is the best combination for them as it is less damaging. For professional uses, titanium is recommended.


Always keep in mind that there will always be options for cheap flat irons. Do not fall prey to those kinds of flat irons as they hardly last longer than 3-4 months. Investment in a good quality flat iron will make your flat iron last for months to come.

Top 3 Best Flat Irons for African American hair

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Straightening Iron

The flat iron for African American hair by BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ionic Straightner comes with a streamlined body that has a unique ion generator that is built inside the Flat iron and it also features extra-long plates for extra gloss and glam.

All these features make the straightening process faster and deliver exceptional results. The heat levels are quite high to give amazing results of straightening while the NANO based technology protects the hair from getting damaged from heat. A sleek and straight hairstyle is observed after its usage.


  • It can be used to create loose and beachy waves
  • Titanium plates
  • Ion generator
  • Extra long plates for better results

Why is this flat iron perfect for African American hair?

As this flat iron for African American hair is multi-purpose iron, it can be used to create waves or loose beachy curls as well.  The extra long plates make sure that the texture of the hair is maintained and the dense and coarse hair also gets straightened without any hassle.

The Nano Based Technology with an Ion generator adds extra negative ions to the hair so that it is free of frizz and remains healthy. Due to the plates being made of titanium, they are highly recommended for professional use in salons.

This Flat iron would surely never disappoint in terms of quality, value for money, and long-lasting nature. It delivers a sleek and smooth hairstyle.

2. FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Pro Styler

This flat iron for African American hair is specially designed for thick and dense, keeping in mind the stubbornness that that the texture of the hair presents.

It has a got a very beautiful streamlined body and ultra-curved edges for the ringlets to come out easily. No need to worry about losing hair, as the volume of the hair is perfectly retained with this styling tool.

Coming with a temperature range of 140 F -450 F, it can be used to straighten the thick and coarse strands of hair. Mounted with a Ceramic heater, the even heat distribution on the hair offered by it is immense.

For usage, you can lightly pull the styling iron through small sections of combed hair and see how the hair glides smoothly using the plates of the flat iron.


  • Temperature range of 140F -450F is enough for styling
  • Reduces frizz in the American African hair
  • Retains volume of the American African hair
  • Ceramic heater for less damage to the hair and even distribution of heat in the hair

Why is this flat iron perfect for African American hair?

If we talk about this flat iron for American African hair and its quality then I must say it’s supreme. The long lasting feature is something we don’t find in a lot of flat irons.

The plate materials are perfect and come with an addition of a ceramic heater for controlled and even heat distribution which is important for thick and dense hair.

The African American hair has a problem with frizz so this one reduces that as well. In all, the hair texture is taken care of due to its broad plates, the heating is superb and the quality is up to the mark. Do consider this option for sure if you are planning to buy a good flat iron

3. ghd Max Styler

When hard work is mixed with styling, ghd Max styler comes out of it. This flat iron for African American hair has broad plates for easy and quick styling to last a long long time.

It is specially designed for thick and dense curly or wavy hair to straighten out. It enhances the shine of the hair while styling it and creates a versatile style to give an overall healthy look. It is used in the same way as others and comes with ceramic plates for easy heating and better sleek styling.

While styling the hair, make sure that the iron is as close to the roots as possible to straighten out every single strand of hair.


  • Broad plates for better styling
  • Designed for thick hair
  • Very versatile when it comes to creating hairstyles
  • The temperature range is high

Why is this flat iron perfect for African American hair?

This flat iron for African American hair is a one-stop solution for all your hair problems. Be it, frizz or damaged hair strands, it takes care of it all. Looking at the quality of the flat iron, it lasts for a long and has been built to take care of thick dense hair like that of African American women.

The versatile nature is an add-on when it comes to styling. The plate material is ceramic and has floating plates for easy gliding which is perfect for the hair type and the hair texture is well preserved. There is no question as to why you shouldn’t go for this iron!


The African American hair is very unique and has got a beautiful natural curly touch to it. They are thick and coarse and quite stubborn. But they can be tamed with the help of a flat iron with the right specifications.

The flat iron’s selection is very essential to get the best results and thus go through the above reviews very carefully to form an opinion before you go to buy any professional flat iron for African American Hair.